8 – The germination of marijuana seeds

Marijuana seed germination

Mother Nature produces everything outdoors. The marijuana seeds are produced by the mature marijuana plants and fall onto the ground. The marijuana seeds spend the winter on the ground. The hibernation lasts several months. Once the spring sets in, the marijuana seeds will awake. The ground gets warmer and the amount of rainfall increases. The heat and moisture are necessary for an excellent germination.


To exist in nature can be very hard. Many marijuana seeds are killed during the winter by the coldness.  The seeds who survive the winter are the best for germination during spring. Survival of the strongest appears.

The seeds that can resist the cold the most are the strongest seeds. These seeds can protect themselves against other hurtful component of nature (diseases, parasites and harmful insects).

If you grow marijuana indoors, the situation is very different from the situation written above.


Often the marijuana grower has a limited total of seeds. That is why you have to make sure that you give the seeds the best chance to germinate as possible. You can do this by making conditions necessary for good development and enough grow space for the seeds. When the seeds have enough grow space they don’t compete with each other.

Be careful though. Also the weakest marijuana plants develop in this ideal situation. There’s no more natural selection. So, the grower has to weed out the weak and slow marijuana plants. Also eliminate the marijuana plants with a genetic defect. To weed these plants out is better for the health of the crop. Beware; the ideal situation makes it possible for all plants, even the weakest, to develop. Nature can no longer make a selection. How better you select, how healthier your crop will be.


Method A

Step 1: Put water with a pH value 7 in a glass and put the seeds in. Keep the glass with seeds in a dark room.

Step 2: The marijuana seed will open within 24 to 28 hours. Once opened, it will show a small white point. This is the root.

Step 3: When you can see the root, take it out of the water. Taking it out of the water prevents is from mold.


Two important factors for germination:

1. Heat, the warmth of the sun in spring.
2. Water, the moisture of the rainfall in the spring.

Place the seeds in soil with the exact temperature. This is the most easy way to irrigate them properly and they will show themselves above the ground.

Do take enough precautions to give the seeds the best chance. At first let the marijuana seeds germinate and after germination put them in the soil.  There are two ways to do this.


Method B

Take a few layers of kitchen roll and moisten it with pH value 6.5 water. Ensure the paper is properly wet and not thoroughly wet.  Put a new layer on top of it and put the seeds on this layer. Put a plate on it to cover it and this makes the space moist and dark. You have to open it now and then to ventilate. This also prevents mould growth. The seeds will split and the roots will appear after 24 to 28 hours. Remove the seeds that need a long time to germinate. Of the good quality seeds, 95% will germinate if they’re not too old.


Method C


Material that is necessary:
-Greenhouse (small)

-Not mandatory but definitely better: perlite

-7 x 7 x 8 cm pots

-Seedlings or cuttings soil with pH value of 6.5 (non-enriched potting soil and in the right amount airy) or your choice of hydroponic substrate (rock wool plug for germination).

-Slab for heating, equally sized as the heating pipe or small greenhouse.


1. Put a 1 cm layer of perlite in the greenhouse, on the bottom.

2. Now put the heating slab on the bottom of perlite in the greenhouse.

3. Put a new 1 cm layer of perlite on the heating slab.

4. Now fill the pot with the potting soil. Make sure you don’t press it to much, otherwise the oxygen will not reach the roots.

5. Make a hole to put the seed in. Measure it half a centimeter deep. Put the seed in the hole and put potting soil on it. Don’t press it down.

6. Slightly rinse the earth with the water with a pH value of 6.5. Do not stop the soil because the seeds have little oxygen and the seeds could get moldy.

7. Close the greenhouse.

8. Make sure the heating slab is switched on.


If everything works out, the seeds will arise from the soil after two to three days. After they arose take the cover off the greenhouse, this allows the plants to breathe properly.  Keep watering them but not too much. If you water them too much the plants only grows at the stem and the plant will get weak.

1. When the first leaves appear on the plants, place them under the lamp.

2. If you use a HPS lamp of 40 cm or 400W make sure you do not place them too close to the lamp. Otherwise the plants can be burned. Do the opposite if you use fluorescents lights. Otherwise only the stems will grow, you can prevent that by placing them very near to the lights.

3. When the roots take over the rock wool plug (roots go through the bottom) or the whole pot, it is time to plant them is a bigger plug or pot.

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