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The Life Cycle Of Marijuana Plants

The Life Cycle Of Marijuana Plants

In this article, we’ll be talking about the life cycle of marijuana plants and the various stages of growth that cannabis goes through on its (relatively) short journey to adulthood and maturity.

There will be several major milestones your plant experiences. Knowing what these big changes are before you get there will help give you a better idea of what you can expect as you take care of your cannabis crop. It will also help you keep an eye on health issues as they arise.

With this knowledge, you’ll be better able to fix problems because you would know what the plant is supposed to be doing in a best case scenario. That being said, sometimes you might run into a problem you just can’t fix.

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For one reason or another, a plant just won’t grow, and nothing you do can change that. But let’s get started with the life cycle of the cannabis plant. It never hurts to know what to expect.

Every life stage that your plant will go through comes with its own challenges and difficulties. By informing yourself about the differences in needs and behaviors of your plant in the various stages you will be more prepared to deal with anything that comes along.

Cannabis seeds

Cannabis uses sexual reproduction to create seeds and spread them. Each single seed is produced by two parents. The cannabis seed contains genes from both the female and the male plants. The exception to this is when seeds are produced by a hermaphrodite plant, but that is a complex process at-home growers don’t need to worry about.

life cycle marijuana seeds

Marijuana seeds

Beneath the waxy coat of a seed hides a tiny dehydrated plant, just waiting to be exposed to moisture and warmth. Once gets water and heat, it sprouts. Otherwise, it grows too old and dies. This is why you can’t keep seeds forever (although some seeds keep better and longer than others).

Alongside the tiny plant, seeds also contain a store of calories to start the plant out on its journey. This is known as the endosperm.

Tip: make sure to download my free Grow Bible  for more information about cannabis life cycle

Cannabis seeds will lie dormant until they are exposed to water and light. The seeds themselves are fairly hardy, and should be able to survive well in a dark, cool place, given stable temperatures. A fridge or cellar is perfect. The most likely way to cause damage to seeds is low temperature: a temperature below freezing can kill cannabis seeds.

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Germinating seeds

When you’re ready to grow your plant, expose the seeds to light and moisture. The exposure to light and water will activate a series of hormones within the seed and kickstart the growth process.

A single root grows down and splits open the outer shell of your seed, then reaches downward into the soil in search of water and nutrients. At the same time (or just after), a green stalk will shoot upward and two initial cotyledon leaves will appear.

Life cycle: Germinating

There are different kinds of seeds. Cannabis plants are called cotyledons. This means they have two distinct leaves on their sprout, and they belong to the dicotyledonous group of plants. Read the article How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds for more info.

life cycle germinating weed seeds

Germinating seeds

As a sprout, the cannabis plant has two meristems— one at the crown which is known as the “shoot meristem” and one at the root, known as the “root meristem”. The former will become stem and foliage while the latter will become the taproot.

Cell division occurs in the meristem cells of the plant. This is the foundation of plant growth. These multiplying cells occur throughout the plant but are heavily concentrated in the crown and the roots, where the majority of the plant growth occurs.

Germinating plant growth

Plant growth after germinating

Typically, as meristem cells mature, they will solidify into a single type of cell: that is, they will become buds, roots, leaves or stems, but will exclusively produce those cells. Once a meristem cell has begun producing roots, for example, it will no longer have the ability to reproduce leaves or stems.

Despite this, it’s important to remember that meristem cells are essentially identical. It is only their location and the precise stimuli they are exposed to that make them react differently. This is an important distinction to keep in mind when cutting clones since the cells at the base of the cutting will become roots, and those at the top will grow into the rest of the plant.

Sometimes growers apply auxins like naphthaleneacetic acid to the plant. Auxins are rooting hormones which will help encourage root growth when a new cutting is just beginning to grow.

Information about storing marijuana seeds is also relevant and important for growers. Cannabis seeds contain the endosperm, and the tiny plant (comprised of the root, stem, and two leaves). Metabolically, the plant slows down and enters a static state, essentially putting itself into suspended animation. This allows the seeds to remain viable for long periods of time, but not indefinitely.

Tip: make sure to download my free Grow Bible  for more information about germinating

All seeds are different, but, in general, cannabis seeds lose efficacy after a year or so. That being said, some could sprout even after a period of several years.

Moisture sprouts seeds

Moisture levels should be kept as low as possible in storage. Moisture can allow fungus to grow or cause premature sprouting of the seeds, both of which are devastating if a grower has any intention of growing viable plants out of the seeds in question.

When you do want to initiate sprouting, you’ll need moisture, but even then take care not to let the seeds absorb too much water or molds and rot may become issues.

When you do sprout your marijuana seeds, the moisture enters through the micropyles in the seed. Micropyles are tiny porous openings in the seed. If they are misshapen or clogged with foreign material, it may be difficult to germinate the plants.

One solution to this issue is to soak the plants in a water bath. Alternatively, you can scratch the surface of the seed (this process is called scarification). You can nick the seed lightly with a sharp edge or use an abrasive surface.

Only resort to these measures if absolutely necessary to help induce germination. Seeds that require a great deal of extra effort to sprout could pass on their traits to future generations, and it would be a shame to create extra work for yourself.

As the little plant hidden away inside the seed absorbs moisture, it will begin to swell and grow. Eventually, it will burst out of the shell, and leave behind the state of suspended animation. At this point, it will require regular heat, water, and air. It will no longer survive in a dry environment.

Seedling stage

As the seedling continues to grow, it will continue to break apart the seed coat that was protecting it. The root systems at the base of the plant will begin to develop, and leaves will begin to spread out and grow at the top of the plant.

Seedling stage

Seedling stage

Soon new leaves will grow and the plant will enter it’s first true growth cycle. From there, the plant will continue to grow bigger and bigger until the buds are triggered to flower.

After about 3-7 days of initial growth, a healthy plant should have grown into a seedling. This stage of growth is defined by a plant that has begun to develop a stable root system, as well as initial growth of “true leaves”, that is, leaves which exhibit the same form and characteristics as mature cannabis leaves. This does not refer to the cotyledon leaves that pop up right after germination.

Life cycle: Seedling stage

Your plant can remain a seedling for a broad range of time, anywhere from 3-6 weeks. The duration will depend primarily on environmental factors and the particular strain that you are cultivating.

You’ll always want to pay close attention to your plants, but be especially careful to do this in the early stages of growth. Pay attention to the speed at which the foliage develops.

As the plant begins to develop foliage and a stable root system, it will transition into the vegetative stage of growth. This is especially important if you are planning on transplanting. If you want to move your seedling to a new container or environment, now is the time to do it.

The perfect heat during this stage is 77 degrees. Also, humidity is important, just like the time of germination. Nutrients can burn the cannabis seedlings so therefore few are necessary.

White light (18 hours per day) is needed from the instant you see the cotyledons, as well as some fertilizer with nitrogen (like Flower Power), a temperature between  68- 77 degrees and humidity of approximately 60%.

CFL lights are perfect for seedlings because they don't produce a lot of heat. You can place the seedlings at 2 inches from the lights so they get enough light. Check these lights at this link.

Vegetative stage

This is when your cannabis plant really comes into its own, producing the sort of big jagged leaves you’ve been waiting for. The plant produces so much more foliage because it’s now capable of absorbing and processing a much higher amount of carbon dioxide and other nutrients.

life cycle vegetative stage cannabis

Vegetative stage

During the vegetative stage of growth, the roots will continue to expand and the plant will grow taller. This is the point at which people say you can “watch your plant grow”. A healthy cannabis plant can grow up to 2 inches in a single day!

The duration of the vegetative phase is controlled primarily by light exposure. If you are growing outdoors, this means it will depend on what part of the world you are in. For indoor growers, it means you can keep the plant in a vegetative state for as long as you please.

Life cycle: Vegetative stage

Just remember that you want to be careful about light exposure at this point. We’ll have more on the relationship between light exposure and flowering in other articles. Duration: 1 to 2 months.

In this phase, the cannabis plant essentially grows leaves and stalks. It quickly produces a solid structure so it can carry the heavy racemes. The cannabis grows taller and larger and new layers of leaves are added. At this time, you should be able to notice the difference between the cannabis varieties as the side branches reach their maximum.

Read the article Vegetative Stage For Indoor Marijuana Plants  for more info

The temperature should be between  68- 77 degrees, with dampness from 50% to 70%, perpetual white light of at least eighteen hours a day and additional fertilizer with nitrogen.

Flowering stage

The end stage for the cannabis plant is the one that’s most important for growers and cultivators (and eventual beneficiaries of the harvest). The flowering state occurs after reduced light exposure, and when a plant becomes sexually mature and ready to spread its genes around. Male cannabis plants usually mature earlier than the female plants, sometimes up to a couple weeks earlier.

flowering stage

Flowering stage

When the plant reaches the flowering stage, it will begin to produce large quantities of sticky resin on the outsides of the leaves. The resin is centered on the reproductive parts of the plant, also known colloquially as the buds.

These concentrations of resin contain the highest percentages of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that you will find on the plant, THC being the active ingredient most sought after by smokers and medicinal users.

The specific potency of your plant (the percentage of active ingredient in the resin) will be determined by the amount of time a plant has spent flowering. It also depends on whether or not the plant has been pollinated and fertilized.


Eventually, you’ll want to harvest the wealth of buds and deal with all of the processing that follows. That’s almost certainly why you’re growing your cannabis. For the time being, just understand that the length of the flowering stage can vary depending on what cannabis strain you’re working with and how much control you have over your growing environment.

The flowering duration for most strains of cannabis falls somewhere between 6-10 weeks, although given the right strain and the right conditions, this could go on for even longer.

Flowering stage - Day 24-28

For practical purposes, you can split up the flowering stage into a couple different sections. First is the phase that occurs right after your plant finishes the vegetative stage.

After changing the light cycle, the cannabis development rate increases dramatically and the internodes become shorter so they can form the construction that will carry the cannabis flowers. An internode is the distance on a stem between one node that defines a level of leaves to another node.

During this time, the temperature should remain between 68- 77 degrees, with dampness from 50% to 70%, a light cycle of 12 hours of orange-red lighting per day and fertilizer with nitrogen. The structure of the Cannabis budsshould be almost ready after the pre-flowering phase that probably lasted around two weeks. The development will keep increasing, but less rapidly and the earliest flowers/buds will appear.

Temperature flowering stage

Temperature flowering stage

Next you’ll begin to see the buds development. In this phase, the cannabis is in bloom and will stop growing. The plant invests everything in the growth of its buds and gets a thicker structure. The buds are heavy, covered in resin and you can smell them. Some pistils turn brown and some big leaves at the bottom turn yellow.

At this time, the temperature should remain between 68- 77 degrees, with a humidity around 50%. There should be a light cycle of 12 hours of orange-red lighting per day and a lot of fertilizer with K (potassium) and P (phosphor) in normal amounts, but no more nitrogen!

Life cycle: Flowering stage

About 10 days before the plant become mature you should stop to fertilize the cannabis. You can identify maturity when the buds get an even thicker structure, are more resinous and more odoriferous.

Read the article Flowering Stage For Indoor Marijuana Plants  for more info

The pistils turn brown, the large leaves turn yellow in large numbers, the buds expand and gain weight and the development of calyces slows down. Depending on the type of cannabis and on your taste, you can start to harvest now.


Harvesting is not really part of the life cycle, but it is a crucial point in the life cycle of your marijuana plants. The time of harvesting determines the taste, smell, effects and weight of your marijuana.

The best way to decide when to harvest is by looking at the pistils. The pistils are the little white hairs on the buds that slowly turn brown/red when your weed ripens. Here is what to look for:


Life cycle harvesting marijuana

0-49% of the pistils are brown – Not ready yet


Life cycle harvesting weed

50-70% of the pistils are brown – Ready for harvest, but it’s still a bit young. Light taste and mellow high. Maximum weight not yet achieved


Life cycle harvesting cannabis

70-90% of the pistils are brown – Ready for harvest. Taste and effect are at their peak. You’ve reached maximum weight


Life cycle harvesting grass

90-100% of the pistils brown – Almost too late for harvest. Taste is heavy and the effect is narcotic. Harvest right away and don’t wait any longer


I wrote a mini harvesting guide with everything you need to know about harvesting. Learn how to harvest based on flowering time, pistils or trichomes and get the mini guide at this link. It is a must read guide for every marijuana grower!

Indoor life cycle

The indoor life cycle takes around 3 months from seed to harvest. If you start with clones, it will take between 2 and 2.5 months. The life cycle time length also depends on the flowering time of the strain you grow. Some strains take 7-8 weeks to flower while others take 9-10 weeks. There are even strains that take up to 15 weeks to finish flowering.

Indica dominant strains have a shorter flowering time than Sativa dominant strains

The flowering time begins as soon as you change the light cycle from 18 hours of daily light to 12 hours of daily light. This is an easy way to know when your buds are ready for harvest. The environmental factors in your grow room also affect the flowering time, but not by more than 5 days. Flowering time is not the most precise way to determine harvest time, but it's a good guideline.

The vegetation time depends on the size you want your plants to grow before forcing them to flower. The more plants you place per square foot, the shorter the vegetation time. Here are some pictures of plants with their age.

It's best to force your plants to flower when the leaf tips are touching each other. Keep in mind, the first 2 or 3 weeks of the flowering stage, your plants will continue growing. Make sure your plants don't outgrow your grow room.

Outdoor life cycle

The life cycle of outdoor pants is a lot longer than the life cycle of indoor plants. This is because when growing outdoors, you cannot control the light cycle, so you have to let mother nature do her job. Depending on your local climate and the strain you grow, it will take 6 to 9 months from seed to harvest.

Outdoor plants also react to the amount of light they receive. In August, when the days grow shorter, your plants ‘knows’ winter is coming, so it starts to flower. During the beginning of the flowering stage, the female plants get pollinated by the males so they can produce seeds to reproduce.


Life cycle outdoor marijuana

Females get pollinated when mixed with males

From the day your plants begin receiving less light, it will take 2 to 3 months before they are ready for harvest. Most strains will be ready in October or November. Indica strains have a shorter flowering period than sativa strains

Don’t choose a long flowering strain if you live in a climate where winter starts early

The outdoor season starts when the last frost is over. Seedlings don’t like frost. To get a head start, you can germinate your marijuana seeds indoors. This way you can start with strong plants and place them outdoors when the frost is over.

Germinate your plants 2 months before it usually stops freezing. Once you believe the freezing temperatures have ended, set your plants outside, but don’t transplant them immediately. Keep them in a container for a month. That way, when the weather is too cold or too windy, you can easily place your plants indoors for a day.


life cycle 30 days old

30 days old - Could go outside

There is one exception to both the indoor and outdoor life cycle: autoflowering strains. These strains take 10 weeks from seed to harvest and are not sensitive to the light cycle. Read all there is to know about these strains in my article “What are autoflowering marijuana strains

Flowering for too long

While you want your plants to flower for a good amount of time, it is definitely possible to let cannabis go for too long. In this over-mature phase, the cannabis plant will stop to have medicinal value because it deteriorates.

Flowering too long

Flowering too long - Harvest on time

The cannabis stops producing calyces, the stem swells, the calyces stretch themselves and the leaves become yellow and fall off.

Each phase in the growing process of the cannabis plant has its own specific environmental factors such as humidity percentage, fertilization, light cycle and temperature. All these factor indications should be followed in order if you want to get a good harvest and to guarantee a good medicinal use.

Don’t worry, we will go into much greater detail on the various steps you want to take to improve and control the growth and health of your plants.

Thanks for reading. Please leave comments or questions below and don't forget to download my free grow bible


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You’ll always want to pay close attention to your plants, but be especially careful to do this in the early stages of growth. Pay attention to the speed at which the foliage develops. As the plant begins to develop foliage and a stable root system, it will transition into the vegetative stage of growth. This is especially important if you are planning on transplanting. If you want to move your seedling to a new container or environment, now is the time to do it.

The perfect heat during this stage is 77 degrees. Also, humidity is important, just like the time of germination. Nutrients

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t is possible to replant in early flower; However, you must be really delicate not to disturb too much of the root zone, at this stage. I have done this successfully in the past.

It is virtually impossible to guess what yield you can expect. It really depends on your grow methods, experience, and the environment you grow in. 🙂

I invite you both to join our support forum, where you will find all kinds of info to research, along with expert advice and friendly members. 🙂

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By ak47luver on 3 November 2015

Is it possible to harvest a super skunk female at day 42 of 12 and 12 it is showing what I a newby thinks is signs of being finished please enlighten me it has cloudy tricomes about half and half clear and cloudy no amber but the hairs have changed Color from white to orange and the calaxes are swelled up but some are reopening and have white hairs sticking out the calaxes looks kinda like swirles should I chop are wait till all the calaxes are opened up and those hairs change color also also alot of the leaves are changing to yellow even sugar leaves l think it's a deficiency but since I have 5 plants in a 5 gallon container in DWC can't adjust for the 2 that looks like they are having a deficiency the other 3 look good but are still all white hairs no calexes much but there buds are big going to give those the full 56 days maybe more

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It is possible to harvest anytime you want. If you have no amber trichomes, then the plant is not ready. Potency will suffer.

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We have a plant that has been in bud stage for 12 weeks. Leaves are turning purplish on upper and lower buds are like pods that are not filling out. Very pretty buds. Lots of crystals. Any thoughts?

By latewood.ILGM on 27 November 2015


A plant that has been flowering for 12 weeks is probably ready to finish. At what stage is your trichome development? If you have 20%+ amber trichomes, I would think it time to flush and harvest in a few days.

Before I would say there is something wrong, I would advise you to check your trichome development.

By Joan on 8 January 2016

Thank you for answering Nov. question. Appreciated! New plant in flower for 6 wks. Textbook. Now sweet leaves are wavy and twisty but very pretty. No brown spots. I looked at Boron but it's definitely not that. Would appreciate any input. Thank you, Joan

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Anxiously awaiting my seeds. Previously, I was given seeds from a friend which germinated. I was so excited. But then the stem grew and grew and grew and thinned out at the bottom; the tiny plant fell over and died. This happened time and again and I just gave up. Could this have been because they were old seeds?
I hope I have better luck with better seeds!!

By Gongalee on 8 April 2016

Hey Diane" what's growing on. I have had success in rescuing a stretched out seedling that I did not want to go to waste. I simply scored one side of the excess stem, apply a little rooting powder to the scored area. Cover up with more soil or media then use something to prop it upright. It may affect, growth, yield but will continue to grow with care.

I hope this helps in some way

By jason on 4 November 2017

Hi Diane. What kind of light are you using? Sounds to me like your plants are stretching due to insufficient lighting.

By Victor on 24 July 2018

Thanks for all your information,I'll be ordering some seeds from you before next growing season!!!

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You can stop that by taking the seedling and replanting it deeper in the soil , or you can just build soil around the stem so that it dose not thin out , I have used this technique time and time again

By DankFrank on 28 January 2016

how many days of 12-12 lighting "flowering stage" does a raspberry diesel plant need to complete its budding.

By latewood.ILGM on 3 February 2016


There is not set amount of days for any strain. All finishing times are approximate and can be varied due to grow methods, and lighting. You induce flowering by setting lights to 12/12 photo period. After that you wait until the plant appears to getting ready to finish. At this point you must monitor the "trichome development" in order to determine when to flush before harvest.

By Mike on 2 February 2016

Thanks Robert!

By latewood.ILGM on 3 February 2016


You would be well advised to join our support forum. Faster help, and many great members that can help you out.

By latewood.ILGM on 3 February 2016


If the seeds germinated, then there was nothing wrong with the seeds.

If your sprout is growing tall and stemmy, and then falls over; It is because, you light is too far away, and/or you did not provide a light fan to move the stem, allowing it to strengthen.

By phadre on 24 February 2016

i am not a new grower but have a powdery mildew problem for the first grow is in the house and i have to many animals in said house to use sulphur. my questions are, when using the vinegar solution or the baking soda solution, how often do i apply it? do i stop if i dont see any new spots?i assumed i should do it during lights off, is that correct?also part of my plant are three weeks from harvest part are only three weeks in,how close to harvest is it ok to use these methods without tainting the finished product.thank you so much for your book and blog. i saw those spots and had a little panic attack! ok big panic attack! thanks for helping me save my the near future i am going to invest in a clean light. can i get your grow book in actual book form? i prefer a book i can make notes in. thanks again.

By latewood.ILGM on 24 February 2016


It is advisable to treat your plants approx. once a week.

Application should be done at 1st light and plants need to be completely covered, especially the underside of the leaves.

Make sure to add some dormant horticultural soap, or insecticidal soap as a form of wetting agent. Milk can also be added.

By Mal on 28 February 2016

Thanks Rob for the tips, and of course THE Book.
Don't know if you can comment on this one, but here goes.

My third grow, Master Kush feminized (sorry from Nirvana in Holland) but this time indoors, under 250Watt Full Spectrum LED, plus 2 x 50w CFL's for luck! , just the one plant for pers use, just fimmed a week ago, and immediately 4 x new tops.
Feeding regime is BIOBIZZ kit, CO2 also, and really all is going fine BUT:-

This plant is a damned midget, leaves good color, but now at 5 weeks its only 18-20 cm high.

Foliage is dense and packed but nodes up the stem (which is now half an inch thick !) are so close together, like 2 mm's apart.

Fimming any more below is just about impossible due to this strange compact form its taken.

Ever seen this before ?

Thanks Mal

By latewood.ILGM on 19 March 2016


How did you start these seeds?

What type medium and system are you using? This would give us a little more to go on. 🙂

Sounds like you have a nice compact grow going, despite this issue

By latewood.ILGM on 2 March 2016

Mal ,

You gave us no info on how you are attempting to grow your seeds.

I advise you to join our grow support forum ar where we have many knowledgeable members and experts to help you out.

By D.J. Rollingwater on 19 March 2016

Seems there is one hell of a lot of dis- information in some if not all of the pot grow books you all have read ..... study " the tomato plant " it requires all a pot plant requires so mimic what is written of them and forget what the books on pot told you ..........

By Amy420 on 2 April 2017

I took this advice and got a perfect yield thank you

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Is it OK to flush with tap water that is low PH ? The plants were grown with good PH water but I hate to waste it on a flush.

By Robert on 7 April 2016

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Dear. What happen when a plant is not flourishing even one month of induced to 12/12 and the other plants have no problem at all and they were raised together and all from good banks?
Thanks for the good articles!!

By latewood.ILGM on 8 April 2016


This is hard to answer when you have provided us with no more that I have a plant that is not thriving...

I suggest you join our grow forum and share your methods in order for us to give you a more informed decision 🙂

By Shae on 11 April 2016

Great tips guys. I am attempting to download book ,but I am not receiving any emails.? Could I get some help please 🙁

By Gongalee on 3 May 2016

Hey Robert!!
Thanks a bunch for the literature kind sir.
And also for the Choco beans, which are so far growing nicely.
Certainly more than I could say for TrueNorth, a waste of time and money, very dishonorable.

By the way does anyone know what happened to Seedshare forums?

By latewood.ILGM on 4 May 2016


We are so happy that you are succeeding with our genetics. We are not interested in disparaging other seedbanks. We can only guarantee our quality seeds. I also have no idea in regards to SS forums.

Happy growing 🙂

By Tennessee Steinmetz on 18 May 2016

I have had some seeds from old school plants and have had them (new ones every year) for about 15 years. These are old school hardy plants. I plant 4 every year and one always produces viable seeds. A friend said it must be contamination from elsewhere; if this were so then all plants would produce some seeds. In my case only one plant produces all the seeds.

By pappy on 15 May 2017

could be u have hamorphidite seeds have indicated for seven years mommy no seeds ever but not quite ready to share with world yet soon
gonna rock your socks pure indicated from hymilayas

By latewood.ILGM on 24 May 2016

thanks T. S. for4 sharing. I did not see a question so, I am just going to welcome you. Perhaps you shopuld jhoin our support forum. Happy growing

By Rob on 9 June 2016

Good stuff.. First year doing an outdoor grow and loving it. Much easier. 2 months in and my girls are all over 5 feet tall using. Mushroom compost and chicken manure.. Can't wait tell the end. Will visit this page again if I need help. Grow happy my friends..

By latewood.ILGM on 17 June 2016


Great to hear how well your grow is going.

I advise you to join our grow support forum if you need help for faster and a wider range of answers from many knowledgeable growers, and staff experts. Happy growing 🙂

By Larry on 11 June 2016

OK I have a question I'm a first time grower and my girl is in a planting pot she is big and I can see some roots through the drange holes should I put her in a bigger pot and also I'm wondering about the leaves on it it's got a lot of them is there any way I could cut some of them off because new leaves are growing where these leaves come out from the stem and I'm not sure what too do I really need some expert advice cause I don't want to loose her I have worked very hard to get it where I got it so if you have any thing that will help please let me know

By Rony on 17 June 2016

Hi all... I read the entire above article but as u mentioned two cotyledon leaves.. But the one which I am growing shows three..... Could anyone help me with this

By latewood.ILGM on 17 June 2016


I suggest you download and read our free grow bible. It has a section on pruning. You need to know what you are doing, so you asked the right question.

Some growers prune new undergrowth at the bottom of the plant but, leave the fan leaves alone. They are the heart and lungs of the plant.

Join our free support forum. We have naby helpful growers and some expert growers there, always willing to help out. 🙂

Happy growing

By Cynthia on 23 July 2016

Question: Can I turn my outdoor plant into a indoor plant? I have a rep but the people next door don't like it I rather bring it in doors? Please HELP.

By Michael on 25 July 2016

Thanks for this information it's very helpful. I'm doing two outdoor plants on my deck in 5 gallon buckets. At what point should I put them into bigger grow pots?

By latewood.ILGM on 27 July 2016

It is hard for me to advise you as to when to transplant. In 5 gallon buckets they can get quite big. Maybe 2-3 feet high. Best bet would be for you to join our free support forum and start a topic for members to help you out. We will be glad to help.

By latewood.ILGM on 25 July 2016


Is it in the ground or a pot? If it is in a pot then you can move it indoors but expect it to look rough for a few days. It is hard to create the Sun indoors. You will need a strong HID lamp and possibly an exhaust system to refresh cool air.

I do not understand you statement "I have a rep< but..." If you are in a legal state, your neighbors should mind their business. Free country and all. However; If you have issues. Please join our support forum and we can help you get thropugh this move to indoors if you struggle with it.

Happy growing. lw

By DeDe Wilkinson on 30 July 2016

I am growing 4 clones legally in Oregon. I have them outside in pots. Can I let nature determine the light cycle? 2 clones I had since April and 2 since June, all are doing well. It seems as if it will be September before flowering and maybe October for harvesting. Does this sound right to you? thanks, your books have been very helpful!

By Budman on 3 August 2016

I'm a new grower & want to now if I can have an outdoor plant but only get the buds when they're ready & was wondering if I can leave the plant where its at in the ground & come back for the next harvest next year? Please advise.

By latewood.ILGMl on 5 August 2016

DeDe Wilkinson,

Yes You can let the Sun control the grow cycle. Your plants should be ready to show flowers.

There is no exact time a plant is ready. You are supposed to judge the maturity of the Trichomes. Something to read up on! 🙂

Overall; It sounds like you will be able to finish and harvest, as long as it does not get too cold before you are ready to finish.

By latewood.ILGM on 5 August 2016


I suggest you download and read our free grow bible, and then join our support forum. You must pay attention to and nurture your plants constantly, or you will get back exactly what you put into the grow; And that coul;d end up being nothing. Sorry. Read up. Join us in the forum. If you need me; Place "latewood" in the title. Peace, lw

By David R. Thompson on 13 August 2016

Thanks for all the info you have given. You are teaching me a great deal and you are appreciated for the time you have given . I am a novice, but with all you have given me I will experience a growth in knowledge and hopefully success. Again, thanks from a learner in Indiana, United States if America. Would love to come to the Netherlands. Let me know of the most economical way if you would.

By Roy ILGM on 15 August 2016

Thanks David! We have Dutch websites to calculate airfares from Dutch standpoint, you probably have similar websites for US outbound flights. Once you're here it's just the stay and excursions that will cost ya, the country isn't big enough to be traveling 🙂

By E.C. on 23 August 2016

Growing out doors would like some information thanks

By Roy ILGM on 24 August 2016

Hey EC, we have some great guides and also a support forum where our grow mentors and fellow growers are there to help you out. Happy growing!

By Nwgrower on 9 September 2016

I threw a couple of seeds that I found in some buds out in my garden. I had a tomato plant in the same garden. I didn't even think about the seeds growing. I was more interested in my tomato plant. Mind you, it's a very small garden. Maybe four by eight patch of dirt. My tomato plant thrived. I went out one morning to water and pull weeds. One weed caught my eye. Then I remembered the seeds. I didn't think it would even grow. This was back in May. It's September now and I have a eight foot marijuana plant. Some of the bigger leaves have nine fingers. I haven't trimmed at all. Just been watering and watching it grow. It doesn't have bugs or any diseases. Lots of honey bees. When can I expect it to start Budding?

By bud H. on 4 November 2016

started growing in the late 60s, they didn't have all the information now days, and not being legal. I like u info easy to follow & no sales pitch. just grow weed my retirement has just bloomed keep up the good work. no more smuggling !!

By Roy ILGM on 7 November 2016

Thanks! Happy growing bud!

By HarryOG on 18 December 2016

Yeahh!!! So much info and so accurate!! Alohaaa

By Paul on 11 January 2017

I'm have some issues with the stock turning purple and the leaves are yellowing and dying

By Roy ILGM on 11 January 2017

Hi Paul, best hop onto the support forum and explain your situation in detail. Our experts there will help you out.

By James on 15 January 2017

magnesium give it Epsom salt, tablespoon per gallon

By FlemingCountyFLOWERPOWER on 7 March 2017

Hey yooo i got a quick question i lucked out and got a couple seeds in a bag of med i purchased and decided to throw em in a bucket, the grows going great with nothing more then some coffee grinds fruit peels and epsom salt for nutruients mixed with some basic potting soil some septic line dirt from the yard and peet moss, but i was wondering when would be the best time to top my plants, usually i dont top but id like to max my yeild

By Ted Davis on 31 March 2017

Was wondering if anyone has used cow manure tea and diluted black strap molasses as fertilizer during the vegetative stage of growth...I am also in Thailand and my plants are growing tall, not short and bushy as I want them to. Could this be due to the type of plant...? Thank you in advance...

By Ted Davis on 31 March 2017

I forgot to mention that my plants are outdoors....Please see my March 31st, 2017 post...Thanks

By latewood_ILGM on 3 April 2017


Cow Manure has to be cured or aged. As of Black strap molasses; This too would have to be cured and allowed to develop into a compost, just like any manure.

I suggest you join our support site @ ilovegrowingmarijuana,com. We are better suited to help you out with and possibly provide you solutions to your grow issues.

By Glen Fleming on 22 June 2017

I have a plant I. A bucket. It's 4times bigger than all the rest. Starting to bud and it's just June. What do I do?

By Roy ILGM on 7 August 2017

Glen Fleming,
Be happy. It is every growers dream to have a plant grow strong and flower quickly. Enjoy. This is an outdoor topic, so outdoors it does not matter when plants flower as long as they flower. I assume you just have a strong Indica pheno or are using auto flower genetics.
Best to join our forum and let us see what you are talking about. Peace

By Frank on 28 July 2017

Growing in a greenhouse with auto light dep want to use bubblegum kush I'm at 3200 ft in calif Need to get maximum yield is this a good choice or can you recommend a different strain

By Roy ILGM on 7 August 2017

That strain should yield fairly fast. I suggest you look into our seed bank and read descriptions of strains. I know I personally do not want someone else to pick the genetics I grow. 🙂

By Anthony on 15 October 2017

I've got plants out side that just started to flower and its starting to freeze at night , should I just start the harvest process or let it go for a couple weeks ?..? When I uncovered them this morning there was frost on the leaves ....

By latewood_ILGM on 17 October 2017


I suppose you should get them indoors or harvest them. 🙂 I hope they are ready.

By phill on 24 October 2017

my female plant is 70 days with big leaves when will it start budinng

By latewood_ILGM on 30 October 2017


Budding starts when the photo period produces at least 12 hours of uninterupted darkness.

Perhaps this would help you; Join our support forum.

Happy growing

By Brian on 8 November 2017

Awesome Bible thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Gloria on 10 November 2017

Hi -I’m 79 and want to try marijuana to see if I can improve memory, cognition, etc. Can you advise what plant would be best for juicing for this purpose?

By latewood_ILGM on 17 November 2017


I am not usre what you mean by juicing. There are many ways to extract cannabinoids.

Perhaps if you join our forum; Our members can help you out with many ideas . 🙂

By drunkendog on 12 December 2017

I am very grateful for all the knowledge that ILGM has shared hopefully I"ll be able to make it all work .

By Tim OConnor on 15 January 2018

Yeah, kinda struggling these days.
timmy oh-see

By Justanothergrower on 16 January 2018

Too many cooks...

By Peck on 19 January 2018

Thank you Robert & everyone at ILGM for your helpful advice & awesome seeds! I’m growing - Am haze, b/berry, N lights, WW & Gold leaf atm & they are all looking healthy & delicious. Thanks!

By Richard Brehaut on 21 January 2018

Thanks for what you do. I would like to see more about scrog method. How high off the floor of tent using five gallon pots. My two WW and one green crack are only 2 1/2 feet, bushy and lots of buds. It looks like 1 foot above pot is where my 4x4 screen should start. Thoughts?

By latewood_ILGM on 22 January 2018

Richard Brehaut,

We are not really set up here in the blog for this type of support. Please join our forum, and witness all the different grow journals whereas our members are using the SCROG method.


By semíš on 1 March 2018

Hello I have a question to brush the time of flowering of the roslin from switch 12/12 or from the discovery of the first flowers

By latewood_ILGM on 7 March 2018


If you rush flowering to much or too early; Your plants will be immature and your quality and yield will suffer. Not sure if this answers your statement/question.

Happy growing

By craiger on 5 March 2018

when do you suggest to stop topping plant or not topping at all

By latewood_ILGM on 7 March 2018


Whether to top or not is a personal choice of each grower. Top if you have head room issues, Do not top if you want to learn how a plant reacts throughout the life cycle. Make a plan for your grow including your grow space/s, rooms, tents... This will lead you to a decision.

Personally; I like to grow from seed without topping plant that I may modify during flowering due to height restrictions in my space.

Happy growing

By Regan Donahue on 14 March 2018

I like ready the information you send. I grow outdoors on my deck this will be my 4th season. My biggest problem is at the end when little caterpillers hatch a borrow out a bud what kind i use for those little critters so I don't hurt my plants. I am 71 years old and enjoy growing for my family

By latewood_ILGM on 15 March 2018

Regan Donahue,

For catepillars most growers start off with food safe insceticidal soap. Try that first.

Also; You may want to join our forum where we are set up better to help you through your grows. See us at: 🙂

By Jim on 19 March 2018

My plants are in the early stage of flowering. The tips of the leaves are turning brown.
What am I doing wrong?

By latewood_ILGM on 18 April 2018


Sounds like a nutrient toxicty; However, it could be caused by PH being incorrect.

The only way to truly help you is if you join our support forum; Fill out a support ticket, and share some images of your issue. We can help you there.

By J. R. on 28 March 2018

I'm worried about ordering seeds to be sent to Missouri (USA) as it's illegal here. What can you tell me?

By latewood_ILGM on 18 April 2018

J. R. ,

I suggest you join the forum and chat with members in order to gain confidence to order.

Thanks 🙂

By Steve on 6 July 2018

Hello. I’m a first time grower. I have chosen Grandaddy Purple strain for my grow. This Indica strain supposed to have good medicinal value. I’m 58 yrs old and smoked when I was young but never really grew any Cannabis That being said I live in the US. TEXAS. Temperature here is still 99-102• degrees. In July 5th. I’m about to receive my seeds in mail. I want to try an grow a couple plants in my backyard So I don’t want to big a crop an draw attention. It will stay Hot like this till end of August which is the hottest month. So in December the temps usually are around 75-85 degrees. Even January are moderate. So can I start with seed germination in my house by August and take and transplant outdoors by the beginning of around September -December that’s 4- months in which I could grow this strain. I know ultimately the temp should be cooler but hey, this is Texas!!!! (Hot). What are your thoughts. Thanks

By latewood_ILGM on 13 September 2018


Once your temps get into the mid eighties consistently, you can move your plants outdoors. You could grow outdoors almost immediately if you invested in some 50-60% shade cloth 🙂

Hope this helps

By Brian Mckinley on 12 September 2018

I have a plant that is now 91 days of flowering, which followed 4 1/2 months of vegging. The buds never got very dense, lots of white hairs and a few red hairs. But it is a very healthy plant. Now my question- Am I waiting too long to harvest this plant?

By latewood_ILGM on 13 September 2018


You vegged too long. Lack of density in buds are generally attributed to lack of light intensity. When you beg too long you grow such a dense canopy that light penetration can be difficult. Without good light penetration, your flower density will suffer. I have always believed that veg time is directly proportional to harvest time, so you still have a month or so before harvest. That might help.
Perhaps you might be interested in sharing your grow with us at where we could possibly suggest some ideas with you. 🙂

By datoneguy on 13 September 2018

Hey I have had real good luck over the years growing outdoors, going to do some DWC this winter have everything I need and some nifty 1000 watt led's, Problem is I started two pineapple express in rockwool, and the taproot came UP with the seeding in the upwards direction, what would have caused this problem ? in the meantime I have purchased some rapidrooters which I understand is much better then the rockwool,Thanks and Peace !

By susan wheeler on 24 October 2018

Do you pinch out the tops to make the plants bushier?

By Sephiroth777 on 10 November 2018

(this is directed at the person jumping on someone for a question)The only stupid question is the one not asked. Don't be some virtual elitest and down someone because your real life sucks. Suppose to be a tight knit community helping one another go grow some cucumbers and sit on one.

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