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Growing Marijuana in Vermont

Growing Marijuana in Vermont

When it comes to marijuana, the little state of Vermont is not afraid to light it up or grow it. Vermont has a grower-friendly medical marijuana program and has legalized marijuana for non-medical patients with the passing of HB511. Growing cannabis is no longer a felony; medical users can grow up to nine plants at a time, while everyone else can grow up to six plants.

Medical marijuana

Medical marijuana

Vermont has a well-established medical marijuana program approved for treating any patient receiving hospice care as well as patients with cachexia or wasting syndrome, cancer, Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, seizures, severe or chronic pain, and severe nausea. Patients can have up two ounces of marijuana which they can purchase from a dispensary or grow themselves.  Patients can also have caregivers who are responsible for growing marijuana for their specific patient. Vermont caregivers are only allowed to have one patient at a time.

Growing in Vermont

Growing in Vermont

It is very easy to grow weed legally in Vermont, but make sure you pay attention to how much you are growing. Regardless of whether you are a medical patient or not, you are not allowed to have more than two mature plants at a time. Whereas many states have made it a felony to grow marijuana, growing cannabis in Vermont is entirely legal. The only difference between the medical program and the recreational program is the amount that you are allowed to grow. If 6 plants are not enough for you, consider becoming a part of the medical program to reduce any risk of jail time. More than 6 plants (or 3 mature plants) may still be a felony. Get your medical marijuana card at

When you are ready to begin growing cannabis in Vermont, you will want to know how to do it the best way.  My Marijuana Grow Bible has the all of the information on how to grow as a professional. In it, I talk about methods for germination, indoor growing, and outdoor growing. When you combine this free downloadable book with high-quality seeds, you are certain to grow the best quality marijuana you can find in Vermont.

Enjoying marijuana legally

Enjoying marijuana legally

Growing and consuming marijuana in Vermont may be incredibly easy, but there are a few things that are still illegal in this state. Selling any amount is a problem, for example. If it is a less than a ½ ounce, it’s only a misdemeanor, but you could face jail time. Hash and concentrates are also not allowed, although there is a fine if you are caught with it. The most interesting offense is Vermont’s regulation of paraphernalia. Sure, you are perfectly okay to smoke marijuana in this state, but if you do so out of a bong, be prepared to pay a $200 fine.

Despite the rules on concentrates and paraphernalia, Vermont still makes it very easy to grow marijuana. Whether you do it as a patient or just because you love growing marijuana, this is one of the best states to do so. Just be sure to have your seeds and Grow Bible, and you should be all set to grow.

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