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Galaxyhydro 300w Dimmable Hydroponics Grow Light

Galaxyhydro 300w Dimmable Hydroponics Grow Light

Information about Galaxyhydro Grow Light:

Are you looking forward to harvesting your cannabis? Regardless if you are a beginner or experienced in growing plants, the choice of doing it indoor is a great one. While some of you may have a choice of doing it outdoor or indoor, most people do not have the same luxury.

For one thing, city dwellers typically live in apartments where there is no outdoor area for planting. Even if you have an outdoor area where you could plant, cannabis is not exactly the kind of plant you would want your nosy neighbors to see or smell.

Now, one thing your plant needs is a grow light that works and would last a long time, if ever there is such a thing.

So, we took a look at what is available in the market and found one that appears to be reliable, and more importantly, one that customers generally are happy with.

Thanks to Amazon, the largest online marketplace in the world, and the development of cross-border e-commerce, we have access to products that might not be available, otherwise.

On this post, we are taking a look at Galaxyhydro 300W Dimmable Hydroponics Grow Light. What we want to know is how previous customers feel about its quality and use, as well as how the company supports the customers if there are issues.

There is no need to compare prices if your objective is to find affordable ones, as this is one of the cheaper grow lights you will find.

Galaxyhydro 300W Dimmable Hydroponics Grow Light

Galaxy Hydro

Galaxy Hydro

Before getting into the diodes used, one thing that makes this grow light unique is that it is dimmable. There is a benefit to being able to adjust the light from 0 to 100% in that it allows you to adjust according to the growth stage of your beloved cannabis strain. In fact, dimmable LEDs may work better than others during the transition stage from the growth stage to flowering stage. On some cases too, growers may adjust the intensity of the light rather than adjust its distance from the plant.

It does have a downside too. A better design might be having a switch instead. That is because with a switch, only the light spectrum needed for either of the two stages are turned on. In that sense, it is more efficient in electrical power consumption, and also helps in prolonging the life of the diodes.

But that is not the case here. So, no matter how you adjust your lighting with this unit, it appears that all LEDs are in use.

Galaxyhydro 300W Grow Light comes with 3-watt branded LEDs. Precisely which brand, that was not disclosed by the manufacturer. Based on its price point, though, we could assume this is not the same quality as CREE brand. This grow light supports 9 bands of the color spectrum, which means that is should support a healthy cannabis plant growth.

In some cases, there are growers who may need to use more lights. Another selling point of this unit is that it can be daisy-chained. Keep in mind too that the manufacturer recommends daisy-chaining products from them, and not to do that with other brands.

Heat dissipation is an important consideration. One thing you do not want is a unit that runs very hot during operation. To handle heat dissipation, Galaxyhydro equipped this unit with 3 fans, the most we have seen.

Customer Care and Support

Grow Light

Grow Light

We do not have much information, but the little that we know is that customer support is through email. This is probably because the company is located in China, and they do not have an office or service center in the United States.

As such, it is best to contact their sales team first and ask questions on how they handle issues such as warranty claims or repairs. You want to know these things beforehand because once you start growing your cannabis, they must not lose their light source. Having said that, you will want to know how long it takes to avail of service should there be a problem.


Hydroponics Grow Light

Hydroponics Grow Light

It doesn’t matter that manufacturers claim. In this industry, the LEDs are normally quoted as having a lifespan of 50,000 hours. But there are factors that affect the lifespan beginning with the quality of the diodes, and then the external factors such as line surge and temperature, etc.

So, we tend to base the lifespan of electronics on its warranty. While most companies offer only 1-year warranty, Galaxyhydro is offering 2-years warranty on their 300W LED Grow Light. An exemption is PlatinumLED Grow Light, which has a 5-year warranty on their grow lights, but they are also 3 times more expensive.

Pass or Buy Galaxyhydro 300W Dimmable Hydroponics Grow Light?

Parts In Package

Parts In Package

From all indications, this grow light has developed quite a reputation among its customers. Like any product, there are cases when a unit was shipped with a defect. As noted earlier, this can be addressed by sending an email to the company. Because it is located in China, the typical reply time would be around 8 hours.

If you think that the price of this unit, the cheap price, is worth the risk of having customer support halfway around the world, then this might make a good addition to your hydroponics garden.

One other thing that you might want to be aware of too is that this unit might have less intensity than the top-of-the-line brands. But all indications point to this grow light working as intended.

We also note too, that this grow light has one of the best net customer satisfaction rating compared to all other grow lamps sold on Amazon. Rather than looking at the stars, we tend to put more weight on the feedback of customers.

Will the Galaxyhydro 300W Dimmable LED Grow Light make your cannabis grow well and have a high production?

It certainly looks that way.

Once you have this grow light in your grow tent, it should take around two months and then you areharvesting those beautiful buds that not only smells great, but also brings you to a wonderful mental and physical high. Buy your Galaxyhydro LED Grow Light here!

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