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Growing Marijuana In Georgia

Growing Marijuana In Georgia

If you know anything about Georgia marijuana laws, you’ll know that Georgia weed growing is a challenging task. Georgia is one of the few states that is determined not to change.

While all of its four neighbors, including Florida, relaxed their laws on marijuana possession or growing, Georgia remained as close to federal standard as possible.

This is unfortunate for all of the residents of Georgia, who likely have similar medical needs as their South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida and Alabama neighbors. But they are not a fan of medical CBD or decriminalization. The good news is though; it is surrounded by those who are. So hopefully, with time, the laws will relax. I mean, how long can you go against the grain?

Georgia laws

cannabis law georgia

The marijuana laws in Georgia are very specific about intent, and are the hardest on those that plan to sell marijuana.  Having a large grow operation will definitely make it seem like you are planning to sell it. Instead, keep your operation small, private and personal and you’d likely have less trouble than someone with 10-12 plants.

If you need ideas on how to set up a discrete, small grow room download the Grow Bible.

Georgia weed growing will take a little creativity, but experience has proven that those with small, private grow setups that are not exposed to children face less serious charges. It’s called affirmative defense and it is what keeps the home grower out of a lot of hot water.

Growing in Georgia

grow weed georgia
Georgia is not a weed-friendly state, so if you choose to grow there, it’s best to keep your garden small.  They consider it a misdemeanor to have up to an ounce, so the fewer plants you have at one time, the better.

There are no specific laws for very small amounts of Georgia weed growing, so it’s hard to say how much trouble you could get into for a couple of plants. Their laws are based on grow operations yielding up to 10 pounds.

Jail free growing

Georgia cannabis growing lawsGrowing marijuana in this state is not exactly legal, but there is some leniency for first timers.  If all other factors look good (it’s a private grow site, no other criminal issues) you may be issued probation. Probation can mean no jail time, and a cleared record following its completion. This probably only works, if you don’t advertise that you grow weed.

Georgia also has a marijuana tax, popular in many of the states in this region.  The tax is $3.50/gram of marijuana. If, for any reason, cops discover your stash, you will be charged the tax plus additional fees. You have the opportunity to pay the tax ahead of time and prevent any additional fees by doing so.  But be sure to do so without telling anyone you grow weed.

Yes, I’m not sure how that works, either- but I do know where to buy some good marijuana seeds.

Buy marijuana seeds in Georgia

Georgia has been dragging its feet when it comes to joining the marijuana train. If you are looking to grow your own weed, you’re going to need to be very discrete. You can forget about buying any type of decent marijuana seeds anywhere in this state. Buy the best seeds for discrete marijuana growing online.

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Will this be updated to reflect the new laws that will be enacted July 1, 2017? I was wondering about what the options are for those interested in getting a permit to grow cannabis for medical usage.

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