29 – Make a good soil mixture for marijuana plants

marijuana soil mixture

The pH value, the texture and the amount of nutriments in the soil determine a good composition. For strong and healthy marijuana plants alle these conditions have to be right.

-With a good pH value, the absorption of nutriments is maximized. The pH value should be about 6.5. Chalk is one of the substances you can use to manipulate the pH value.

-Texture of the soil is important as it determines how much water it can hold and drain. Too much water in the soil will create a form of fungus on the roots, because they haven’t got enough oxygen. On the other side: if you use soil that can’t really retain water, an obvious shortage is reached eventually. Turf, sphagnum moss, vermiculite or perlite are substrates that can be used to hold or drain water.

-If enough nutriments (but watch out: not too many!) are used, the marijuan harvest can be great. An average amount of phosphor and potassium along with a lot of nitrogen is good for growing marijuana. Chemical fertilizers can be used, although organic ones (worm, blood, or bone meal) are better.


Anyone can make a good soil mixture, as long as you follow the guidelines. Every mixture has its advantages and disadvantages. Some mixtures are known for a good result. These you can buy ready- made, but make sure you buy soil that drains, contains nutriments, allows enough oxygen and has a pH value of around 6.

Don’t buy these mixtures in regular garden centers, as the soil there is almost never meant for growing consumption-plants like marijuana. Quality of most of the soil sold there is very poor. Don’t worry about your investment in the soil. The outcome will be worth it!


A good illustration of soil mixtures:

For the growth:

1/3 turf or non-enriched and sterilized garden mould

1/3 perlite

1/3 worm meal


for the growth and flowering period:

1/3 worm meal

1/3 horse manure

1/3 course sandy soil


1/3 worm meal

1/3 turf

1/3 compost

And don’t forget your pH value. Adding some chalk will prevent it from high values. Liquid fertilizers can keep the nutriment value high enough if you’re dealing with long periods of growth or flowering. A good characteristic of liquid fertilizers is that the marijuana plant can absorb them immediately.


If you make your own mixture, it is of vital important that you mix it well enough. Put the ingredient with the largest volume in a big pot first and mix it with the second. Only when this is done you should add the third ingredient and so on. The mixture has to be homogeneous. If you don’t mix it well enough, roots will suffer. The nutriments will not be evenly distributed and the roots not evenly supplied (this goes for water as well). There are also very good pre-mixed products for sale spacially made for the growth of marijuana.

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