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Growing Marijuana In Arizona

Growing Marijuana In Arizona

Arizona has an active medical marijuana program, but it has some unique rules on who can grow it.  Growing marijuana in Arizona is limited to medical marijuana patients that live 25 miles outside of a dispensary.  The next question, of course, is where are these dispensaries located; and how many are there? There are quite a few marijuana dispensaries in Arizona - too many to count, in fact.  If you happen to live more than 25 miles from one of them, Arizona is okay with their patients maintaining a personal weed garden.

Medical marijuana

arizona medical marijuana

Medical marijuana patients that are too far to reasonably travel to a dispensary are allowed to grow their own marijuana. Patients that require special strains are also able to grow their own (assuming their local dispensary does not carry it). The growing limit for those patients is 12 plants, and they must be grown in a locked growing facility.  Patients that qualify for growing are supposed to notify the Arizona Department of Health Services.  They also should have no more than two and one-half ounces at a time.

If you live within 25 miles of a dispensary, or you do not have Alzheimer's disease,  amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease), cachexia or wasting syndrome, cancer, chronic pain, Crohn's Disease, glaucoma, hepatitis c, HIV or aids, multiple sclerosis, nausea, PTSD or seizures the rules are a little bit different.  Possession of less than 2lbs of marijuana is a felony in Arizona with anywhere from 4 months to 2 years of jail time. Since Arizona does not have any laws concerning growing marijuana, there’s a chance that any growing would be counted as possession if caught.  There’s also a good chance you’ll get 24 hours of community service instead of jail, thanks to their conditional release policy.

Growing in Arizona

growing weed in arizona

Arizona clearly does not want its citizens growing marijuana, so that it can monitor everything that is grown.  While having a lot of dispensaries is nice, it’s not as good as being able to grow your own. So, for those ineligible growers, I recommend downloading and reading my free Marijuana Grow Bible. It has easy to follow tips and tricks for creating and maintaining private and discrete marijuana gardens that are hard to detect.  You don’t have to plant a marijuana plant in your backyard- even if it is beautiful and smells good.

Arizona is located in a section of America that has a lot of marijuana activity. It borders Mexico, and is in between three medical marijuana states that allow growing (California, New Mexico, and Nevada). It also borders Utah, however, one of the few restrictive states in that part of the country. Its location makes growing marijuana in Arizona a practice that’s not that uncommon, even if they are doing their best to restrict it.

Although Arizona is working toward having unique medical marijuana laws, they are offering reciprocity with neighboring states. If you are a registered patient in another state, you are allowed to possess up to two and one-half ounces of marijuana.

Latest updates

October 4 2016

Arizona launches a video ad for prop. 205 highlighting the benefits of regulating and taxing marijuana.

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10 thoughts on “Growing Marijuana In Arizona

By medMUser on 10 November 2016

If you live in Arizona, look up Arizona Safer & support the referendum they are putting together for 2018. This will replace the current AZ laws that were put in place to protect the dispensaries by eliminating private growing within 25 miles of a dispensary. Marijuana Policy Project took big $$ from the dispensary backers to the detriment of the citizen. MPP SOLD US OUT!!! And gave AZ a pretty crappy deal.


By anthony on 21 July 2017

I asked the Arizona Department of Health If I was allowed to grow a special strain That I need And they told me that that is not trueCan someone please help me figure this out

By Dude on 7 April 2018

Dont report it as a "special strain" . Why would you believe you have an ineligible strain. Does it have super powers? Weed is weed.

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