51 – Components of a marijuana nutrient solution pH value

Components marijuana nutrient solution

PH value

The pH value has a range from zero to fourteen, fourteen being extremely alkaline (charged with negative ions) and zero being extremely acid (charged with positive ions). Seven is neutral. Lemon has a pH of 2.2 and marijuana plants  need between 5 and 6, depending of the growing phase it is in. Because every element of the nutrient solution has an electrical charge it is difficult to keep the Ph value at the correct level.


A marijuana plant that is cultivated in hydroponics absorbs the nutrient solution best if the solution has a pH value of 5.2. If the pH value deviates too much from this level, the marijuana plant will not absorb enough nutrients and they will be lost.

To check the pH levels you need a pH value tester. There are electronic an chemical testers. The electronic testers are accurate and expensive and the chemical ones are not very accurate but cheap. It might be worth the investment to buy the electronic device, because you have to measure the value every day. If the pH-value is too high you should add an acid solution and vice versa. If the value is to low you can usually use tap water to correct it.


You get the best results if you mix phosphoric with alimentary acid, because you can use this mixture during the growth and flowering period. The pH value fluctuates because of the influence of fertilizers and because the marijuana plants suck up all the nutrients and minerals.

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