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Growing Marijuana In Wisconsin

Growing Marijuana In Wisconsin

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Wisconsin may not be known for its large amounts of marijuana, and it may not have a medical marijuana program, but that does not mean you cannot grow weed in Wisconsin.  You simply need to be careful about how you do it. Wisconsin is one of the few states who have specific laws about growing marijuana. The interesting part about this, though, is that the laws start at 4 plants. What if you only grow one or two plants?

Keep it small

The mistake most people make when they try to grow weed in Wisconsin is that they grow too much. I know- there is never too much marijuana- but when you are trying to stay out of trouble, there definitely can be.  Especially since four plants can mean 6 years in jail whereas two could be a 6 month misdemeanor, why wouldn’t you just grow two? You can always grow more at a later time.

Wisconsin may have a lot of laws against marijuana, but they also have a bit of a soft spot. The state has a conditional release policy. This means those caught for the first time will likely face probation rather than jail time. That’s a lot better than any time in jail, but if you want to grow without worrying about getting caught at all, download and read my free Marijuana Grow Bible. That way, you can save your get out of jail free card for another time.

Growing in Wisconsin

grow weed wisconsin

Instead of growing a massive garden in Wisconsin grow one or two plants and do it discretely. Yes, marijuana is natural and beautiful, but you do not have to let everyone know you are growing it. Grow a couple of plants for yourself and keep it to yourself- that is the best way to grow weed in Wisconsin.

Keeping a marijuana grow private can be a struggle for some people. Many times they are excited about their new plant and want to brag. Other times they just don’t know what to do. I can help with the second situation. My Marijuana Grow Bible has all of the information that you will need to grow a discrete marijuana garden. There are tips for growing indoors as well as outdoors. I’ve taken all of my experience growing marijuana and put it in this free downloadable book. You must read it if you want to grow weed in Wisconsin without getting caught.

Medical marijuana

wisconsin medical marijuana

It’s not legal to smoke weed in Wisconsin for medical reasons. Instead, they have approved a medical CBD program.  Medical CBD is a bit like medical marijuana because it is made of cannabis plants, but it is very different because it contains little to no THC. There aren’t many cannabis plants that make little to no THC, so finding medical CBD can be a challenge. Most of the time it is an expensive hybrid plant limited to corporate marijuana companies. If you are able to find it, it is approved in Wisconsin for seizure disorders only.

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