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Canada Will Be the First Country in the G-7 to Fully Legalize Marijuana

Canada Will Be the First Country in the G-7 to Fully Legalize Marijuana

After all the hype, Canada will now be opening doors to the impending Marijuana industry. With this announcement made recently, the colder neighbor of the US has become the first ever country among the G-7 nations to completely legalize and regulate marijuana. Different ministries of the countries unveiled the plan of Canada’s liberal government which is to stop the prohibition of cannabis in Canada and open doors to a new era—an era of legalized cannabis.

The new plan allows everyone 18 or above in Canada to produce, possess, and sell marijuana. While the producers of cannabis will be required to get a license, the main focus of the plan and its regulations is about the distribution of cannabis in different provinces.

The impending legalization of marijuana is set to take place from the beginning of the coming year 2018. In other words, January 1st, 2018 will begin a prohibition-free era for cannabis in Canada. While the date is pre-decided, it is subject to change in case the legislation takes more than expected time to get approved.


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As long as the person is above eighteen years of age, he or she will have no restrictions when it comes to the consumption of the drug, or getting their hands on it in the first place. However, different provinces possess the right of altering the age requirement. In one state, you might be a legal user of cannabis while in the other; you may be underage for the use.

On the brighter side, unlike many other countries that have legalized marijuana or are on the verge of legalizing, in Canada, minors will not face severe charges for possessing mere amounts of the drug. They may face civil sanction, but a criminal prosecution is out of question.

As for the growers, the government plans to issue licenses, similar to what it does in the case of MMJ producers. According to the officials, this licensing will play factor in rolling out top-quality products in the market. Furthermore, it is also said to enhance the safety of the product being manufactured.


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Although provinces have the right to get a framework in place which will regulate the retail distribution of the drug, the national government may intervene. That is, however, only possible if the province fails to put a proper distribution and sales framework in place. In such a case, the adults may be allowed by the government to purchase cannabis directly from a producer licensed by the federal government.

As per law, adults will only be allowed to possess marijuana up to a maximum of 30 grams at a time. Similarly, if you want to produce cannabis residentially, there are certain limitations to that as well. The legal boundaries only permit you to cultivate a maximum of four plants at a single residence. In addition, the plants should be 100 cm in height at most.

What many people found confusing was the fact that the current bill did not mention taxes, but that does not mean that the drug will not be taxed. It is expected that a separate formal proposal will be made by the finance minister by the end of this year.

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12 thoughts on “Canada Will Be the First Country in the G-7 to Fully Legalize Marijuana

By Dana on 27 April 2017

What will happen to individuals who currently have a license to grow upwards of 100 plants for their own medical use?

By Justin Trudeau on 27 April 2017


By JR on 27 April 2017

limitations on height of personal plants is silly and so are the pentatlies. but it's a start in the right direction.

By dagnable on 27 April 2017

Laws should be black and white. Adding variables creates loopholes that will be found quickly and exploited immediately.

By Kenneth W. Mofford. on 27 April 2017

It should be legal across the board . No limitations on growing. These laws are stupid. The right to grow is inherent to basic human rights. What next 4 tomato plants ? It's stupid on every level and a breach of governmental power over the individual.

By zzzdreamerzzz on 29 April 2017

I'm with you brother. I can brew my own beer and I'm not limited to a six pack.

By Robert on 2 May 2017

That pisses me off to if I can brew all the beer and wine I want why can't I grow as much weed as I want so long as I am not selling it. Some people like to have several strains which is pretty much impossible with 4 lousy plants.

By Roy M. Spring on 27 April 2017

Is this really Justin Trudeau? Please explain what part is "Bull Shit!"

By Robert on 2 May 2017

Oh sure Justin Trudeau visits sites like this all the time and leaves comments(sarcasm) lol.

By James Swan on 27 April 2017

The date will be July 1 2018 not January. Selling to a minor will result in a long jail term.

By zzzdreamerzzz on 29 April 2017

I'm confused. You can grow four plants 100 cm tall but you can only possess 30 grams. If grown properly under a scrog you can get over 400 grams from 1 plant under 100 cm tall. What about extracts like shatter ,butter and oils. The rules are not clear.

By Robert on 2 May 2017

You have it wrong I read that part of the proposed legislation you are allowed to carry 30 grams on your person in public if you need to carry more than that in public you smoke allot of Cannabis. lol
I couldn't find anywhere how much you are allowed to possess at home it's an awful lot to read so there may be a limit I can't say for sure.

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