40 – Coconut fiber marijuana growing

Marijuana coconut fiber

The husk of coconuts is the basis of the coconut fiber substrate. Coconut fiber is a natural substrate for coconuts as well, because when they fall of a tree the seeds germinate in the fiber, not the sand. Before it can be used for marijuana growing it has to be washed with soft water a couple of times. But the advantage is that it is a great substance against fungus and bacteria.

Like rockwool, coconut fiber can hold a lot of water; only it is ecological. It has to be watered in cycles as well. Coconut fiber doesn’t have the disadvantages rockwool has: it conserves air, you don’t have to worry about your longs or your skin, and can be used during 3 or 4 marijuana harvests. After that, just recycle it. Coconut fiber has the same guidelines as rockwool, and is available moistly or dehydrated in practically the same forms as rock wool is sold.


-Do not use a platter under your pot: you want the pH value to stay low.

-To prevent toxics, water the coconut fibers too much (about 10%). This means you should have a system that catches the overflow of water (which you should not re-use), like with rockwool.

-Use a solution to rinse once a week that contains enzymes that break down rot in the marijuana plant. That prevents fungus on the roots.

– As mentioned above, do not use a lot of water at the same time. Use a pump or a drip feed system so the marijuana plants are gradually fed.

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