Avoid Airy And Loose Marijuana Buds

I love marijuana airy loose budsWhat is more annoying then ending up with marijuana buds that are airy, loose and fluffy? These inferior buds are usually caused by not enough light, high temperatures, or overall lack of nutrient value. Read these next tips to make sure you harvest huge, hard and THC rich buds.
For indoor marijuana growing, high temperatures in the garden area or just proximity to the light cause the buds to grow airy and flaccid. To avoid this, simply move the buds farther away from the light source so that they stay in an environment below 80*F (27*C) In fact, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep the growing area can canopy under at least 80*.

For outdoor marijuana growing, high temperatures during flowering can produce loose buds. For the most part, you won’t have a problem with this because the plants generally flower in autumn when the temperature is cooler. But, if they happen to flower early (either because they are bred to flower early or because of forced light deprivation), there might be an issue. To avoid loose buds, growers could use a micro-sprayer system that cools the plants even in the hot sun. These sprayers use powerful pumps or just high water pressure to generate a thin, misty spray full of tiny droplets that are usually less than five microns. These droplets will evaporate effectively decreasing the temperature of the air in the surround vicinity. These sprayers are often used to cool outdoor living areas, but you’ll also find them in greenhouses as well. They don’t use a lot of water and are relatively simple to install.

Marijuana plants that don’t get enough light during the flowering process tend to grow airy buds that neither mature adequately nor dense up firmly. These lighter buds are often less potent because they are not given the nutrients to produce enough trachomes. Growers should also be aware that a lack of potassium can result in sparse amounts of flowers. Thus, you should increase potassium during mid- and late-flowering. Avoid nutrients deficienies and use Marijuana Booster.

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