36 – Growing marijuana on hydroponics

Marijuana on hydroponics

Do you want a faster, bigger yield? Hydroponics can avoid problems arising when cultivating marijuana on soil.There are actually plants in the wild that grow without soil, and it isn’t as artificial as it sounds.

When a marijuana plant grows in water it is not dependable on the amount of nutrients in the soil, the frequency of irrigation and bacterial activity to be fed.


Marijuana plants grown with the method of hydroponics grow in a passive environment only used to add nutriments, which are directly absorbed. This is called a substrate and keeps the plant upright as well.

When not cultivating on soil, the plant doesn’t have to grow a huge root system to absorb nutriments. Also, because the nutrient solution is circulated well, it guarantees an oxygen deposit by the roots. This is important for admission of minerals by the plant. More oxygen means more absorption by the marijuana plant. In some ways hydroponic cultivation can thus be easier then cultivation on soil! When you’re not experienced at all you still have a good chance of succeeding, because it’s easier to see if the cannabis is in good shape. Like always, gauging instruments for the nutriments and pH value can make it a piece of cake.

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