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Hawaii Welcomes Its Very First Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Hawaii Welcomes Its Very First Medical Marijuana Dispensary

August 10, 2017 Hawaii

It took seventeen long years for the people of Hawaii to get their hands on marijuana through a legal pathway. The drug is now available in dispensaries in Hawaii. The Department of Health also approved the Maui Grown Therapies to sell medical marijuana as of last Tuesday.

The Director of Patient Affairs and Community Relations—Teri Freitas Gorman—said that the day marks a historic event in this state. It is not just a historic state for this state, but also for Maui! She said,

“This is the first time in Hawaii that patients will be able to buy lab-tested, quality-assured medical cannabis from a state-licensed dispensary. We’re so excited.”

Patients are being pre-registered at the Maui dispensary. As of now, they are only being allowed to receive medical marijuana via appointment. However, walk-in sales are expected to begin within a week.


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Virginia Pressler—Director, State Department of Health—spoke on the matter. She said that this is a massive achievement and a big day for qualified patients as well as the caregivers on Maui. She also assured them that the medical cannabis they are being offered has been tested thoroughly and is safe to use. According to Virginia, executing a new health program is always difficult. It brings along a lot of challenges. She considers this dispensary program no exception.

What makes this day more memorable for Hawaii is that it was among the very first US states that had legalized medical cannabis. This was back in 2000. The dispensaries, on the other hand, were legalized in 2015. Until then, the 18,000 patients who needed medical marijuana for their illnesses, had to either grow it themselves, or turn towards other sources to acquire the drug. Fortunately, all that is behind us now, and people in Hawaii, much like other marijuana-legal states, will be able to acquire the drug in a simple, legal manner.

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One thought on “Hawaii Welcomes Its Very First Medical Marijuana Dispensary

By Jack Faessler on 5 January 2018

This is borderline "fake news", implying that medical marijuana is now available state-wide. On Hawaii Island, we STILL await the state bureaucracy to open dispensaries here.

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