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A Major Marijuana Ruling Shunned By the Federal Appeals Court

A Major Marijuana Ruling Shunned By the Federal Appeals Court

The US Federal Government has long been trying to invade the state marijuana laws and rule them out just because they want to, because if there were a logical reason for what the Trump government is trying to do, things would have at least made sense.

To make matters even worse, people like Jeff Sessions who absolutely hate marijuana, enjoy major powers in the government. Although there wasn’t much hope from Trump, but his continuous vows of not intervening in the marijuana industry gave everyone some hope. As it turns out, all of those vows, like most things the President has said during his campaign, were a lie.

There are even laws in place that protect states from federal interference, but then again, the Trump government doesn’t abide by anything, let alone the state laws. The marijuana industry has surely come a long way since inception, with a majority of the states enjoying legalized marijuana. However, cases like the one that recently took place in San Francisco makes you realize how the federal government has influenced every aspect of the law.


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Mathew Davies—a prisoner—filed an appeal stating that he is wrongly being held in prison. He used to run medical marijuana dispensaries in California for which he was abducted by the federal government.

He pleaded that he did not break a single Californian law regarding medical marijuana distribution, yet the federal government made him a prisoner. On the other hand, the federal government states that Mathew faces marijuana offenses.

For starters, Mathew did not break any state laws, so the reason for his arrest is vague in all aspects. Moreover, the federal government, as per the federal regulations, is not allowed to intervene in state marijuana laws. Making an attempt to convict him was in itself, a move against federal law. Mathew further argues that the government has no right to hold him in prison for something he did not do.

This is where things get messy. The case was being held at the Circuit Court of Appeals. Instead of looking into the matter for what seems to be a legit wrong move by the federal government, the court decided to halt the matter, and pin it on Mathew. It sidestepped Mathew’s argument. stating that according to Mathew’s plea agreement, the challenge he made is not allowed in the first place.

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This is as ignorant a statement as it can possibly get, only to save the face of the federal government. It also seems as if the court did not want Mathew to set an example by standing up to the false accusations and undue use of power by the feds. The issue was clearly avoided.

Cody Harris—the guy representing Mathew in court—has said that he is working on the ruling made by the 9th Circuit. In short, it isn’t over. As soon as Mathew’s attorney is done analyzing the ruling, he will be coming out with a counter. The federal government needs to realize that hindering in the state marijuana laws is not an alternative that they have. Mathew Davies has not done anything against the law, and that he should not be held in prison for it!

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