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Hydrofarm Jump Start Germination Station with 2” Dome (CK64050)

Hydrofarm Jump Start Germination Station with 2” Dome (CK64050)

Hydrofarm Jump Start Germination Station with 2” Dome (CK64050):

It is far easier to buy the buds than to grow from seeds or cuttings, that much is true for cannabis. But in some territories, it is legal to grow a few plants for own personal consumption. As such, it makes more sense to do so as it is more cost effective. At the same time, it is a lot of fun to see the seeds sprout and grow into healthy mature plants.

Choosing a particular marijuana strain to grow can be challenging though. Already, there are thousands of hybrids and even after deciding on one, getting the seeds is not easy. But the thought of harvesting tens of ounces of high-quality buds is more than enough motivation.

After finding and ordering from a reputable dispensary or seed bank, there is still more work to do. One of them is to prepare a kit for germination. So, on this article, we are looking at a product from one of the oldest hydroponics equipment supplier in the US.

Hydrofarm has been in business for four decades. As such, we expect the company to know what it is doing. In other words, there is a certain degree of expectation knowing they have an extensive experience. One of their products that we can use is the Jump Start Germination Station (SKU: CK64050).

In particular, we want to know its inclusions and the thoughts of people who have used it.

Hydrofarm Jump Start Germination Station

Hydrofarm Jump Start Germination Station with 2” Dome (CK64050)Hydrofarm’s CK64050 propagation kit comes with the following:

  • 1 - Waterproof heat mat 9” x 19.5”
  • 1 - Humidity dome 2” with three vents
  • 1 - Base tray 11” x 22”
  • 1 - 72-cell insert


As soon as we noticed the 2” dome, the first thing that came to mind is that there are people who will complain. Such is the nature of customers where there will always be some who do not read the description. A 2” humidity dome is okay for germinating seeds, but it is useless for cloning because of the tight space.

Other than that, the propagation kit from Hydrofarm is almost the same as most others.

Waterproof Heat Mat

Hydrofarm Jump Start Germination Station with 2” Dome (CK64050)Hydrofarm’s UL-listed heat mat has only one purpose, and that is to raise the ambient temperature by 10°F to 20°F.

To be more specific, placing the tray on the mat allows for the warmer temperature of the root zone. As a result, seeds sprout faster. With the right nutrients, it also results in a quicker growth and healthier seedlings. As such, they are more tolerant of the stress caused by relocation when they are ready.

In places where it is cold, the use of heating mat is particularly useful. It follows then that in tropical areas, its use may not be as efficient. At the same time, be aware of the temperature of the heat mat as in some cases, its surface may reach 100°F.

Humidity Dome and Base Tray

Hydrofarm Jump Start Germination Station with 2” Dome (CK64050)The germination station ships with flimsy a humidity dome, a base tray and a 72-cell insert. As such, several customers are not happy about its construction. Furthermore, there are some who received damaged parts.

One thing about plastics is that even if they were thin, its durability is also determined by its purity, as well as the choice of raw materials. But as quality increases, so do the pricing. In that sense, at the price point of the product, this is the best the company can do.

It is very important to take this into consideration as in doing so; we can manage our expectations.

As for receiving damaged items, this can be problematic. The best we can do is to inspect everything as soon as the package arrives. If there are issues, contact the vendor immediately.

Online Vendors and Customer Service

Hydrofarm Jump Start Germination Station with 2” Dome (CK64050)Hydrofarm only sells to retailers. So, the best way to buy the CK64050 Germination Station is to look at their website and find stores nearby. Other than that, the next best choice is to buy online from Amazon.

One thing that many people fail to do when shopping on Amazon is taking the time to read the reviews, not only for the products but also the vendors. Because some are better than the others, it follows that we would like to transact only with those whom we deemed as reliable.

At the time that this article is being prepared, there are over 60 vendors in Amazon. Our advice is to take the time to choose the reliable ones by reading the customer reviews.

Our Verdict

Hydrofarm Jump Start Germination Station with 2” Dome (CK64050)If we are growing from seeds, then a 2” dome seems fine. Of course, that is also dependent on the strain we are planting. Some cannabis plants may grow faster than others.

Although in most cases, it should be fine, it is nice to know that there are other options for 7” domes. Hydrofarm has one, and so does a few other brands.

We have taken a closer look at several brands but when it comes to the base trays and domes, all brands ship with the same flimsy thin plastic material. So, in our opinion, it now comes to a matter of choosing the aesthetic look and its final pricing. For instance, this model is selling for as low as $23.11. But do not be surprised to pay over more as some of the more reliable sellers are selling it for $26 to over $30.

Is the Hydrofarm Jump Start Germination Station worth buying?

We like to have the option of planting clones. For that reason, the one that comes with a 7” humidity dome may be a better option. But if one is growing from seeds only, then this kit makes more sense.

We want the marijuana plants we cultivate to result in an abundant yield. Also, we want the buds to come with high potency. All that begins with germinating the seeds in an optimal environment. So, go ahead, and pick a suitable germination kit. Buy Hydrofarm Jump Start Germination Station with 2” Dome (CK64050) Here!

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