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California Prepares for Legal Growing

California Prepares for Legal Growing

The election isn’t until next Tuesday, but some towns are already getting prepared.  A few California cities have voted to ban the sale of legal cannabis. While this looks bad, it has no impact on those that choose to grow.

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

If you do not, there’s probably little reason to worry. San Jose (California’s 3rd largest city) became the biggest city to pre-emptively ban recreational weed stores. So, it may be a while (or never) before you can buy marijuana there.  The city said it issued the ban so it could stall planning for the (likely, abundance of) outdoor gardens.

Honestly, it sounds like California intends to smoke a lot of weed, and San Jose city planners are concerned about where it will be grown.

California Is a Grower’s State

California is well-known for its agriculture. Of course, most are familiar with its entertainment industry, but much of the state is covered by fertile farmland. In some parts, you can even drive through the countryside and smell the ripe marijuana basking in the sun.

Growing high-quality weed in California is expected. That is probably why Proposition 64 includes a $9.25/ounce fee to commercial farmers. There’s also a tax on the stores.  Although the state desperately needs the money, it’s up to the individual towns and cities to decide where it can grow.

Smoking Weed Was Never the Question

There are still some parts of California that are against marijuana and are banning it out of principle. Frankly, that is a waste of time. This is because Proposition 64 would completely legalize the use of marijuana by all Californian adults. Even if individual towns and cities ban it, it only applies to outdoor gardens and stores.

If recreational marijuana is passed in California, every adult would still have a legal right to grow their own weed. So, even if every city and town banned marijuana, every Californian adult could simply smoke their home-grown.  While that’s not the ideal situation for the state’s budget, it certainly works for marijuana lovers everywhere.

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