15 – Force marijuana plants into flower

Force marijuana to flower

After the selection of the female plants, you have to set up them neatly. Once this is done you can force the marijuana plants into flower. Always check first if the roots need more room. If yes, put them in a larger pot.


The marijuana plant produces many roots in this phase. If the roots don’t have enough space the roots can suffocate. This also applies to the plants. Before you bring the plant into flowering, put the plant in an adequate room. If the marijuana plants flower they should not touch each other.

Keep about 10 cm of space between the plants, because the plants will continue to grow during the first two weeks.


To set off the flowering phase it helps to provide the marijuana plants with 12 hours of lighting and 12 hours of darkness. You can use an automatic time switch. To uphold the dark period is very important. Even a small amount of light can interrupt the flowering cycle, so don’t go to see the plants at night. If the flowering cycle is interrupted, deceleration will follow. When the cycle is interrupted for a long time, the cycle can even stop.  Sometimes the plants start to grow by itself again. If this happens put the plant in a 12 hour/12 hour cycle and wait and look what the results are. The results of this kind of stress may lead to male flowers on the marijuan plants.

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