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Cannabis light cycle

Cannabis light cycle

The light cycle is the balance between day and night during a day or 24 hours. It is a very important aspect in the cultivation of cannabis and influences flowering time, but also determines the size of your plants.

Cannabis plants grow according to seasons in the wild. But how does the plant know when it’s time to germinate, grow or flower? The plant responds to environmental factors like heat and humidity. For the transition from growth to flowering, the number of light hours compared to the hours of darkness is important.

In the spring, cannabis seeds germinate when the number of light hours increases. In the summer, when the days grow shorter, the plant begins to flower for reproduction. Thecannabis plant responds to the number of light hours and go into the corresponding mode. 18 to 24 hours of light means grow and develop a solid structure to be able to carry heavy buds. 12 hours of light means for the plant develops flowers to reproduce.

18 hours of lightning and 6 hours of darkness = vegetation phase

12 hours of lightning and 12 hours of darkness = flowering phase

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