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Growing Marijuana In Pennsylvania

Growing Marijuana In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has a long history of being a bit more conservative than its neighbors.  Marijuana legislation is no different. Unlike its neighbors who have either decriminalized or instituted medical marijuana programs, Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh and Philadelphia included- has not budged. So how do you grow marijuana in Pennsylvania? You do it carefully.


Pennsylvania laws

pennsylvania law on marijuana

Pennsylvania has laws on possessing marijuana and on growing marijuana, but like many states without the decriminalization, it equates weed growing with weed selling. They simply are not the same, especially when you are only growing 1 or 2 plants. Even the occasional user won’t have much left over for selling after trying their plant.  Yet there is no consideration for the personal home grower, even though they exist. This is probably a good thing if you know how to use it to your advantage

Pennsylvania considers it a misdemeanor to possess 30gram of marijuana or less. For those that don’t realize, 30 grams is a little more than 1 ounce.  Pennsylvania also considers it a felony to grow 10-21 plants. So, what is the charge for 3 plants? I actually have no idea.

In other states without laws on cultivation, plants are the same as any other form of marijuana. Pennsylvania left this clarification out.  If it is the same as other states, you should limit yourself to one plant at a time if you plan to grow marijuana in Pennsylvania.

Growing in Pennsylvania

growing weed in pennsylvania

Even if you do stick to one plant at a time, you’ll still not want to get caught. If it is charged as possession, it could mean 30 days in jail and a $500 fine. Sure, Pennsylvania has a conditional release policy; you probably will get probation rather than time in jail, but why go through the trouble. Grow small and grow stealth. My Marijuana Grow Bible explains how to do it.

Keeping a private cannabis garden, whether you do it indoors or outdoors, is the best way to grow marijuana in Pennsylvania without getting caught.  My Grow Bible explains the best way to grow in both scenarios. It’s a free download, so if you haven’t already read it from the front to the back, you should do that or move to any of the nearby states that allow some sort of marijuana usage.

Brotherly love

Pennsylvania’s popular city, Philadelphia, is called the city of brotherly love, although their weed policy doesn’t seem very friendly.  It may not have caught up with the states around it, but compared to the southern half of the country, it’s not that bad.

The most important thing to keep in mind is only to grow what you need. Pennsylvania has mandatory jail time for weed growing, but it starts at 10 plants. They also have mandatory jail time for selling at least 2lbs of weed.  Don’t unnecessarily get mistaken for a drug dealer just because you want a little extra on hand. With mandatory jail time, no excuse in the world is going to work.

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4 thoughts on “Growing Marijuana In Pennsylvania

By michael milligan on 1 November 2017

pennsylvania now has a medical marijuana program, although it is limited. growing facilities are starting to be built. pittsburgh has relaxed it’s laws, you get fined 25 dollars for toking in public.

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