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Growing Marijuana In Connecticut

Growing Marijuana In Connecticut

It’s not a crime to have weed in Connecticut, but growing it is a little different. It is not a surprise that many marijuana users wonder how to grow marijuana in Connecticut. The simple answer is to grow small amounts and not get caught. In Connecticut, growing just a small amount can be a serious problem, so being careful is extremely important.

Medical marijuana

Medical marijuana

Connecticut has an active medical marijuana program that covers many conditions. The conditions include:

Patients with doctor’s recommendation can purchase marijuana products from licensed dispensaries. They are allowed to have one month’s supply at a time.

The problem with the Connecticut medical marijuana program is that patients are not allowed to grow marijuana in Connecticut. Instead, they have to purchase pre-packaged marijuana and marijuana products at an expensive price. Patients who cannot get to a dispensary, or who cannot afford to purchase from them are forced to suffer. Get your medical marijuana card at It's very easy to get and not expensive.

All other marijuana

All other marijuana

Connecticut has decriminalized small amounts of marijuana for adults. This means there is no jail time for possessing up to a half ounce of marijuana. Instead, there is a fine of up to $500. However, if you have more than a half ounce you could go to jail even though it is technically not a crime. Connecticut also has a tax stamp program on large amounts of marijuana as well as mandatory minimums for large growers and dealers. More about decriminalization at this link.

Grow marijuana in Connecticut

Grow marijuana in Connecticut

Connecticut is not friendly to marijuana growers. Based on their laws, all growers, medical or not, are seen as marijuana sellers. They don’t even consider small growers in their laws – they start at any grow yielding less than a kilogram of marijuana. That is not an amount any home grower would be capable of. Because of this, it is very important to grow as little as possible at a time to reduce the risk of looking like a dealer. When you grow marijuana in Connecticut, you need to look like it is for your personal use if it is actually for your personal use. Even better, you need to not get caught.

For tips on how to not get caught growing marijuana, download and read my free Marijuana Grow Bible. It is full of information on how to grow marijuana in Connecticut that is discrete, strong and beautiful. Most importantly, it explains how to do so without getting caught. Even though Connecticut is decriminalized, its marijuana growing laws are far from kind.

The state of hemp

While Connecticut has made it very clear that it does not want its citizens growing marijuana, it is actively pursuing a hemp industry. Hemp, if you didn’t already know, is a close relative to marijuana, except it is missing (or really low in) THC. Hemp is used in textiles while marijuana is strategically prohibited. Obviously, they realize the benefits of cannabis.

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3 thoughts on “Growing Marijuana In Connecticut

By Norman Plude on 23 August 2016

CT general statue 21a-240, states as a medical marijuana patient, I am allowed to posses marijuana "whether growing or not". That Claus makes posting of a live growing plant legal.

By Donna Lindstrom on 7 February 2017

I work at a Senior Center here in Ct and I plan what I call "Mystery Trips'. The group has no idea where they are going but know where they will be having lunch. Do any of your businesses provide tours and guidance as to "how and why' Marijuana is grown and why? This would be a wonderful opportunity to expose some Senior Citizens to this new controversial Industry. If any of you are up to/or even legally can, provide a tour of your facility please let me know via email below. We are looking for a weekday in April, preferably a Tuesday or Wednesday. Not Tuesday April 11, Looking at around 10-10:30am for no more than 17 total including staff and van driver.

By Bogdan Pawezka on 15 July 2018

In CT you can get 2.5 oz a mount. I'm diagnosis prostate cancer 4 group high risk. I need medical marijuana.I want to use Rick Simpson way so I need 60 grams extract for 90 days so I need around 7 oz a mount. What I can do die or go to jail? Please answer legislature in CT

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