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Growing Marijuana In Kentucky

Growing Marijuana In Kentucky

Who doesn’t want to grow weed in Kentucky? The bluegrass state is the perfect location for growing the best marijuana from high-quality I Love Growing Marijuana seeds. There is only one problem though- growing less than five plants is a misdemeanor. So, if you are looking to enjoy a personal supply of high- quality THC, you will need to be private about how you grow it.

Keep it private

Kentucky has a history of keeping things private. During alcohol prohibition, Kentucky kept quality alcohol flowing despite the law.  It’s easy to do the same during marijuana prohibition. It simply takes a little bit of know-how, and self –restraint. By self- restraint, I mean resisting the urge to grow 20 plants just because you can. Grow a few plants, especially if you are new. That way, you will be less likely to get caught, and if caught, you will be in less trouble. Remember, if you grow weed in Kentucky, it is only a misdemeanor if it is less than five plants.

Grow in Kentucky

grow weed kentucky

I have been growing marijuana for many years, not because it is okay in the Netherlands, but because I love growing marijuana. It is a beautiful and powerful plant that is unique and rewarding. Because my government doesn’t always agree with my passion for growing, I’ve had to learn how to be creative. Over the years, many people have asked about my secret. Instead of answering each person, I have written those tips in an eBook, that I call The Marijuana Grow Bible. It’s a free download, and it’s really easy to read. If you want to learn how to grow weed in Kentucky like how I grow around Amsterdam, it is definitely where you should start.

Kentucky laws

cannabis law kentucky

I frequently tell home growers that they do not need to grow a lot of plants to have a good supply of marijuana. Kentucky is one of the states where you definitely do not want to do this. In addition to increasing your risk of getting caught, and increasing your charge from a misdemeanor to a felony, if you grow weed in Kentucky you are also required to pay a marijuana tax- but only if you have five plants.

Normally I don’t bother talking about taxes when it comes to growing marijuana, but Kentucky is a special situation. Their marijuana tax penalty is $2000/per plant if you are caught with 5 or more plants. If you pay the tax prior to getting caught you only need to pay $1000/per plant. This is in addition to court fees and a maximum fine of $10,000. It is a bit excessive, especially since there is no tax for four plants, the maximum fine is $500 and it is only a misdemeanor.

I love growing marijuana, but with fines like that even I would stick to growing 4 plants (at a time). Besides, if I kept it small and they caught me, I’d most likely get probation the first time, and I could keep my money.

Latest Updates

In December 2016, Kentucky introduced its Cannabis Compassion Act of 2017 to the Kentucky State Senate. The effort is endorsed by the Kentucky Nurse’s Association and supported by the governor.

The proposed law permits home growing of up to twelve plants. Marijuana would be approved for more than 25 conditions, including substance use disorder, ADD, and anxiety.

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By ridgerunner on 15 September 2016

thes hills in ky. grow the best pot around. going to try my hand at one or me some white widers comming

By Bryan Blair on 3 December 2017

Fuck you Kentucky. I'm going to stay the fuck away from your shitty police state.

By Randy Holbrook on 20 July 2018

Why can’t kentucky have Medical weed it’s proven to cure cancer and help Vets and 30 States have Medical weed not Kentucky Whythe money there looseing and our kids needs that mo ey and our homeless but yet it’s going in wrong hands and you no it or is is it to easy to turn your head while others states are liveing it up I’m moveing out of Kentucky it should have being first state to legal it still not and want I don’t understand land of the free but our Vets and people can’t do it legal but 30 other states can timeto move even Canda Legal it who don’t want billions Kentucky don’t if they lived on 8000 year it be legal years ago right Congress I live on less then 8000 year and disable who cares not Mitch or Congress or we have it

By Stu on 1 October 2018

Does kentucky have a state supplament to go with your disability

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