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Hydrofarm Black and White Poly Film

Hydrofarm Black and White Poly Film

Hydrofarm Black and White Poly Film:

You do not have to be a professional agriculturalist to know how important light is for the overall growth of plants. Like water, light plays a major role in the different processes and growing stages that a plant has to go through before maturation. Hence, regardless if they are grown in their natural environment or inside a grow tent, they will still require the same amount of light to thrive.

In the case of cannabis cultivation, the amount of light that the plant receives during its growing stages significantly affects its overall health and the quality and quantity of yield. With sufficient light, the plants are expected to grow healthier, quicker and produce greater yields.

However, it is now very common among cannabis growers to cultivate their plants indoors where it is more discrete, and their health is easier to monitor.The only catch is that it can be a little challenging and not to mention expensive to set up an indoor garden. While there are grow lights available in the market to suffice the plants’ need for light, these types equipment can be really pricey.

Fortunately, the innovations in horticulture have introduced reflective sheets to modern growers especially those who are engaged in indoor gardening. These sheets can maximize the light inside a grow room without necessarily increasingthe electric consumption of growers or costing them too much on buying multiple lights at the same time.

Consequently, reflective sheets even out the distribution of light inside a grow room, providing equal opportunities for all the plants to thrive. Some growers who are using grow tents that naturally come with reflective walls also use reflective sheets to patch up the damaged interiors of the tent.

Reflective sheets can vary in their design and flexibility of usage. Hence, it is best for growers to weigh their options carefully based on their needs. On that note, here is one type of reflective film from Hydrofarm that can potentially aid growers in improving the overall environment of their grow rooms. Let us learn more about this product below.


hydrofarmHydrofarm is a leading wholesaler of horticultural products for more than three decades. The company boasts of a total of seven distribution centers nationwide, and an extended customer service line that is available between 9 am and 6 pm PST to cater to customer queries.

The company also claims to offer only the best products that are made from the highest quality of components. The company has several product lines ranging from lighting kits and accessories, climate control, hydroponics, and many others.

Key Features of Hydrofarm Black and White Poly Film

hydrofarmAs previously mentioned, reflective films can vary in their design and functionality. Nonetheless, the most important thing to consider is how efficientthe product is when it comes to its primary purpose of reflecting light.

This black and white poly film from Hydrofarm certainly looks very promising. But, the question is whether the product can indeed do what it is supposed to do. On that note, here are some of the product’s key features that prospective consumers should know.


Hydrofarm’s Black & White Poly Film features two interchangeable sides with individual functions. However, only one side of the film can reflect light. This particular side offers an impressive 90% reflectivity.


The overall thickness of this poly film is 5.5-mil and measures 10 x 100 feet. As mentioned, it has two interchangeable sides with separate functions. The black side is light resistant while the white side is meant to provide reflectivity.

Hence, the latter side is particularly beneficial for indoor growers who need its reflective properties to maximize the light inside a grow room.

The Hydrofarm Black and White Poly Film

hydrofarmFirst of all, Hydrofarm has an impressive reputation when it comes to providing horticultural products. So, it goes without saying that this product comes with greater expectations from consumers.

That being said, the product appears to have made the majority of its consumers happy with its quality. Some growers have shared their experiences with the film which includes setting up a grow tent entirely made of this product and using it as a wall to separate growing areas.

The film is also easy to clean. One consumer suggested using spray a bottle with hot water and a damp rag to clean the dirty areas. However, since the film is made from plastic, it is unable to withstand burning hot objects. So, it is best toinstall the film away from hot lights if used inside a grow room as the lights can easily melt it.
Furthermore, although it is not mentioned in the product’s Amazon listing, it is waterproof and mold/mildew resistant which certainly makes this product even better.

Nonetheless, there are a few complaints about this film that are worth mentioning. Although the film has a 5.5-mil thickness, it may not be entirely as durable as most consumers expected. It can rip or puncture if not handled properly. Also, some customers have noticed pinholes in the product when it was delivered.

There are also a few consumers who complained about getting the wrong size of the film. The manufacturer clearly provided in the product description that the film is 10 x 100 feet. However, some consumers claimed to have received a film that is less than 10 feet wide.

Pass or Buy the Hydrofarm Black and White Poly Film?

hydrofarmFirst of all, this Black & White Poly Film from Hydrofarm is quite expensive. Witha price tag that is a little over $76, it is but natural for consumers to expect a lot from this product.

Considering its dual functionality and effectiveness in providing reflectivity and blockage, a lot of consumers would agree that the price is just right. However, it is important to note that not every grower needs both of the functionalities that this film offers.

On that note, it is a bit impractical to purchase a product that one cannot fully enjoy or benefit from. So, for those who need both functionalities, this product is certainly a good choice. However, if one only needs the reflectivity feature, there are actually other products in the market that offers the said feature at a lower price.

Furthermore, prospective consumers should just keep in mind the issues about the film’s resistance to burning hot objects, especially when installed in a grow room or used as an actual grow tent. Buy Hydrofarm Black and White Poly Film Here!

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