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Anatomy Of A Marijuana Flower And Explanation Of The Pollination Process

Anatomy Of A Marijuana Flower And Explanation Of The Pollination Process

The cola of the cannabis plant consists of sub-units. They are a composition of buds. Single female flowers are brought together to form buds. The female flowers are also called pistils and on them are formed the stigmas in which pollination occurs.

Before the marijuana plant reaches maturity its cola is composed by sub-units that are preparing to be filled out. In this period of the plant’s growth it is done stretching and the bud sites are starting to develop. It depends on the strain, when the development will start. It may begin in the middle of the period of flowering.

Each and every sub-unit is composed of a bud or in other words of the cluster of female marijuana flowers that are single. The flowering period is the time when new flowers are forming on the top side of the sub-units. This period is recognized by the small stigmas which are formed on the new forming pistils or single flowers which are thin and have white hairs. The stigmas are two hairs which are coming out of the pistil. Download my free marijuana grow bible at this link for more information about growing marijuana.

Pollination occurs when pollen from the male marijuana plant reaches the female stigmas and finds its way to the egg cell of the female plant that is inside the pistil. After the process of pollination, the seed is produced.  An interesting fact is that growers prefer sensimilla which is the name for cannabis plants that are not pollinated and do not have seeds.

The structure of the female flower that is called glandular trichome produces resin on the flowers and leaves close to them. It looks like a ball that is on top of a small neck. If you treat the buds roughly, the trichomes might break off.

Older pistils are larger. Their stigmas are still in search of pollen. There is a smaller leaf which is located under the pistil and is named stipule.  They are more noticeable in pre-flowers. If there are brown to red hairs that are coming out of the stigmas, it can still receive the pollen of a male plant.

The stigmas die after heavy rains or winds. After this they become dry and their colour is brown and red. This is a normal stage of the marijuana plant’s life. When the pistils are completely mature, the stigmas die out and leave the way to pistils to become fat and lose their turgidity.

In this stage the pistil cannot receive pollen any longer. It is in a phase of dying. Resin production can be slowed down or entirely stopped if this happens to most of the pistils. After the death of the stigmas and the pistil, its hairs can break down very easy.

In conclusion, if we observe the pistils in their different phases of development, we will find out that their bodies have brown hairs and white ones too on top of the sub-units with newly formed pistils even during the maturation period. This shows that the pistils in the bud do not have a synchronized maturation. They become mature one after the other gradually.

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11 thoughts on “Anatomy Of A Marijuana Flower And Explanation Of The Pollination Process

By darkstar on 1 January 2015

Sensational site, lots info, first time outdoor grower, help no end, been researching heaps, have 1 auto pounder, 1 purple crack and 1 pineapple cross, had trouble with nite burn, but finally worked out, 1 cap charlie carp, 1 cap seasol, 1 cap seasol power feed in 9L watering can early morning dose and plants have exploded, slight burn on auto but other 2 have boosted flat out, thank you so much, your info has been invaluable, I'll order soon and see if seeds are as good, cheers

By Treasure on 27 August 2015

important to you is that this man has experience. He has had his share of bad sex and his share of mind bwiolng sex and at this age, will have understanding as to what was the cause of each. More importantly, he

By Robyn on 8 September 2015

I grow outside and am very careful to remove the boys. Have been keeping close eye on my babies and today found that one of my girls grew flowers flowers below the bud that opened up overnight. What's up with that? Been growing for 30 years and that's never happened before. Any ideas?

By latewood on 12 September 2015

You have a hermaphrodite plant. This can happen due to environmental stress, or wind drawn pollen. Pollen sacks do not grow and open, spreading pollen overnight.

It would be a good idea to look all you plants over, really well.

This is all just an educated guess. Perhaps you could join our support forum, and have access to a wider range of opinions.

By Tarmach on 27 July 2016

Help!! Okay so I have blue dream strain, and it has been growing out doors and wanted to just check to see if I had been pollinated. So of course find a little green seed. If I remove all calyxes from the plant will that stop the entire plant from producing seed?? Please help

By latewood.ILGM on 29 July 2016


No. If you remove all the calyxes you will not
get flowers. These contain the trichomes that will enrich your plant. You can however, find and remove pollen sacks if you find them. Perhaps you should join our support forum, where we have many knowledgeable growers and experts willing to help you out.

Happy growing, lw

By Thane on 22 June 2017

Can a plant get pollenated from someone who is growing their own plants and then enters our home?

By Roy ILGM on 22 June 2017

Hi Thane, if your visitor has male pollen on his clothes or such he might contaminate your grow indeed.

By Dannydank on 15 July 2017

can a male plant pollinate a female plant, if the male has already been pulled and dried out?

By latewood.ILGMl on 17 July 2017


Of course. In fact if you are not careful, you will have pollen everywhere and never achieve a clean "sensi" grow until you clean the entire building, including air ducts. When pulling a male, bag it and tag it. Pollen can also be collected safely, for later use.

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