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Growing Marijuana In Alabama

Growing Marijuana In Alabama

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Marijuana policies are changing across the United States, but in every country there are always those that resist change. In the United States, it is often easy to predict which states are likely to do that. One state that often comes to mind is Alabama, a Deep South state known for its unyielding traditions and sometimes oppressive politics. Growing marijuana in Alabama is no exception to the state’s reputation.

Alabama laws

cannabis law alabama

Alabama’s policy on marijuana is simple. All forms of marijuana are bad, unless it's oil that has had nearly all of its THC removed. That is why Alabama is able to have a very simple possession law. If you have marijuana- any amount of it- you can go to jail for up to a year. If you have marijuana- any amount of it- and it’s not just for you, you will go to jail for at least a year. That is it. There are no distinctions for small amounts, no consideration for first-time offenders, just a simple, I saw weed, you’re going to jail.

You can probably imagine that such a vague marijuana policy will require discretion by a court. Depending on who you are, that discretion can work in your favor or against you.  I mean, how does someone decide whether or not the ounce in your dresser is for personal use or if you intended to sell it. Unfortunately, this is typical of the Alabama legal system, and growing marijuana in Alabama falls conveniently in the discretionary area.

Growing marijuana in Alabama

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It probably comes as no surprise that Alabama has no specific laws on growing marijuana.  Instead, growing marijuana in Alabama falls under possession. The part left for the court to decide is whether your plants are for personal use or if they are part of an attempt to sell to others. If they believe you are planning to sell your weed, the state can impose mandatory jail time.

With all of the uncertainties surrounding growing marijuana in Alabama, one thing is clear- you do not want to get caught. Alabama weed growing is a high-stakes game that is certainly worth its rewards. You will need to be smart about it if you intend to play. For starters, do not grow a lot of plants. It will surely make it look like you intend to sell your weed, and the extra plants will be a huge liability if caught. Secondly, learn how to keep from getting caught by following the advice of master growers.

When you are ready to play the high stakes game of marijuana growing, you need to start by downloading and reading the Marijuana Grow Bible.  It is a free downloadable book that explains how to grow marijuana in a variety of situations without getting caught. It is exactly what any home grower needs to safely grow cannabis that is healthy, potent and most of all, private. Because the last thing  need is the hope that an Alabama judge will rule in your favor.

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