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Growing Marijuana In Kansas

Growing Marijuana In Kansas

Growing marijuana in Kansas is not as scary as you’d think. Kansas is one of the few states that continues to prohibit all forms of marijuana so it would make sense that it probably wouldn’t be a good place to grow. Well, that isn’t exactly true.  Growing cannabis in Kansas is one of the least likely marijuana charges you’d face there. That is, unless, you were growing weed for the entire neighborhood.

This is because growing weed in Kansas is only a felony if you have 4 or more plants. For most people, a couple of plants is more than enough to have a good time. If your garden is kept small enough, then there is less of a chance that you’ll face some serious repercussions.

Kansas laws

Kansas laws

Before you start celebrating Kansas’s lenient laws, let me explain that growing weed in Kansas is not that simple either. While cops may overlook a couple plants, they can’t overlook marijuana completely. It’s probably not a good idea to roll up a joint of your fresh harvest and go walking through town.  For now, keep the celebration to yourself. Let’s wait it out until Kansas catches up with the rest of the country.

While you wait, you can kill some time by learning how to grow the strongest four plants possible. You could also learn about some creative things to do with your plant - like make oil. Because oil doesn’t look like marijuana (unlike in a blunt) or smell like it does from a bong.

You could probably have a great time with your less than four plants while Kansas considers joining the rest of America.  It’s okay, your neighbor probably is too.

Possession of marijuana

Possession of marijuana

The lawmakers in Kansas realized no one is perfect – or – they realized everyone smokes weed and decided to go easy on first-time offenders. I say this because this is exactly what they did. In Kansas, those caught with marijuana the first time will have it almost as easy as those growing weed in Kansas.  Possession of marijuana is only misdemeanor for first-timers. Those found guilty will likely be placed on probation. CBD products have also been fully legalized, as long as there is no THC. Paraphernalia is also a misdemeanor while hash and concentrates face the same charges as the flower form. More about marijuana laws at

Marijuana tax

Marijuana tax

They know people are growing weed in Kansas. I can say this because Kansas created the marijuana tax. Yes, non-marijuana smoking Kansas is convinced that they are missing out on the very prosperous weed economy. See, proof again that they realized everyone smokes weed. So, naturally, they want some of the profits, even though they still have not legalized the sale.

According to the government, you can pay the drug tax without getting in trouble for doing so. That is what any responsible consumer would do, right? Kansas charges $.40/gram of wet (live) plant and $.90/gram of the dry plant.

They say their drug tax does not mean they condone marijuana, but that it is an acknowledgment that people are smoking it. Since they took the time to tax wet plants, I’d say they are growing it too.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a lot less scared of growing weed in Kansas now.

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3 thoughts on “Growing Marijuana In Kansas

By David ,illner on 20 October 2016

Growing less than 5 plants in ks is still agents the law. The law reads 5 plants or more is a felony, less than 5 is a misdemeanor that can land you in jail for up to a year. Luckily kansas practices mandatory minimum sentences so probably a year supervised probation and a healthy fine. By all means it is fully illegal to grow in kansas ! Thanks "Dave from kansas"

By 420Chickens on 28 December 2016

Who told you it was legal to grow < 5 plants in Kansas? Lmao! In my dreams buddy... in my dreams...

By Roy ILGM on 29 December 2016

Thanks 420Chickens, a numerical error I just rectified 🙂

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