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Growing Marijuana In Maine

Growing Marijuana In Maine

Growing marijuana in Maine is finally legal! Maine can now legally grow up to six marijuana plants at home. That includes all of the harvest from those plants, and/or up to 12 immature plants.

To get started, you will need to know the rules.

Medical marijuana

Medical marijuana

Maine has approved the use of marijuana for a large number of conditions. These conditions include neurological conditions such Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease;  life-threatening conditions such as cancer, HIV or AIDS, and epilepsy and digestive disorders of inflammatory bowel disease and nausea.

They also include  Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Cachexia or wasting syndrome, Nail-patella syndrome, Huntington’s disease and Crohn’s disease. Of course, Maine also did not forget Glaucoma, Hepatitis C, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and Chronic pain.  If you have any of these conditions, a doctor can make recommendations for you to medicate with marijuana.

Medical marijuana patients in Maine are allowed to have 2.5 oz of marijuana in their possession at any time. When it comes to growing marijuana, they are allowed to have six mature plants at a time.

Maine has dispensaries for buying medical marijuana, but patients who would like to have their custom grown can have a personal caregiver. Maine Marijuana caregivers need to be at least 21 years old and are allowed to grow plants on behalf of a patient.

Patients from other states are also allowed to smoke marijuana in Maine, but they are not allowed to purchase it from a dispensary. Get your medical marijuana card at



In addition to their medical marijuana program, Maine has also legalized possessing marijuana. Anyone in possession of less than 2.5 ounces will receive no penalty and no fine.  If they have more than 2.5 ounces, it becomes a crime and could include jail time and a fine. Public use of marijuana is a civil infraction and could result in a $100 fine.

Keep in mind, proof of medical need will cancel any possible fines. So make sure you always register as medical marijuana patient. It’s very easy and not expensive and, most important, it can save you a lot of trouble. Get your card at

Growing in Maine

Growing in Maine

You need to know to grow marijuana at home in Maine legally. Let’s start with a short list, followed by more details.

  • The minimum age to grow is 21
  •  You can possess an unlimited number of seedlings
  • You can have no more than 12 immature marijuana plants
  • You can have no more than 6 flowering marijuana plants
  • You can keep the entire harvest of your 6 plants
  • Indoor growing must be completed in your own residence
  • Outdoor growing can be on your property or on a friend’s property with written permission
  • Outdoor grows must not be visible without the aid of binoculars or aircraft
  • Plants must have an identifying tag that includes a driver’s license or identification number

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Maine Growing Laws In-Depth

Now that we know the basics, a little more explanation:

  • You must be 21 to grow your own marijuana in Maine. At 21 you’re officially an adult. At that age, you can drink, go to a casino and now, grow marijuana.
  • You can grow an unlimited number of seedlings. Seedlings are nonflowering marijuana plants that are no taller than 24 inches and no wider than 18 inches.

Seedlings can be plants from seed or clones from a mother plant. The great thing about this rule is that you can grow as many as possible and select the strongest plants for the next stage, the vegetative stage.

  • You are limited to 12 immature plants. An immature or vegetative marijuana plant is taller than 24 inches and wider than 18 inches. These plants are in the vegetative stage and are not producing buds yet. They need 18 hours of light and 6 hours of complete darkness per day.

When you change the light cycle from 18 hours of light to 12 hours of light, the plant ‘thinks’ that winter is coming because of the decreasing amount of light. In nature, this happens around August when days get shorter. For the plant, this is the signal to start producing flowers.

  • You are limited to 6 flowering plants. The flowering stage is triggered by light. It lasts 7 to 9 weeks, depending on the strain.

If you grow indoors, it’s very easy to change the light cycle and control the timing of the flowering stage. Just modify the settings from 18 hours of light to 12 hours of light. If you grow outdoors, mother nature is in control.

  • Keep only the harvest of your plants. You’re not allowed to have more weed in your house than the harvest from 6 plants. Of course, every harvest is different, but expect ounces of marijuana, not pounds.

If the weed from your last harvest is not finished and you ready to harvest again, you will have a ‘problem.’ However, there is likely someone that will appreciate a gift of weed. Remember to give it away, though. You cannot sell it or exchange it for any goods.

  • Grow in your own residence. The law is clear on this one. Do not plan to grow marijuana in your office or at your mom’s place.
  • If growing outdoors, grow on your own property. There is no need to grow in the forest or other public places in Maine. If you don’t have property where you can grow, ask a friend or a neighbor if you can grow on theirs.

This is allowed if you have written permission. This exception makes it very easy from those without a garden or a way to grow indoors to enjoy the art of growing weed.

If you have nowhere to grow, ask a friend or somebody you know if they will let you. See if anyone is willing to do a small volunteer community garden. If you don’t know anybody, try placing an ad on craigslist.

  • If growing outdoors, keep your plants stealth. Your plants should not be visible from the public road without visual aids.
    Build a fence around your plants or build a little greenhouse. Remember that some marijuana plants can grow over 6 feet tall!
  • Tag your plants. All of your plants must have a tag that includes your name and your driver’s license number or identification number. Plus, you must be a resident of Maine.

This goes for all plants. It doesn’t matter if they’re in your home, your garden or in your friend’s garden. They all need a tag.

As you can see, most adults in Maine should be able to grow their own marijuana. And for those who cannot, there is probably someone that can share some outdoor space.

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Things You Cannot Legally Do in Maine

I have gotten a lot of emails with questions about what is and isn’t allowed in Maine. We’ve discussed the rules, now here are a few things that are not allowed:

  • Growing at multiple places and/or having more than 6 plants in your name
  • Putting plants in a friend’s name and taking care of those plants
  • Renting out space to people to grow marijuana (for money)
  • Selling your harvest
  • Storing your harvest someplace other than your home

Based on the rules, these things should be self-explanatory. However, if you have more questions or comments, leave them below in the comment section.

If there are enough new questions, I will update this article to add the most frequently asked questions as well as any other interesting information.

If you want to start growing in Maine, make sure to download my free marijuana grow bible. It will discuss the best ways to grow medical marijuana, create a grow room, and prevent infestations and diseases. The Marijuana Grow Bible is a free download, and it has all of the information needed to get started.

Once you have your grow room ready, pick out the appropriate seeds and order them. I Love Growing Marijuana carries a large variety of seeds for different needs and conditions. Choose one that best fits what you are looking for, and we will ship it fast and discreetly.  Our seeds are guaranteed to germinate, which is the first step to growing the best marijuana in Maine.

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Comment Section

53 thoughts on “Growing Marijuana In Maine

By Larry on 14 November 2016

It states above that in Maine outdoor grows can’t be visible from the air. How would you grow outside since all plants require sunlight.


By Larry on 22 November 2016

Any thoughts on that Roy?

By Roy ILGM on 23 November 2016

Hey Larry, it seems odd right? I clarified a bit “meaning they need to be covered”. So you’d need to stretch a translucent tarp or build a grow house.

By Larry on 9 December 2016

I found this on Maine’s PFD of laws. It states “without the use of Aircraft or Binoculars”. So it looks like we don’t have to cover it.
2. Home cultivation. The following provisions apply to the home cultivation of marijuana for personal use by a person who is 21 years of age or older.
A. A person may cultivate up to 6 flowering marijuana plants at that person’s place of residence, on property owned by that person or on another person’s property with written permission of the owner of the property.
B. A person who elects to cultivate marijuana shall ensure the marijuana is not visible from a public way without the use of binoculars, aircraft or other optical aids and shall take reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized access by a person under 21 years of age.

By Larry on 9 December 2016

It also says each person may have 6 flowering plants. It doesn’t say anywhere that there is a household limit.
But each plant must be labeled with the adults name and ID or license number

By Roy ILGM on 12 December 2016

Ha thanks Larry!

By Eric on 4 March 2017

Hes wrong it said cant be visible from the road without use of binoculars or aircraft or optical aids in the law hes missinforming people

By Larry GIlman on 20 March 2017

This page incorrectly states that the grows must be “covered” or invisible even from the air. Actually, the statute reads: “A person who elects to cultivate marijuana shall ensure the marijuana is not visible from a public way without the use of binoculars, aircraft or other optical aids. . . ” Which unambiguously means that if you can see the pot with binocs, a drone, or the like, but ONLY by using such means, not using the naked eye from a “public way,” you’re compliant as far as visibility goes. There is no “need to be covered” requirement.

By Jeff on 18 November 2016

Can my wife and I each grow 6 mature plants a piece or is it just 6 plants per household?

By Roy ILGM on 18 November 2016

Hi Jeff, I can’t seem to find those details at the moment. and seem like good places to look

By matt on 13 January 2017

6 mature plants per person! So in your case you can legally have 12 mature plants.

By Darran Simmons on 9 December 2016

Medical growers in Maine can currently grow 6 plants per person, however, due to the ongoing recount, the changes regarding State laws on growing Marijuana have yet to be established.

By porsu llamada on 12 December 2016

you say “ALL PLANTS” must have an ID tag. does this mean “ALL” plants including seedlings, or does “ALL PLANTS” mean “ALL FLOWERING PLANTS?” gracias por su llamada!

By Roy ILGM on 13 December 2016

Best check the details locally but I suspect everything from or beyond the seedling stage needs a tag.

By Scomber on 8 January 2017

What are the rules on selling seedlings?

By Roy ILGM on 9 January 2017

Hi Scomber, the rules for selling often condsider both the plant and bud equal. So no selling allowed

By matt on 13 January 2017

#8 in the article is incorrect. Your Plants can be visible to aircraft and do not need to be covered. Here is how it is written on page 26 of the MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION ACT:
“A person who elects to cultivate marijuana shall ensure the marijuana is not
visible from a public way without the use of binoculars, aircraft or other optical aids”
So, yes your plants can be visible from the sky and visible with use of binoculars- they do not need to be covered or in a greenhouse!

By Jason on 31 January 2017

Can you have 6 recreational plants and 6 medical plants making a total of 12 if you have your medical marijuana card

By Roy ILGM on 1 February 2017

Hi Jason, you can have a total of 12 plants but just 6 of them may be flowering. Recreation/medical does not come into the equation

By Brandy on 8 February 2017

Can u grow marijuana in ur residence if there are legal guns in the residence?

By Roy ILGM on 13 February 2017

Good question Brandy. It’s probably best to investigate this locally as it’s hard for us to help you on this point.

By Trisha on 17 February 2017

“If you are not 21 have someone older help you?” What the hell kind of statement is that? Are you TRYING to have this taken away for us because it can just as easily be voted back out again. You CANNOT use or grow marijuana EVEN with the help of an adult if you are under 21 UNLESS a doctor has prescribed it for you for a condition such as epilepsy, AIDS, cancer and other very serious diseases. You need to take that comment down off of this website. It promotes illegal activity and we worked WAY TOO HARD on this campaign for you to go and ruin it for us with a comment like that.

By Roy ILGM on 20 February 2017

Agreed Trisha, I removed it.

By Randy on 12 March 2017

I have a medical grow in my name, now that marijuana is legal in Maine can my girlfriend grow her six plants also?

By Jennifer on 24 March 2017

How long does someone have to be a Maine resident before they can grow for recreational use?

By Roy ILGM on 27 March 2017

Hi Jennifer, I wasn’t able to find anything about residency. Perhaps check locally to be sure.

By Sam on 24 March 2017

Does anyone have any idea what the penalty would be if I had more plants than the 6? Where would I find this information. Thank you.

By John Cummings on 28 March 2017

“Renting out space to people to grow marijuana (for money)” My question is can one rent out land to some one if it is for personal use i.e. I have 5 acres and want to rent out for people that don’t have space to grow it.

By Roy ILGM on 29 March 2017

Hi John, that goes into some specific details which are best checked locally. I can imagine if you are someone that rents out appartments that the tenants can each grow in their respecive homes. But renting out a bit of land specifically for growing does not seem to fit the rules. But please see if you can find more on this in your county or district.

By Cody on 22 December 2017

Jon where in Maine are you located I’m from California stuck in Maine looking for a place

By John Cummings on 29 March 2017

can one sell clones/seeds legally in Maine ( sorry didn’t finish the last question)

By Roy ILGM on 30 March 2017

Hi John, I wasn’t able to find an answer to your question. Best check locally for the answer.

By Christina on 24 April 2017

My friend and I would like to grow in another friends basement. So all 3 of us would grow there. Is that legal?

By Roy ILGM on 25 April 2017

Hi Christina, the limits are set per household so that doesn’t seem legal to me 🙂 – I❤️GM

By Joann on 29 May 2017

What if you have 3 or 4 adults over the age of 21 in the same house hold, can we all grow our 6 plants each? (18-24) Is there a maximum number of plants to grow per house hold?

By Kathy on 1 June 2017

I would like to be a cultivator for dispensaries to use. How does one go about doing this?

By Roy ILGM on 2 June 2017

Hi Kathy, I’m affraid we’re too far off to be able to answer this correctly, best check with local legislation.

By Joe on 3 June 2017

I’m from Maine too

By wayne on 7 June 2017

What if you have 3 or 4 adults over the age of 21 in the same house hold, can we all grow our 6 plants each? (18-24) Is there a maximum number of plants to grow per house hold?

By Roy ILGM on 8 June 2017

Hi Wayne, I assume the limits are set per household but best double-check that locally. – I❤️GM

By cheryl proudloce on 9 June 2017

I am a landlord and I have nothing against using weed but what are my rights about the renter digging holes to plant on my property now that it legal here in Maine Thanks

By Roy ILGM on 9 June 2017

Hi Cheryl, best check that with local legislation 🙂 – I❤️GM

By Pants on 9 July 2017

Hello, was curious what would be the rule for a property that is large enough so that the outdoor grow would not be visible by any public road, would a fence still be required? There are cliffs all around the property too, do you think those might qualify as a fence?

By Roy ILGM on 10 July 2017

Hi Pants, I believe the fence is to keep youngsters and other people out as well. I’m not sure how your personal situation resonantes with local legislature so it’s best to ask locally.

By pants on 10 July 2017

yeah good idear @roy thanx

By Steev on 31 August 2017

If a town government passes an ordinance outlawing the “cultivation” of weed, does this take priority over and render null &void, the home-grown rule passed in the State?

By unknown on 12 September 2017

My neighbor has quite a few marijuana plants growing in their driveway where it is very visible to me and other passing by. Is there a way to make them move these plants, I have small grandchildren and do not want these plants visible to them. I understand they can grow them, and I don’t have a problem with that, it is where they are growing them.

By Stacy ILGM on 13 September 2017

Just explain this to your neighbors, just like you wrote it all down here. I think they will understand why you are asking them to move them a little. 🙂


By Brittanie Parker on 1 October 2017

Hi I was curious if there was any laws about growing near a school in my house?

By Anne on 10 October 2017

I have a medical cannabis card in Maine. If I give the card to a grow house to grow on my behalf, not clear on the rules, do I get a portion of that pot free?

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