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Closing MMJ Dispensaries Elevate Crime Rate

Closing MMJ Dispensaries Elevate Crime Rate

July 14, 2017

Nations around the world have been trying their best to get cannabis legalized, while in the US, we are still stuck on the pointless debate of whether the drug is good for us or not. For some reason, the federal US government and people like Attorney Jeff Sessions fail to believe the hundreds of researches who have proved the therapeutic aspects of this drug.

While Jeff Sessions continues to cry over his pointless grudge against marijuana, another study has been issued in favor of medical marijuana. Jeff Sessions has made atrocious comments time and again about the consumption of cannabis. He has actually stated that cannabis is a hindrance to the country’s success. He probably doesn’t know about the multi-billion dollar revenues that the infant industry is bringing to the marijuana-legal states.


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A recent study has, in fact, proved that shutting the marijuana dispensaries can lead to an elevation in crime rates in the respective area of those dispensaries. The research study titled Going to Pot? The Impact of Dispensary Closures on Crime has been published in the Journal of Urban Economics. It is a project of Tom Chang from the popular USC Marshall School of Business. Tom conducted this study with Mireille Jacobson from the Paul Merage School of Business.

The study actually goes on to correlate restaurants to medical dispensaries. The correlation for specifically found when either of them closed in the area of study—Los Angeles. Whenever one of these closed, the crime rate tended to increase. The most common type of crime that increased in the case of both restaurants and medical dispensaries was car thefts, and property crime.

Jacobson spoke on the matter stating that this theory actually goes against the popular wisdom. He further went on to state that both dispensaries and restaurants add to what is called a ‘walkability score’. In places where the score is higher, there is more rush, which tends to deter the crime. On the examination of temporary closures in LA, it was found both restaurants and medical dispensaries bring the same type and amount of crime.


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In a nutshell, closing them down will only lead to a reduction in walkability score, and consequently an increase in crime. To further prove the authenticity of the results of the study, as restaurants and dispensaries reopened, it resulted in an immediate reduction in crime in the area. This concludes that retail business sector is key to deterring potential crime from growing, and medical marijuana dispensaries are a part of that retail industry. Maybe Jeff Sessions could take a note of that!

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