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Growing Marijuana In North Carolina

Growing Marijuana In North Carolina

If you are looking to grow marijuana in North Carolina, you will need to focus on quality not quantity.  Don’t grow a lot of plants, grow a few good ones. I say this because it is not legal to grow weed in North Carolina, but small possession of marijuana has been decriminalized.

Decriminalization, for those that are not familiar with it, means it is a misdemeanor rather than a crime to have marijuana in your possession.

North Carolina has decriminalized up to 1.5 ounces of marijuana. You will pay a high fine if you are caught in possession of it, but you most likely not go to jail.

Growing in North Carolina

Growing marijuana North Carolina
Growing weed and having marijuana is an entirely different thing. The good news is: North Carolina is also quite relaxed when it comes to growing weed. Unlike many non-medical states, (including its neighbors), North Carolina has reduced the penalty for growing small amounts of marijuana. Those who grow less than 10 pounds could spend months, not years, in jail.

That was pounds, not ounces.

For that reason, if you plan to grow weed in North Carolina for your own personal use, you should keep your weed garden very small. It may reduce the chance for any trouble, especially if you haven’t gotten in trouble for marijuana before.

Tough marijuana laws

Laws growing marijuana North Carolina

Like many non-medical states, North Carolina is concerned about drug dealers. For that reason, they have very high penalties for those they think are selling weed. If you have a room full of marijuana plants, it will be hard convincing anyone that you are not selling some of them. That will get you in trouble quicker than walking down the road with a joint.

Marijuana in North Carolina is gaining some acceptance, but it is not fully okay. Therefore, to grow weed in North Carolina you need to be discrete and intelligent about it. I have put together a full guide on stealth growing in case you need any help on how to do that.

Medical marijuana in North Carolina

North carolina medical marijuana
Marijuana has not legalized the use of medical marijuana but it has approved CBD extracts.  CBD extracts are currently approved for intractable epilepsy.   CBD extracts are made from plants with high amounts of CBD and low amounts (less than .3%) of THC. They have not licensed home cultivation for medical use.  You can purchase high CBD seeds in our seed store.

Marijuana tax

North carolina cannabis tax
North Carolina also has a marijuana tax that those caught with the plant will have to pay. Currently it is $.40/gram. Those in possession of marijuana, including those who grow weed in North Carolina, are expected to purchase stamps showing proof that they have paid this tax. Purchasing these stamps are not supposed to put the user at any risk of arrest, and they do prevent further charges for not having paid the tax. If cops find marijuana on you, and there is no proof the tax has been paid, there are additional charges.

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16 thoughts on “Growing Marijuana In North Carolina

By Flock on 3 May 2016

Thanks Very Helpful Information Giving, Ima NC Grower Myself And Look Forward To A Great Gro-Season!!!
#KeepOnGrowing #StaySmoking

By latewood.ILGM on 4 May 2016


We love to meet happy people. Perhaps you would appreciate all the great info at our grow support forum. Look me up when you sign up 😀

By terry haigler on 30 May 2016

purple power seedlings planted outdoors in march in western nc started to flower in late april and have not reverted back to veg.what to do with the buds that are still growing. any advice thanks from oldtimer

By n8ivpoint on 25 August 2017

Where does someone buy a Tax Stamp in North Carolina?

By latewood_ILGM on 7 September 2017


Believe me, you do not want to buy a Tax Stamp. Tax stamps come into play when you get arrested for large amounts of Cannabis. Part of the fine is; "You guessed it!", Tax Stamps. If Cannabis was legal in NC, you would pay the current rate of tax as determined by N.C.

By Joe on 30 August 2017

What varieties grow best in North Carolina?

By latewood_ILGM on 7 September 2017


Just about any strain would grow well in N.C. It is all a matter of timing and planning. We have many growers in our forum from you region. The Carolina's, Tennessee, etc. Join our support forum and make a post and see what your peers have to say.

By Rachel Sidney on 24 September 2017

Growing is my passion. I want to find employment is any area from growing to owning weed dispensary when legal. Does anyone have an opportunity or suggestion for me. Who knows the website that talks about legalization in North Carolina

By latewood_ILGM on 30 October 2017

Rachel Sidney,

Best place to find up to date info, other than your own government would be: or The marijuana policy project.

OPening a dispensary takes about a million bucks just to start. Permits, licensing, insurance, a vault for your federally illegal money, lawyers, etc...

We wish you luck in your endeavors. 🙂

By Mina fleming on 26 October 2017

What month is best to put them outside?

By latewood_ILGM on 30 October 2017

After the last frost. When you can plant Tomatoes, you can plant Cannabis. You need 4-5 months minimum for outdoor grows.

By Edan Dawn on 20 August 2018

I live in eastern NC and am a practicing herbalists. Why is it that I can legally grow extremely poisonous plants (belladonna, digitalis, wormwood,etc) and no one cares, but a small amount of marijuana is illegal. I would love to add this to my medicinal garden, but I am too worried. USA get your shit together

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