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Fake Weed is Making People Sick Again

Fake Weed is Making People Sick Again

You may have seen in the news that spice, aka fake weed is making people sick again. Remind me again why people are still smoking this nasty shit?

Last month multiple cases of ”severe internal bleeding” were reported in the state of Wisconsin, as Newsweek reported a couple weeks ago. The reason why, may or may not surprise you. Upon further testing, the fake weed sold in Wisconsin was found to be made from none other than rat poison. Lovely. I know that cigarette smoke is also said to contain rat poison, hence one of the reasons smoking cigarettes is a disgusting habit. Perhaps one of the most important distinctions between real weed and fake weed is that the real deal does not have rat poison in it. It’s also important to note that spice aka fake weed is not technically legal in Wisconsin, yet it is still pretty easy for someone to find.

So far 54 cases were reported during the month of August, with the first death occurring at the beginning of the month. This is not the first time fake weed has even been in the news this year. Back in March, a strain of fake weed out of Chicago was found to also cause severe bleeding, resulting in 22 cases of severe bleeding being reported to the Illinois Department of Health. Apparently that wasn’t enough to get people to stop smoking it. Last year, 100 people overdosed in 3 days in Pennsylvania.

Don't smoke this. Image Source: ABC News Houston

I tried fake weed when it first came out at the end of the last decade. I thought it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I got a massive headache, felt like the CIA was after me, and just in general felt crappier than I ever had in my life. That was pretty much it for me. I decided that I wanted nothing to do with fake weed. This was before fake weed started making people bleed and vomit all over themselves. Gross. Do yourself a favor, don’t smoke fake weed. Tell others not to smoke fake weed. Be militant about it if you have to. People might be annoyed with you in the long run, but they will thank you the next time fake weed pops up in the news because it’s causing people to miscarry, or make their hair fall out, or bleed from their butts.

Source: Newsweek

Featured Image Source: NY Post

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One thought on “Fake Weed is Making People Sick Again

By Bobby on 15 September 2018

This is ridiculous. Legalize already and people will have no desire to do this.

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