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Growing Marijuana In Louisiana

Growing Marijuana In Louisiana

Growing Marijuana In Louisiana:

Louisiana is either a great place for growing marijuana or it has a lot of drug dealers. I came to this conclusion after reviewing some of the marijuana laws in this state. The least serious charge used to be possession of less than 60 lbs. That is a whole lot of weed! It makes you wonder what kind of people they are arresting in Louisiana. Does everyone there carry pounds of weed on them? Now the laws have changed so lesser possession penalties exist too.

Either way, the best way to take advantage of this state’s environment is growing only what you need and being very quiet about it.  A few ounces are quite different from a few pounds, even if Louisiana does not make a separate law for it. Keep your stash private and enjoy your high discretely by growing your own marijuana.

Louisiana laws

Louisiana laws

If you aren’t growing marijuana in Louisiana, you are purchasing it, and that is risky. Purchasing any amount of marijuana in any form is illegal, and Louisiana is not forgiving for even first-time offenders. Louisiana has mandatory sentences for selling any amount of marijuana. This means a drug dealer will spend at least five years in jail for selling you anything.

If you happen to find a dealer that you can trust, you have to worry about them getting caught.  If they get caught selling to you, you’ll likely get in trouble too. All of that stress hardly seems worth it if it can be avoided. Save yourself the worry by growing marijuana in Louisiana instead of trying to purchase it.

The new possession laws are more specific than they once used to be. For a first offense with 14g or less of weed, you could get 15 days in jail and a $300 fine. For more than 14 grams (but less than 2.5 pounds) that is also a first offense, it could end up landing you 6 months in jail and $500 in fines.

Growing marijuana

Growing marijuana

There are many different ways to grow marijuana in a variety of environments. Growing marijuana in Louisiana requires knowledge of those different methods as well as a properly planned growing setup. The Marijuana Grow Bible explains the different growing methods as well as gives tips on how to grow discretely. Even in places like Louisiana, where the laws blur the line between marijuana dealer and marijuana user, you can safely grow weed without getting in trouble. The trick is keeping it small and not getting caught. The Marijuana Grow Bible specializes in explaining how to grow marijuana without getting caught.

In addition to a discrete grow setup, you will also need good seeds. Especially if this is your first attempt at growing marijuana in Louisiana. You’ll want to purchase quality marijuana seeds that give you the best results without needing much space. I Love Growing Marijuana carries a large variety of seeds to fit your needs. Choose seeds that flower quickly or ones designed for outdoor use – just be sure to read the Marijuana Grow Bible first.

Growing marijuana in Louisiana may not seem like an obvious way to safely enjoy weed, but if you think about the risks involved with purchasing, it starts to make sense. Just remember to keep it small, prepare a discrete grow room or outdoor grow area and use high-quality seeds. If you follow these simple rules you can enjoy the best marijuana, even in Louisiana.

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