25 – Deal with the marijuana smell

Marijuana smells… good

No wonder people use the word skunk to describe the marijuana plant. During the flowering phase cannabis smells intense. This is something the exhaust system takes good care of as well, as it extracts the odors of the marijuana plant. The problem is that the smell can’t just disappear. It can be channeled to another place – usually outside -, but if you worry that the neighbors might find out an odor filter can do the trick. This is actually the only good product to work with. Odor- camouflaging products are far less efficient as they spread other strong scents.


Odor filters are usually metal cylinders with carbon in it. It is to be placed in the outlet propeller so that air that leaves the growing area is clean. The carbon inside is used to suck up the marijuana scents that pass it. To prevent the carbon from quick deterioration cotton can be used. Wrap it around the cylinder to filter out dust particles. The carbon has to be replaced every 25 weeks or so, as it doesn’t work properly anymore after this period.

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