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Growing Marijuana Safely

Growing Marijuana Safely

Growing marijuana is a very fun hobby you can have fun with every single day. It’s always special to see such a small seed grow to become an adult plant with thick buds. It also often saves you a lot of money and you know you have high quality marijuana. Just make sure you grow safely and responsibly.

Everyone who starts growing should read through this course, because you don’t want to be a nuisance to anyone, and you definitely want to keep the authorities and thieves as far away as possible. You can mainly achieve this by being discrete and by keeping the safety regulations provided in this course in mind.

If you’re growing outdoors you should respect nature and not bother anyone. If you’re growing indoors, you have to connect your electric materials properly to prevent fire hazards. You also have to know the type of products you’re working with. For instance: did you know that pH down is basically phosphoric acid? If you get that stuff in your eyes, you could become blind.

I don’t want to discourage or scare you. I just want to teach you about the possible hazards of growing marijuana, so you can recognize and prevent them and enjoy your hobby.

Hazards when growing marijuana

The types of hazards can basically be divided into two categories: external and internal. External dangers come from outside, so for instance a neighbor who smells your marijuana and notifies the police. Or heavy snowfall that gives away your growing activity in the attic since yours is the only roof without any snow on it.

Internal hazards are things like fire hazard, water damage and your own safety. I once forgot to close the tap that fills my water tank. I couldn’t hear the water run because of a hose connecting the tap to the tank. I didn’t find out it was running until my downstairs neighbor called me. I told her my washing machine went on a ‘stroll’ while spinning, causing the hose to break off which was connected to a tap.

It’s useful to already have an excuse for many different situations. For instance: I couldn’t have said that my aquarium broke, because hundreds of gallons of water leaked. I now always place my water tank in the shower or bath tub.

So it’s about wanting to not get caught when growing marijuana. Especially in states in which growing marijuana is illegal. You also don’t want to be a nuisance to anyone and you obviously want to protect yourself. Here’s a list of things you should think about:

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External hazards when growing marijuana


dea grabs weed
You don’t have to worry about the cops if it’s legal to grow marijuana in your state. Unfortunately, it’s still not legal to grow medicinally or recreationally in most states. First of all, I suggest to only grow a couple of plants if it’s illegal in your state. As a recreational grower you’ll usually get away with a fine and possibly community service, whereas professional growers could end up in prison.

It’s therefore smart to stay under the radar of the police. The cops don’t actively search for small grow houses. They might be looking for major criminals who run those huge grow operations or fill up entire fields with marijuana. But they’re not after small home-growers. You should however not tell anyone you’re growing marijuana. I know it’s very tempting to talk about it because it’s so much fun, but this could end up badly for you. Who knows: you might get into a fight with your best friend. Also, relationships don’t last forever. The fewer people know about it, the smaller the chance you get ratted out.

Another way to not stand out is by not selling your marijuana. Selling it could get you in trouble, especially when the customer isn’t happy or is being pressured by the cops. The same thing applied; if you never made any money off it, the judge will have a very different sentence than if you benefited financially.

So, just keep the fact that you’re growing marijuana to yourself, and definitely don’t tell people where you’re growing. If you want to share some marijuana with your friends, you could say you got it from someone you know who grows marijuana.

If you don’t know the laws of growing in your state you can find our legalization articles by starting here.


nosy neighbours

Neighbors are always an important factor to take into account when growing marijuana. If you’re growing legally, you don’t want to cause any nuisance in the form of smell or noise. And in spite of it being legal, people often associate it with crime. So it’s better if you’re neighbors are unaware.

So don’t act suspicious when bringing growing materials into the house. Always transport your stuff in boxes or plastic bags, so people don’t know what you’re bringing inside. Also, don’t brag or throw money around, because it will only create envy. Keep a low profile and stay on good terms with your neighbors.

If you’re growing outdoors, try to do it in a spot the neighbors can’t see. Your plants will have a strong marijuana smell, so try to keep some distance between your plants and your neighbors’ backyard. It’s also possible to put your plants in a greenhouse and install a carbon filter. This solves the whole odor problem.



This group is the worst. Not making an effort to maintain the plants, but wanting to reap the benefits. I know there are people who go out looking for marijuana plants in the woods and fields. They usually harvest the plants way too early, leaving us empty-handed.

Since I walk my dog a lot, I regularly come across a colleague’s outdoor location. You often first smell a hint of marijuana. If you don’t recognize it, it doesn’t stand out and it might as well be flowers. My girlfriend never smells anything. But a trained nose easily recognizes this smell and can use it to his advantage.

You also have to be careful with smells and other conspicuous things when growing indoors. Another good reason to not talk about it. The chance people report a break-in at their grow house is very small, so there’s also only a small risk for the thieves.

Nature lovers

nature lovers

Marijuana growers are basically nature lovers. The big difference is that we also use nature to grow our products. Every forest or area has some fanatics that keep it clean and know the place like the back of their hand. The bad thing about this is that they see marijuana plants as a threat and will immediately remove them.

You should therefore always have to take hikers, hunters, cyclists and other people who like to be surrounded by nature into account. Try to pick an unattractive spot that’s hard to reach. Between brambles, bushy parts or other spots no people come.


snow on cannabis plant

Snow is a significant problem for indoor growers who grow on their attics. The snow on your roof will melt much sooner because of the heat in your grow room. If you don’t have any snow on your roof, while all of your neighbors’ roofs have snow on them, everyone will know what’s up.

Properly insulate your grow room or the roof to prevent this. You could also turn off some of the lights after it snowed, so it doesn’t get so warm. Make sure to check the condition of your roof at least a couple of times a day in comparison to your neighbors’ roofs.

Fogged windows

foggy window

In some cases you can’t directly let out your warm air, since blowing it into an adjacent room or hallway would be a better idea. There’s however a large chance the windows of this room will fog up. The moisture in the warm air condensates when it comes into contact with a cold surface, such as a window or a mirror. The same thing happens when you’re taking a warm shower in your bathroom.

The solution is to open a window to let the warm air escape. Make sure the heater in that room is turned off to let the air cool off quicker. You could also cover your windows with film if they don’t open or if they keep getting fogged. It’s best to use opaque matte film that’s commonly used in bathrooms. If you properly apply this to your windows, the condensation will form on the film, instead of on the window itself. And since you can’t see through the film, nothing can be seen from outside.


weed odor

Despite that there are good solutions to prevent odor nuisance, it’s still a common problem. When I walk on the streets of Amsterdam, I often notice the smell of marijuana that doesn’t come from a joint.

If you cause odor nuisance, you’re asking for trouble. It can be a very unpleasant smell for non-smokers, and possibly a reason for your neighbors to call the cops. It also attracts undesired people who might want to steal your harvest and people will instantly know what you’re doing.

A carbon filter connected to a fan in a sealed room will solve this problem instantly. Since the room is sealed and you’re blowing air outwards, underpressure is created so the air can only escape through the filter and not through holes and cracks. The filter eliminates the weed smell and blows it outwards. Super easy and super effective. Check out this page to see what filter you need for your room and how to install one.

If you’re growing outdoors, it’s good to know that the wind can cause people to smell marijuana from up to 50 yards away. Make sure you keep this in mind when picking your outdoor location.

More on preventing odor here or properly installing a grow room here.

Suspicious activities

suspicious activity

Always act as normal as possible when entering your grow room. I don’t find a person entering a building suspicious at all. But I would if he keeps looking all around him before going in.

The most convenient option is to grow inside your house or in the house of a friend. It’s not weird if you often take stuff out of the house and bring stuff in, since you live there. It’s a different story if you rented a space. If you only go there three times a week for an hour to water your plants, you might catch the attention of people. It’s best to have a good cover and create some business activities. For instance storage for second hand goods.

If you’re growing outdoors, make sure to always act as normal as possible when you’re approaching your plants. So don’t look around all suspiciously. And if someone catches you and your plants, tell him you just discovered them yourself.

It basically comes down to thinking logically when you start growing. Don’t talk about it with people, don’t sell marijuana to strangers or on the street and don’t cause any nuisance.

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Internal hazards when growing marijuana

Fire hazard

fire danger when growing

This has always been my worst nightmare. A fire can be extremely devastating and can cause harm to so many people. If you’re growing illegally in a house and it burns down, the insurer usually doesn’t pay you and often also not the neighbors or other people affected. And the very last thing you want is people being killed by your doing.

Fortunately I’ve never experienced a fire, and neither have my colleagues. You sometimes read about it in the news, and these fires are almost always caused by a short circuit. These are amateurs who set up their own electricity and mess about in the meter cupboard. This is asking for trouble.

If you only have one or two lights, you can simply plug these into the wall. Make sure you hook them up to a ballast and a time switch. You however don’t need to have a special electrical board made to connect to the cupboard.

Never use terminal blocks and cut all cables to size. You rarely have to make your own plugs and such anymore, because everything is plug and play nowadays. Purchase equipment from a good brand and properly hook everything up. Water and electricity don’t like each other, so don’t place any equipment next to your water tank or tap.

If you stick to these rules, nothing can happen. And if you end up with a short circuit for some reason, your fuses will blow and you’ll end up without electricity. The most important rule of this whole electricity topic is to not mess with the cupboard.

I always have a fire extinguisher in my grow room, in addition to a fire extinguishing bomb that goes off when the temperature exceeds 175 degrees Fahrenheit. So if something happens when you’re not there, this bomb will put out the fire. It will give you a very safe feeling, so  just do it.

Water trouble

water film

Water trouble is a problem that can have annoying consequences. If it’s too damp for a long time, wood can start to rot, mold may develop and concrete becomes porous. And a single flooding of the water tank can be awful.

First of all, it’s important to make your floors – and preferably also the walls – of your grow room waterproof. Otherwise you’ll definitely experience mold and rotting wood. If a lot of water leaks, it will slowly run along the ceiling and walls of the floor below. Use pond liner for the floor and make sure it’s about 6 inches up against the walls. Use panda film and lower it over the pond liner, so you won’t end up with any cracks.

Second, it’s important to not cause any floodings. As I said before, I once forgot to turn off the tap that filled my water tank. I didn’t notice anything until my downstairs neighbor called. From that moment on, I always put the water tank in the shower. It flooded a couple of times since then, but that was no problem. It happens to everyone, so make sure you’re safe and put your water tank in the shower.

Noise disturbance

prevent noise

A little grow room can produce quite a bit of noise, mainly because of the extractors. The engine inside it is always on, so it constantly vibrates. Your downstairs neighbors will definitely hear it if you place it on the floor. It’s best to hang it from rubber rings that absorb the vibrations. If you want to put it on the floor, it’s best to place some insulation underneath it.

Blowing the warm air out of your room also produces some noise. It sounds like an industrial air conditioner blowing warm air out. You can reduce this noise by using an insulated hose. You could also put a silencer on it. If you have a small extractor and you don’t hear anything from outside your house, you have nothing to worry about. The larger extractors are the ones that produce the most noise.

pH down acid

water ph down

pH up and pH down are used to change the pH levels of your water. pH down is usually nitric acid or phosphoric acid. These acids can be very harmful if they get into your eyes. If you swallow it, you should immediately call a doctor and rinse with water, or else your whole mouth will burn off.

A drop of pH down instantly bleaches your clothing. I’ve ruined a lot of nice jeans and sweaters by spilling pH down on them, so always work in old clothes.

Furthermore, most fertilizers are quite aggressive when coming into contact with your eyes, mouth, or sores. Always read the instructions on the package and know what you should do in case of problems.

In most cases it’s just a matter of using common sense. Consult someone if you have any doubts. If you don’t know how many lights you can run on a circuit, ask someone on the forum! Every grower has his own problems, because every situation is different. Share your experience and tips on the forum and help prevent other growers from making mistakes!


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