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Growing Marijuana In New Jersey

Growing Marijuana In New Jersey

Growing Marijuana In New Jersey:

If you are looking to grow weed in New Jersey, you will need to be prepared. While New Jersey has a medical marijuana program, the law does not let patients grow their own weed. Instead, they must purchase expensive marijuana from state- licensed dispensaries that often lack variety. Patients who don’t grow their own weed are forced to smoke or eat a strain that may not best treat their condition. Plus, who doesn’t want to know what they are actually smoking or eating?

New Jersey laws

New Jersey laws

New Jersey is one of the few medical marijuana states that make growing any amount of marijuana a felony. If you grow weed in New Jersey, the stakes are high, and I am not just referring to Atlantic City. New Jersey has a mandatory minimum of three years in jail if you have one plant. The mandatory minimum makes it even more important that you understand how to grow discretely. New Jersey is harsher on growers than they are those that sell. These are the unfortunate facts about a state that has the nerve to call itself the garden state.

Other marijuana charges, such as possession, aren’t as bad as the growing charges- especially since New Jersey has a conditional release program. First-time offenders are often issued probation over jail time.

Medical marijuana

Medical marijuana

Although you can’t grow weed in New Jersey for medical purposes, you can still use it. New Jersey approved ALS, cancer, Crohn's disease, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, PTSD, seizure and/or spasticity disorders as well as any terminal illness as an allowable reason for using marijuana.

They aren’t allowing much marijuana, however. Patients are allowed to have up to two ounces per month. Two ounces? That hardly cures a headache. But better than nothing. Get your medical marijuana card at

While it seems like New Jersey is a reluctant participant in medical marijuana, at least it is not sticking its head in the sand about the benefits of this wonderful plant. However, until the garden state lets marijuana grow in its precious dirt, we have to continue to be smart about it. Download the Marijuana Grow Bible and learn how you can grow weed in New Jersey, and enjoy more than two ounces per month.

Don’t get caught

Just because you want to grow weed in New Jersey, doesn’t mean you are going to get caught. Throughout the world creative marijuana growers use a variety of techniques to grow in secret without having cops take their stash. It simply takes a little bit of knowledge to know how to do it.

I share all of my weed growing knowledge in my weed growing eBook. The Marijuana Grow Bible. It is a free download with all of the information needed to grow healthy weed that no one else knows about. Whether you need to grow in a closet or outside, I provide plenty of tips on keeping your grow stealth until you can collect the beautiful bounty.

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