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Growing Marijuana In Utah

Growing Marijuana In Utah

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If you want to grow weed in Utah, you will need to be a little creative. This is because Utah has the strictest marijuana law in the West. What can you expect from the state that hesitated when given the chance to join the United States, and still has a proud history of being unique? This state isn’t likely to follow the trends of its neighbors.  In fact, Utah seems determined to stand apart from its Medical marijuana neighbor to the west and its legalized marijuana neighbor to the east. With 6 months jail time for possessing only 1 ounce of weed, it is obvious that Utah is nothing like Nevada or Colorado.


Utah Laws

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Utah has strict possession laws, but they do not have specific laws on growing weed.  Cultivation is considered the same as possession.  Laws for possessing  one ounce of marijuana are strict enough, and good luck growing something less than one ounce. Possession of greater than one ounce can result in a year in jail and a $2500 fine. They also have a tax stamp that charges $3.50/gram of marijuana.  If arrested with weed  and no proof of marijuana tax payment, the fine doubles, plus there is an additional criminal charge. More marijuana laws at


Industrial Hemp

Utah doesn’t have a problem with marijuana; it has a problem with THC. In fact, the state has just passed laws allowing the agricultural research of hemp and the use of Medical CBD. Like other states, Utah has defined hemp as any marijuana plant with less than .03% THC. It defines medical CBD as extracts made from cannabis with the same amount of THC and at least 15% CBD. They’ve approved medical CBD for intractable epilepsy, yet there is no legal way of purchasing it in Utah.  It’s kind of an empty gesture for patients needed safe medical treatment.


Growing marijuana

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State laws do not make it very easy, but it does not mean there isn’t a way to safely grow weed in Utah. You simply need to know how to do it. The Marijuana Grow Bible is full of great tips on how to grow marijuana in hard to grow places, such as Utah. Using techniques such as guerilla growing, and stealth indoor grows, you can grow weed- even in the toughest state in the West. It is about knowing what you are doing, having a plan and sticking to it. The Grow Bible has the instructions.

The amount of states with harsh marijuana laws is growing steadily smaller. In a region with a rapidly increasing pro-marijuana stance, it is unclear how long they will be able to remain anti-weed. In the meanwhile, marijuana smokers in Utah are encouraged to practice discretion, grow their marijuana instead of attempting to buy it, and continue to support legislation to legalize it. Utah may not be a state that follows the trends, but eventually the reality of marijuana will become clear even there.

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