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Growing Marijuana In Maryland

Growing Marijuana In Maryland

Growing marijuana in Maryland may not be as dangerous as you think. The state surrounds Washington DC, a district that recently passed legislation to legalize marijuana.  Marijuana is not legal in this state, but the state has decriminalized possession and has passed legislation for a medical marijuana program. Growing weed in Maryland is technically not legal if kept small, but you won’t go to jail for it.

Medical marijuana

Maryland medical cannabis laws
In 2014, Maryland passed legislation to approve a medical marijuana program. The program is not yet active, but it is expected to cover patients with Cachexia, Anorexia, or Wasting Syndrome, Chronic Pain, Nausea, Seizures or severe or persistent muscle spasms. They are one of the last states to adopt a medical marijuana program.

Sharing a metropolitan area with Virginia and Washington DC, it is caught between a strongly anti-marijuana state and the newly legalized district. As a result, Maryland is planning to adopt a medical marijuana program that does not allow for caregivers or home growing. Instead, the state will license dispensaries where patients can purchase marijuana. Growing weed in Maryland for medical reasons is something the state was not willing to allow.

Maryland laws

cannabis law maryland

Maryland currently decriminalizes the possession of marijuana that is less than 10grams. Since there are no laws for growing weed in Maryland, possession of whole plants is the same as possession of dried smokeable herb or hash. Those caught for the first time are fined $100. For the second time, it is $250.

While it is true that Maryland has relaxed their marijuana laws, there is still one offense that will result in mandatory jail time. Possession of at least 5 kg of marijuana and a firearm will send you to jail for at least five years. Avoid this by growing small amounts at a time discretely. Maryland is decriminalized, but you shouldn’t push your luck. Currently, those with a medical need for marijuana are charged a $100 fine if caught.

Growing marijuana in Maryland

grow weed maryland

If you want to use marijuana in Maryland, the safest way is to grow your own. Since it is only a fine to grow small amounts of weed, but jail time for amounts greater than 10 grams, it is best to keep your grow small. Set up a discrete grow room and keep your weed for yourself. For help setting up a grow room, read our free Marijuana Grow Bible. It is full of information on how to select the best set up, start your seeds, and keep your plants healthy.

After you’ve read the Marijuana Grow Bible, purchase high-quality marijuana seeds from I Love Growing Marijuana. Not only are these seeds guaranteed to germinate, they will produce strong plants with the results you desire. If you are growing weed in Maryland, you don’t want to waste your time on worthless seeds!

They may not have legalized marijuana, but it is making steps toward freedom of weed for all. With their relaxed laws and the knowledge in the Marijuana Grow Bible, there’s no reason why you couldn’t grow marijuana today.

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2 thoughts on “Growing Marijuana In Maryland

By Scott on 2 April 2017

That's bullshit. If you get caught growing in the police state of Maryland they have a nice little charge called manufacturing.!

By Mezmoin on 14 July 2017

i thought it was under a 1/2 ounce and it was a fine period end of story. For the person talking bout growing and it is completely illegal i would love to see the recent law that states it, and would love a link to the mandate, law, by law etc etc

in addition maryland has already set up their website for registration for canabis for medical. i believe. In the near future they will be releasing dispeneries that are allowed to disperse the stuff. The current issue is that you cant technically bring the weed from out of state so it must all be grown in the state of MD.

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