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Canadian College Commences Marijuana Farming Classes

Canadian College Commences Marijuana Farming Classes

January 09, 2018 Canada

Like any other business realm, legalized cannabis industry encompasses various sectors. From cultivation to final retail sale and from research labs to the intricacies of law, higher education holds great importance now to treat the industry like any other.

Preparing the new generation for the reality of legalized environment through education is necessary for the growth of the marijuana industry in these technology savvy times. Higher education institutes throughout the US and Canada are realizing this fact.

Therefore, cannabis is now becoming a part of the curriculum of degree programs. Schools are dispensing scholarships for students who want to pursue a professional career in this field. Cannabis is going to get fully legalized this year in Canada and the country wants educated individuals to steer this multi-billion dollar industry. For that matter, A Canadian college has introduced a full course of marijuana cultivation. MMJ industry is the reason why cannabis studies are becoming a part of academic domain.

Marijuana Farming Classes

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With legalization in place, the cannabis industry is going to create a whole lot of jobs. It will then become the responsibility of universities and colleges to provide educated and highly skilled individuals to fill that space.

Progress on the legalization front has been quick after the beginning of the millennium in Canada. In 2001, Canada legalized medical marijuana. And from July 1, 2018 adult-use cannabis is getting legalized throughout the country barring few restrictions.

With keeping in mind the implications of legalization, Liberal local governments are considering marijuana industry as an integral part of their future economic plans. Among many other initiatives, provincial governments are also funding academic initiatives. Therefore, a marijuana cultivation class is now offered in a Community College in Dieppe with government assistance.

The Collage is far away from the urban densities of the country but it is in close proximity of Organigram, one of the two licensed cannabis cultivators in New Brunswick. According to the CEO of the company, they have worked together with the college in devising the course outline for the newly introduced class.

Marijuana Education

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This joint venture has got $70,000 from the provincial government to cover tuition expenses of 25 students enrolled for the course. The students will get expertise in cultivating medical marijuana without paying a dime, courtesy of the New Brunswick government. The first batch of the course has already begun their classes.

According to the executive director of continuing education at the college, the course revolves around the science employed for optimal growth of MMJ strains. Organigram is already having their contribution in the economic growth of the province. The company is expecting to get trained employees by virtue of this course.

They also want to double their staff in the backdrop of recreational legalization. With all its merit, it is unfortunate to see that the course is not accommodating the ones who were previously convicted of cannabis farming.

The college has categorically mentioned that they would not induct students with any sort of criminal record. It is disheartening to see that former cannabis convicts can’t easily become the part of newly legalized environment.

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