11 – Fluorescent lights for cannabis

Cannabis fluorescent lights

In the 70’s and 80’s of the twentieth century people used fluorescent lights for the growing and flowering of cannabis. But fluorescent light are very expensive and you need twice as much of these cold light as you would need warm sunlight. The final disadvantage of this type of light is that you need various type op fluorescent lights that have different colors so you can give the cannabis garden the Light spectrum it needs.

At this time fluorescent lights are only used for plants that are very sensitive to heat such as cuttings and seedlings, so they wont get “fried”. But again you need to stick to the rules that come with this type of light and hang the light about five centimeters above the plant if you want it to have the proper effect.

Over the years a lot of new sorts of fluorescent lights have been developed that have a lot more capacity that the original ones. These improved types can make the cannabis plant grow optimally.


We will not explain you much more about how much lumen per square meter you need. Just stick to the prescription that you should hang the fluorescent lights that you use ten centimeters above the plants that you are growing. To create an optimal result you should hang up fluorescent light reflectors.

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