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Home Delivery of Adult-Use Cannabis Might Get Banned In Nevada

Home Delivery of Adult-Use Cannabis Might Get Banned In Nevada

August 11, 2017 Nevada

Recreational cannabis has already been available in Nevada since July 1st. Since it is the very beginning, home delivery of adult-use cannabis is also being allowed. It is due to what’s being labeled as the “early start” regulations though and consumers of this type of cannabis should not get used to home delivery because this is a temporary measure which may revert any time.

The delivery of adult-use cannabis might get banned by January 1st, 2018. The current draft of regulations does not oppose delivery of this type of cannabis. It also allows drivers to carry 10 ounces of marijuana. This has not been taken well by the regulators of the state, who are concerned that allowing delivery may lead to fraudulent activities, not to mention robberies and other crimes which may be elevated as well.


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Their argument for the statement is that nonmedical customers are not registered. As of the moment, only twenty from a total of 60 retail cannabis stores are offering home delivery. Stephanie Klapstein—Spokesperson for the Department of Taxation—said in an interview that the officials are trying their best to craft a structure that will be fair to businesses while protecting public health.

Those in favor of the home delivery of adult-use cannabis argue that regulating or legalizing cannabis is what plays a major role in confining illegal markets. 28 illegal operations of home delivery have already been encountered by the Las Vegas Metro Police. Among thsoe arrested, there were many individuals who had alleged ties to gangs.

Different regulators have a different take on the home-delivery matter. In California, a set of regulations is all ready to take off. It is expected to play a major role in the distribution of the drug. On the other hand, Washington prohibits the delivery of recreational cannabis. There have even been cases where the police stopped delivery operations, which of course, were illegal.


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The Department of Taxation is responsible for crafting cannabis regulations in Nevada. It will be releasing a new, updated draft of regulations for adult-use cannabis in the state. The draft is expected to come out by August end. Advocates of home-delivery of recreational cannabis have their eyes set on the upcoming draft with high hopes.

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One thought on “Home Delivery of Adult-Use Cannabis Might Get Banned In Nevada

By Terry on 20 August 2017

Hiya I live just outside Edinburgh Scotland. You don't know how lucky you are. I and millions like me would love home delivery. We would love to have open minded politicians that would pass a law to help with a weed at the end off the day. Instead I'm on shit loads off Tramadol and Gabapentin and baclofen. Then something to try and make me sleep. Whitch is a nightmare. So I smoke weed to help but there are no choices to pick from lots off shut on the streets and it costs a appsaloute fortune. So please think on. U would lI've to live in your lovely land and have a choice. It's a WEED AND SHOULD BE CHEAP LOL

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