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Growing Marijuana In Oklahoma

Growing Marijuana In Oklahoma

In this article we will discuss:

Update: There have been some big changes in Oklahoma in the recent past. While recreational marijuana is still illegal here, medical marijuana was voted into legalization on June 26th, 2018. Better yet, with this new law, cultivation is also legal just as long as you have a medicinal license.

You may not regularly think about how to grow marijuana in Oklahoma, but I do. To save you a little time, I will let you know that it is not that different from growing marijuana in the rest of the world. You simply need to be smart about where you grow, tell no one, and grow only what you need. Oklahoma is not one of the states that realize the benefit of marijuana, so planting one of our seeds in your front yard is probably not a good idea. That shouldn’t keep you from planting a seed though.

Oklahoma laws

oklahoma law on marijuana

Oklahoma does not have a strong marijuana policy. I say this not because I am any authority of marijuana policy, (I grow marijuana, remember?) but because their laws do not even bother to classify personal possession or growing. I can simply imagine the lawmakers discussing marijuana laws one day. “What if someone has some weed in his or her pocket?” one of them says. Then the other says: “Umm, they go to jail.”  That is the summary of Oklahoma marijuana laws.

In Oklahoma there are no special laws from how much marijuana you have or laws about those who grow marijuana in this state. It is a simple unclassified offense that has up to a year in prison. If you get caught, and it is your first time, you’ll probably get probation.

Fines and taxes

Marijuana taxes fines oklahoma
Oklahoma does not recognize medical marijuana, and it does not have defined marijuana laws, but it does want to make some money off of the marijuana industry. Oklahoma has a marijuana tax stamp program that requires those with any form of marijuana to pay taxes on their stash.

In order to be compliant, Oklahoma residents are supposed to purchase stamps that prove they have paid for the marijuana they posses. The tax rate is $3.50/gram. If you do not purchase the stamps and are caught with your plants or any amount of weed, you then have to pay an additional $7/gram. Not a bad way to make money on something the state says little about.

Marijuana is enjoyed worldwide- even in Oklahoma, so it is silly for the state to pretend like it does not exist.   If you want to grow marijuana rather than trying to find someone to sell it to you, it can be done. You just need to read my Marijuana Grow Bible first.

Growing in Oklahoma 

growing weed in oklahoma

In order to grow marijuana in Oklahoma, you have to focus on maintaining a stealth growing plan. Simply put, this means do not get caught. Yes, it is that simple. Grow as few plants as you need and do so in a way that no one sees or smells it. I realize many people have not been growing as long as I have so I took some time to create a guide on how to do this. I included this in the Marijuana Grow Bible. It is a free download book that spells out how to grow under any situation- even ‘marijuana is bad’ Oklahoma.

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7 thoughts on “Growing Marijuana In Oklahoma

By Roger Roach on 24 February 2018

I've been a big fan of yours for several years. You gave me the confidence to grow my own threw your knowledge and expertise. I would like to grow legally in Oklahoma one of these days and feel your knowledge would invaluable to make that happen when OK wakes up and gets the message. Could you point me in a good direction to make this dream a reality once some form growing can done? Are Colorado growing guidelines a good place to start whether it is medicinal or regular marijuana? What would you do to prepare in Oklahoma? Thank You for time.

By latewood_ILGM on 27 February 2018

Roger Roach,

No one can give you that information because every state is different and most states even allowing MMJ growing does not have guidelines in place at the inception of the law. Just keep searching for Oklahoma marijuana reform or legalization. Sorry that I have no more info for you. Peace. 🙂

By Mac Nostaw on 28 June 2018

It's legalized, just not into effect yet!

By TheOldMan on 18 July 2018

I read the ENTIRE doc as it stands now. It's on the Oklahoma State Health Dept website. It looks to me that you are not going to legal until after Aug. 27, 2018. Hope I'm wrong.

By TheOldMan on 18 July 2018

Hay!!! This is 2018!!! That's only about a month!!! I am having a little hard time remembering it's not still 20whatever.

By Ashley Cruz on 1 August 2018

This is dated, THANKFULLY!! Please update it soon, and let us know the legal way of obtaining seeds! 😀

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