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Growing Marijuana In New York

Growing Marijuana In New York

Although New York does not allow legal growing of marijuana, it also doesn’t have a strict anti-grow law. So while you can’t technically grow your own, you also won’t be facing life in prison over this misdemeanor. Also, since New York medical marijuana users are only approved for extracts and pills, you’ll probably only find quality marijuana seeds online.

Medical marijuana

Medical cannabis new york
New York is home to one of the largest cities in America with a medical marijuana program. Their program, like the state, is expansive and coveris a large variety of conditions. New York patients with cancer, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, Huntington’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropathies and Spinal cord damage can use marijuana to treat their disease, making legal marijuana a possibility in New York. Unfortunately, this program only approves marijuana in the extract and pill form. They have ignored the benefits of the whole plant.

Whereas the medical marijuana program does not allow patients to grow marijuana in New York, recreational usage has been decriminalized. This means marijuana users who have less than 25 grams are only charged $100 fine. This is simply for possession. While they have decriminalized marijuana, they still don’t want to see you doing it. Public use of marijuana is a 90-day jail sentence.

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New York laws

New york weed laws
New York considers cultivation a misdemeanor and also charge for either possession and or intent to distribute charges. If you are growing less than 25 grams, this means you could simply be charged a $1100 fine for possession and cultivation, rather than the jail time you could face in other states. There is a chance for up to a year in jail, but it is not a mandatory minimum. Therefore, it is fairly safe to grow marijuana in this state, as long as you keep your grow room private and small.

Many people like to grow more marijuana than they need. This is unnecessary and risky- especially in states like New York. Instead of growing a lot of weak plants, grow a very small amount of high potency plants.  If you can get in more trouble based on the amount of plants you have, why risk having more than you need?

Growing in New York

New york marijuana growing
Growing just a few plants can be tricky if you don’t know what you are doing. If you only grow two plants, you have to be certain at least one survives. With the plant protector and THC Booster, you can protect and support your plants so that they are able to yield strong marijuana. You can grow a reasonable amount of potent weed without appearing like a drug dealer. What drug dealer only has 1 or 2 plants?

Keeping your grow room stealth is also going to be important if you plan to grow marijuana in New York. The Marijuana Grow Bible has all of the information you need for doing just that.  Before you plant a single seed, download the book and read it from the front to end. It has tips for growing strong plants that aren’t discovered by neighbors or cops.

It isn’t legal to grow marijuana in New York, but it has been decriminalized. If you are a patient, or you just love smoking weed, you can still grow marijuana in here. The easiest way is to keep your garden small and your supply out of sight.

Latest Updates

December 2016New York Updates their Medical Marijuana Law

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