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Growing Marijuana In Virginia

Growing Marijuana In Virginia

Virginia has laws for a lot of things. It is a felony to sell any amount of marijuana. It is a felony to possess hash. The only thing qualifying patients can legally possess is medical CBD (oil), as of March 2018. They even spend money arresting people with less than an ounce of marijuana. They even have mandatory minimums. Why would the state invest so much money in preventing its residents from having a harmless plant? Well, maybe because it has a lot of experience with growing marijuana.

Virginia’s marijuana history

Virginia has a long history of growing marijuana. In fact, the early American colony, Jamestown, made it a law that its citizens grow hemp. As time passed, more Virginia cities and towns use the law to encourage the cultivation of cannabis. By the formation of America, slave populations were being used to grow massive plantations of cannabis throughout Virginia. The crops were being turned into textiles for the American agricultural economy.

In the late 1800’s medicinal marijuana began to appear, and Virginia was one of the major growers. As America continued to demand cannabis products, they were well prepared to provide it. That is, until, it was suddenly not okay to have.

Virginia marijuana laws

cannabis law in virginia

Whereas, historically, there were laws for growing marijuana, there are currently no laws against growing marijuana in Virginia. There is likely the assumption that cultivation is not allowed- especially since they have criminalized possession of ½ an ounce, but specific cultivation laws have been left out.

This small fact is strange, since the northern neighbor, Washington DC has voted to legalize marijuana, and the southern neighbor, North Carolina, has decriminalized it. Until Virginia comes close to anything its neighbors are doing, it is best to keep the smallest most discreet grow room possible.

In March 2018, a new law signed by Governor Ralph Northam approved a medical CBD program in Virginia that would apply to anyone with an approved condition. Previously, this only applied to intractable epilepsy. The law has been in effect since the date of signing. Patients who qualify can possess limited amounts of CBD oil (“cannabidiol oil”) or THC-A oil for medicinal reasons.

Growing in Virginia

growing cannabis in virginia

History has proven Virginia is perfect for growing weed. Its land is so ideal that lawmakers made it illegal not to use it for cannabis. For someone looking to grow weed in this state, it would make sense to take advantage of this fact.

Guerilla growing is the process of hiding an outdoor grow amongst other plants to avoid detection. Because of the excellent growing conditions in this state, Virginia is the perfect place to do this. Not only does this method prevent detection, it also removes the chance of identifying the marijuana grow as being your own.

There is more information about guerilla growing in my free downloadable guide: The Marijuana Grow Bible. It covers growing stealth outdoor and indoor gardens that avoid detection while still developing into strong, potent plants. If you are going to grow weed in Virginia, it is exactly the type of information you need.

You’ll also want to know about the paraphernalia laws in Virginia. Residents of this state may not sell marijuana paraphernalia, nor possess any paraphernalia with the intent to sell – including those used for growing marijuana. The result could be a year in jail and a $2,500 fine. Virginia is fairly strict about paraphernalia. Even distributing printed materials that advertise selling drug paraphernalia could have the same result as actually selling it.

Virginia is a great example of changing marijuana laws. One day you are required to grow weed, the next day they try and pretend like it doesn’t exist. We can only hope that it will one day make up its mind, or at least, pay attention to what’s going on around it.

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