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Growing Marijuana In Idaho

Growing Marijuana In Idaho

In this article we will discuss:

If you want to grow marijuana in Idaho, you are going to need to be smart about it. I say this because they are not a fan of marijuana.  Perhaps it’s because they are trying to take a strong stance against its weed-friendly neighbors.

Whatever the reason, the facts remain- Idaho has some outdated laws. If you are going to grow weed in this state, you had better be super stealth.

Medical marijuana

Medical cannabis growing idaho
Idaho does not recognize marijuana as having any benefits. There is no medical program, although to its West, Oregon and Washington have had programs since 1998. They also do not honor a medical CBD program, and they consider being medicated a crime.

Based on their laws, if you were in Idaho, it would be easy to pretend that weed didn’t exist! Except that it does- even in Idaho- and they would like to make the profits.

Idaho has an active marijuana tax program that charges a $775 tax per marijuana plant.  Those who have marijuana plants are expected to have proof that they’ve paid this tax.  If they don’t and are caught, they are charged with tax evasion. I thought Idaho didn’t have weed?

Idaho laws

Idaho cannabis growing laws
They recognize that people make mistakes. Perhaps they were smoking weed one day in Washington and accidentally walked across the line into Idaho? Idaho would likely give you a second chance. First offenders can get off with probation and community service.

Based on the laws, they are extremely concerned about not creating an atmosphere similar to its western neighbors. The state does not want anyone who makes weed-smoking public in any way. Instead, they would like to pretend like America isn’t smoking marijuana- at least not in their part of America. So, do your best and comply with their requests- don’t get caught.

How to Grow weed in Idaho

  1. Download and read the Marijuana Grow Bible
  2. Buy some high quality outdoor marijuana seeds
  3. Privately grow your marijuana plant

Outdoor growing

Idaho outdoor marijuana growing
Idaho has many rules against growing marijuana indoors. They have one law for growing up to 25 plants. Then they have another law for being in a building where marijuana is being grown. They also have a law for owning the place where weed is being grown. Indoor weed is just an all-around risk.

So why not take advantage of the beauty that is Idaho? It is an agricultural state. It grows potatoes and raises livestock. It’s the perfect type of land for growing a weed plant or two. Plus, a marijuana plant that’s outdoors is less likely to earn you time in jail.

Growing outdoor stealth can be difficult, so be sure to read my Grow Bible first before you start planting seeds in the forest.  It has some great tips and advice on how to keep the plant alive and not get caught. Trust me, you’ll need this advice if you plan to grow weed in this states.

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