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Growing Marijuana In Delaware

Growing Marijuana In Delaware

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Should you grow weed if you live in Delaware? Of course, you should, but be smart about it. Marijuana laws in Delaware are currently in limbo. The state has a medical marijuana program. The state has decided to create a medical marijuana program that does not let patients grow weed in Delaware. Instead, they will be required to purchase their medicine from a dispensary. The problem is, nearly four years after the law was passed; there are still no operational dispensaries in the state.

What has happened to Delaware? It used to be so quick to make important decisions. Now, the first state seems to be taking its time on helping medical marijuana patients. Based on the current law, until dispensaries are up and running, there is no legal way to obtain marijuana – unless you go to another state to buy it. Delaware has a reciprocity policy that lets its patients legally smoke weed in other states.

Medical marijuana Delaware

delaware medical marijuana

The medical marijuana program does not let its patients grow weed in Delaware, but the state’s marijuana law has no specific guidelines. Possession of any amount of marijuana is considered a misdemeanor. There is a bigger problem if the state believes that the marijuana is going to be sold. In that situation, it becomes a felony with up to five years in jail.

What the law doesn’t explain is what happens when that weed is in the form of plants. In many states, the plants are weighed and used by their weight to determine the charge. Delaware, however, doesn’t have marijuana charges based on weight. So, it is unclear whether growing marijuana is any different from having an ounce in your pocket.

What is clear, however, is that manufacturing any amount of weed to sell is a serious charge. Therefore, it is important that any marijuana grow only be for personal use.

Growing in Delaware

grow weed delaware

If you are going to grow weed in Delaware, it is a good idea to keep your grow very small and private. This is because a large grow will likely look like a manufacturing grow operation, rather than your personal stash. Also, since it is not legal to grow, even for medical use, it is not a good idea to show off your grow. Keep your plants stealth and grow only as much as you need.

If you need help getting started with you private garden, download and read my Marijuana Grow Bible. It is a free download that has growing tips from my years of professional growing. You can learn top techniques for growing marijuana without getting caught. If you combine my Grow Bible with quality seeds and plant nutrients, you will grow high yielding plants and with the highest levels of CBDs and THC.

Delaware may never have its medical marijuana program fully operational, but until it does, you can enjoy the best weed by growing your own. Download my Marijuana Grow Bible, buy your seeds and get started today!

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