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Durban Poison Indoor Grow

Durban Poison Indoor Grow

Durban Poison Indoor Grow

Expect a major blow to the head when you smoke Durban Poison. This potent strain is a beloved descendant of a sativa strain grown in South Africa. It has gained notoriety throughout the world for its sweet smell and energetic, uplifting effects.

Durban Poison is the perfect strain to help you start the day, stay productive, and be creative. It has long been a favorite among stoners and medial patients in the USA. Its THC levels can reach 24% easily making it one of the world’s most powerful strains. This strain hits with a strong, happy head high which lets you stay on top of your creative game and daytime errands.

Growers and concentrate enthusiasts will both enjoy the over-sized resins which make this strain the best choice for concentrate extraction. Its round and chunky buds leave a thick coat of trichomes all over the plant.

This grow journal looks at the experience of growing Durban Poison indoors.

Grower: Pantagruel
Yield: 117 grams
Location: Canada

August 23rd

This journal starts with two 17-day old seedlings. They are in a small, homemade grow box lined with tissue paper under a 42W and 26W CFL. There’s a small fan blowing through slots in the box and a sponge standing upright in a dish water for humidity. Pretty low-tech but it is keeping the environment at a pretty stable 78 to 84°F and 35 to 50% humidity. They’ll be transplanted next week.

August 24th

As I am away now, I have been doing a ton of reading on how to proceed.

I am undecided on topping. I can easily go to 5 feet and a lot of folks seem to say don’t top of you don’t have to. I think I will tie the branches down. I’m also going to try crimping. I will be pretty much going by feel, adding lights and reflective surfaces as needed to suit the plants. Right now, the plan is to use a single overhead 4 foot T8 surrounded by CFLs but that may change to 3 vertical T8 fixtures with a powerful CFL over each plant.
Here is my DIY fan/air filter.

August 29th

Day 23, the babies are in 3 gallon pots and snuggled safely in their own room. They’re vegging at 18/6 light cycle for at least 3 more weeks. It’s a little cooler and damper here than upstairs, around 65-75°F, but I think a few more lights will cure that. Right under two 32W 4’ light fixture now but I may switch back to CFLs until they get a little longer.

August 30th

They’re doing well and have adapted well to their new home. This is a photo of them 2 days after transplanting.

The plant on the left, dubbed Alpha, has been smaller since the start. Conditions should be exactly the same and it appears healthy enough, just a bit stunted, like maybe it is a natural dwarf. Currently it is 4.5 inches while Beta on the right is almost 7.5. I know most people don’t want plants to stretch but this is odd.

September 2nd

I decided to keep the small plant. The first single serrated leaf is already gone so I can only top after the third node to keep 2 full sets of leaves. I’ll try to root the top.

September 4th

I chickened out on the topping because the plant was so small. I’ll wait until my next grow when I have three plants to try topping/cloning. Yesterday I started playing classical music to the plants and the small one shot up an inch so maybe it’s helping.

Beta is one month old today with some slight curling down on some of the leaf tips.

September 7th

I don’t think these are big enough to have their branches tied down just yet.

Based on advice I got from forums, I will be crimping the leaves down but probably not topping. Did the bottom half of both this morning. The tops are still getting good light so I don’t touch them.

September 14th

This is Beta at 5 weeks. I treated the soil with garlic water this morning. The gnat problem doesn’t look too severe at this moment.

September 17th

Not much to see here. I just bent the top 2 nodes for now.

It’s getting warm inside the grow box on account of the additional lights. The plants are receiving 240W total fluorescence now. It’s around 82°F near the plants which is just perfect. Seems to be working so far.

September 19th

They received some bat guano today. I’m thinking of shortening the light cycle a bit in anticipation of switching to 12/12 on Saturday. In nature, the light cycle shortens gradually so I’ll just give the girls a little “heads up.” I like to keep in mind the plants are living things and try to keep them happy. Today, the ladies are enjoying a Moody Blues marathon.

I’m going to start flowering on Saturday but I am thinking of taking a couple of clones from the big plant because it appears to have really good genetics.’

September 19th

Alpha and Beta are 6 weeks now. I’ll take cuttings from Beta since she’s much larger and bushier.

September 24th

Another snapshot of Alpha and Beta at 48 days with 324W CFLs shining down on them.

September 29th

I cut open the Rockwool and at 8 days both clones are developing roots. I hit one with more rooting powder. Not sure if I should leave them a few more days in the Rockwool and feed them a bit or just put them in soil.

The ladies have 350W on them now. They’re beginning to flower nicely. I also transplanted the clones into soil last night.

October 1st

This is how Alpha and Beta look like. They’re one week into flowering at this point.

October 8th

This plant is starting her 3rd week of flower. I am wondering if I should be pruning the bottom. It looks awfully green.

October 11th

Well, both clones survived but this is by far the bigger and stronger of the two. As my new plan is to LST one plant at a time I may do something creative with the smaller, maybe put it straight into flower.

October 12th

I have my little grow box pretty well dialed in now with 15x26W CFLs plus 2x32W overheads for 454W total. I also added a more powerful fan and the environment is a nice, stable 85°F with 33% humidity. I figure I have about 29000 lumens which is approaching a 400W HPS so if I keep the light leakage to a minimum I would hope to achieve comparable results.

October 14th

LST training was done on the first clone. This will be my first crack at LST training my clone. If it goes well, it may have its own grow journal.

October 15th

And here are the frosty trichomes.

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Interestingly, I accidentally topped the smaller of my two plants a few days after switching to flowering. It stretched practically zero and there are 5 buds right in the middle within 2 inches of the main stem.

October 18th

And here are some close-ups of the buds.

October 23rd

I can pick up a Sun System HPS 250 today. I kind of want to finish the whole thing on CFLs but I would also like to maximize the yield.

October 24th

I like how the canopy looks under the new Sun System 400. I feel I am getting more than enough all-around coverage with the reflector.

October 25th

Well, the fungus gnats resurfaced so I hit them with a dose of diatomaceous earth.

My clones were really sick but a repotting and flush worked wonders and both are back on track although I had to strip one right back to the stem.

October 26th

Here’s a photo of the new light system.

October 30th

The tips are yellow. I’m not sure if this is a magnesium deficiency or something else. I don’t think it’s nute burn either because the fan leaves  are yellowing and I’m not feeding heavy at all except for a little guano once a week.

There are about 5 buds that are very dark orange and hopefully they can be ready for harvest in a couple of weeks.

November 6th

I smoked the tops I clipped about 2 hours ago and I am happy with the results. I am still baked.

November 8th

I haven’t posted any photos in a while. Here are some buds at 7 weeks. Although the camera won’t show it because of the lighting, the smaller of my two plants has much darker orange buds than the larger so maybe it’s a slightly different strain.

I’ll try to figure out a way to capture that. In the meantime, here are some photos.

November 11th

A mystery and not an entirely good one. The last bud I pulled to check had a couple of seeds, I think. I don’t see anything unusual but apparently this plant has self-pollinated. Guess I should chop it or maybe check another bud?

A couple of seeds isn’t terrible. It’s probably god to just keep them and plant them. They’re likely to be fem with slight tendencies to herm.

November 12th

I chopped Alpha. Lots of seeds in the popcorn but the main buds seem ok. I’m thinking this is a pure Sativa and this plant just got stressed. I possible topped it too late. It never did stretch. Potency is still gold, got 96 grams of bud and 46 grams of popcorn wet. Meanwhile, Beta is still alive and well.

November 14th

Out with the old, in with the new. Here is the popcorn bud from the smaller plant, Alpha, that went hermie and got pulled early. A good half ounce which smells, tastes, and works great. Kind of a lemon-tangerine zest thing going on.

All of these make me even more excited to harvest the better plant, Beta, next week. I haven’t tasted anything from him yet. Here’s a pic of the next generation of Beta’s children whom I have affectionately named C1 and C2. C1, the larger of the two, just had the stem LST-trained while C2 has been topped and the branches tied down. They have been in flower just over a week and are showing nicely.

I hope to get 11 buds from C1 and 6 from C2. A mini-sized experiment for fun.

November 17th

The final count from Alpha is 31g from the dried buds and 16g from the popcorn.

I cut the top 15 buds on the big plant Beta this morning. They are 30% bigger than the first plant was and there are still 6 more buds filling out so I’m confident of getting at least 65g total from beta. That would make a quarter pound which is exactly what I was hoping for,

November 19th

The clones have been flowering for about 2 weeks now. They’re just starting to stretch.

I also sampled a little nug from my second plant, beta. Very dense and much more potent that Alpha, quite a head rush. At least as good as anything I’ve ever purchased if not a bit better.

November 22nd

No photos from the harvest but I cut the last buds from Beta that were fattening up. When the buds dry, I’ll start a new journal for the clones. Total for Beta will be 70 grams. Alpha was 47 grams.

Grower: Pantagruel
Yield: 117 grams
Location: Canada

The Durban Poison cannabis plants from this grow lived up to its name with the strong high they produced. There were minimal challenges along the way and this grower was even able to produce clones!

Have you successfully cloned marijuana before? Share your experiences with us!

Happy growing!

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