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Looking to Grow Better Weed? We’ve Got You Covered

Looking to Grow Better Weed? We’ve Got You Covered

I didn’t name my site I Love Growing Marijuana for nothing.  I truly do enjoy growing the green goddess, and now I’ve made growing easier for you as well.

This month I’ve launched 5 new growing sets that make growing marijuana not only easy but practically foolproof. Simply purchase your kit, set up your grow area, read my articles on proper harvesting and curing, and enjoy some of the best marijuana you’ve ever touched.

Great seeds deserve great nutrients

Growing the best weed requires the best supplies. You already know that our seed shop delivers only the highest quality marijuana seeds, but did you know we provide plant nutrients as well?

Don’t trust your plants to fertilizers and other nutrients that are not designed for marijuana.  Save the risk and grow better weed with the powerful nutrients found in our growing sets.

Each of our growing sets includes:

weed fertilizer

Flower Power Fertilizer

All flowering plants need support throughout the lifecycle. Our flower power nutrients nurture your cannabis plant from start to finish, helping them grow into healthy and strong plants with bountiful buds. Packaged for every stage of your plant’s growth, Flower Power helps increase yield and reduce soil erosion while keeping it straightforward for the grower. 

weed plant food

Marijuana Plant Protection

Bugs, mold, and root rot – it’s enough to make any cannabis grower shudder. Our all-natural plant protectors help reduce that fear by killing harmful pests, fighting off bacteria, and preventing mold. I developed these treatments over the years after experiencing nearly every worse-case growing scenario that you can imagine.  Grow fearlessly, when you have these by your side.

Our seed and grow sets contain 20 seeds and enough nutrients to help them thrive. Plus, by buying them together, you not only save time;  you also save between 15% to 25%.

More info on the Marijuana Plant Protection here.

Download my free marijuana grow guide at this link for more growing tips

The best strains for every scenario

We only feature the best marijuana seeds in my seed shop, and when combined with our nutrients, you can expect amazing results, but some strains are ideal for certain scenarios. That’s why I created five distinct grow sets to satisfy a variety of growers.

Pick your favorite, or combine a few:

best marijuana seeds

For the Beginner

Never grown marijuana? There’s no need to worry, my beginner set will help you perfect your green thumb. The beginner’s set includes 20 White Widow autoflowering seeds, marijuana plant protector, and flower power fertilizer.

Check out the Beginner set

Gold Leaf Edition

Everyone has their favorite’s, and mine is definitely the Gold Leaf plant. Super potent and a joy to smoke, I love growing this plant. My Gold Leaf growing set includes 20 feminized seeds, flower power fertilizer and marijuana plant protector.

Check out the Gold Leaf set

The High Yield Kit

If you are all about the buds, you’re going to love the Big Bud Grow Set. This strain delivers colossal buds, and when combined with our marijuana plant protector and the flower power fertilizer, you’ll have a grow room full of beautiful cannabis.

Check out the High Yield set

high cbd strain

The Medical Grow Kit

When CBD is what you seek, Cheese is the answer. Our medical growing set features 20 feminized Cheese seeds that are high CBD and low THC. Nurture your seeds with our natural fertilizers and plant protectors and enjoy all-natural relief to chronic pain, stress and anxiety.

Check out the Medical set

White Widow Grow Kit

A favorite among cannabis growers and users, White Widow is easy to grow and has an awesome amount of THC. I’ve included 20 feminized seeds, flower power fertilizer, and marijuana plant protectors so you can grow it yourself and see what all the hype is about.

Check out the White Widow set

Our seed and grow sets are designed to help the everyday grower have the right tools for growing the best weed. Do you have a favorite set yet? Let me know which one you are most excited about below.



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