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Make Your Own Vape Pen Juice

Make Your Own Vape Pen Juice

One of the best things about marijuana is the fact that it is so adaptable. Not only can you smoke the buds of a marijuana plant, but you can also infuse butter or cooking oil with it, or use a concentrated liquid form to consume it, and start feeling the effects fast. These effects are often used for medicinal purposes. They might provide pain relief for people who experience frequent migraines. They reduce anxiety and stress to those who need it most. And they can help people with certain muscular and movement-based ailments.



Obstacles to success

Obstacles to success

The problem with marijuana, is that it has been widely misunderstood and misrepresented. People who don’t know any better envision marijuana users as grungy, irresponsible, good-for-nothing folks, who are going nowhere in life. The fact is, however, that plenty of people need marijuana to maintain a high quality of life, and they might not even be smokers. Perhaps they have never consumed marijuana recreationally and only use it as needed for their health. This is why it is so useful to have other methods of consuming marijuana. One of the more useful (and less understood) methods is by consuming through a vape pen or electronic cigarette.

The vape pen and concentrated marijuana

The vape pen and concentrated cannabis

Unfortunately, the rising trend of using a vape pen to consume concentrated amounts of marijuana has attracted a lot of unwanted attention. News stories have begun to run rampant. They illustrate misleading pictures of irresponsible drug addicts inhaling concentrated doses of marijuana to get a more extreme high. They are portrayed as a plague to our society. This illustration is not only false, but it is also harmful because it prevents those who might benefit from medical marijuana from pursuing it as a solution to their problems. And it keeps it illegal in those places where it remains banned.

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The fear comes from the fact that it is concentrated. The fact is, however, that concentrated marijuana has been used for generations, in a variety of forms. It is not concentrated so that drug addicts can get a bigger fix; it is instead for the purpose of feeling the beneficial effects as quickly and safely as possible. Part of the fear of marijuana comes from the encouragement of the pharmaceutical industry. Once people are allowed to grow their own marijuana and self-medicate for a variety of health issues, this industry is going to take a hard hit. Therefore, it’s in their direct interest for growing, distributing, buying, and using marijuana to remain illegal.

What is a vape pen?

What is a vape pen

A vape pen or electronic cigarette (“E-cig”) is a relatively new technology. Dry herb vaporizer is another device which uses vaping technology to provide medicinal or recreational (within the legal limits) use of dry herbs. The best dry herb vaporizers guarantee easier and safer user experience while vaporizing cannabis compared to smoking weed. The quality of these vaping gadgets depends on many factors such as battery life, temperature control, the speed of heat-up, the size of the heating chamber, and the material of the vapor path. That's why the high-quality, full-fledged dry herb vaporizer is costly. However, your vaping style, including where and how you use a vaporizer, determines the perfect blend of all features. So, a dry herb vaporizer shouldn't be expensive to satisfy your needs. There is not yet enough research to fully understand what the common long term effects of using one might be. There is also little regulation because of its newness, meaning that when you buy one, you are at risk of getting a cheap knock-off vape pen rather than a legitimate, high-quality one. It is basically unavoidable to have cheaply produced, foreign parts as part of most vape pens and E-cigarettes. But that doesn’t mean that the entire thing has to be cheap, and made of poor quality. If you want to do it right, it’s important to find a high-quality vape pen to make sure you have a healthy experience that can last awhile.

A vape pen comes in different types and models, but there is a basic structure to them that seems to span them all. These components are the cartridge, the atomizer, and the battery.

The cartridge
The cartridge is where the tincture drops (or the vape pen “juice”) are added, one drop at a time. The tincture is the concentrated marijuana in liquid form, designed so that you can take it in safely. One end of the cartridge is where your lips touch when inhaling while the other end of the cartridge attaches to the next component: the atomizer.

The atomizer
The atomizer is the piece that changes your marijuana from its liquid form to gas, or vapor. As when you turn any liquid into a gas, heat is required to do this. Therefore, the atomizer utilizes heat to convert the liquid into a vapor.

The battery
The longest component of a vape pen or E-cig is the battery. Batteries can vary from model to model. Some are manual, and some are automatic. A manual vape pen will require ignition of some sort, such as a button that needs to be pressed for the power to kick in. Automatic vape pens, on the other hand, need you just to inhale to work.

Buying a high-quality vape pen

Buying a high-quality vape pen

The best way to ensure that you are buying a high-quality vape pen is to do your research beforehand. Make sure that the brand is reputable and has been reviewed well. You can easily find this type of information online.

Another issue you might run into is overpriced vape pens. Some vendors are known for selling a cheap pen, such as one that should cost just $5, for as much as $75 or $80. You should be able to avoid this as well by checking online and reading up on the manufacturer. The safest way to go about it is to buy a vape pen from a reputable brand, from one of their licensed vendors so you can rest assured you know exactly what you are getting.

If you’re not particularly concerned about quality, think again. Since this is a tool to change and transport something straight into your body, a low-quality product can have a direct, negative effect on your health. Or it could simply be dangerous because of the cheaper, knocked off components or metals that are inferior and unhealthy. Some, for instance, will burn and, therefore, cause smoke to come out rather than only emitting vapor, which is undoubtedly not good for your lungs and overall health.

What is vape pen juice?

What is vape pen juice

The second main aspect of using E-cigarettes or vape pens to consume marijuana is the “juice” itself. Since that is what will go into your body, it is important to ensure that the juice is just as high in quality as the vape pen. Vape juice has its base in vegetable glycerin and making it generally requires weeks of time.

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Another term for vape juice is an oral tincture, which is either based in glycerin or alcohol, with herbs infused into it. This product’s original purpose was to be consumed by putting drops under the tongue, which allows the marijuana to bypass your liver, as well as the potential metabolism problems that may arise for those who prefer to ingest marijuana via edible products.

Oral tinctures are nothing new. In fact, they have been around for thousands of years! Using a vape pen or E-cigarette to consume them, however, is the new part. Marijuana oral tinctures are perfectly safe, and when made and used correctly they are extremely effective.

There are some great resources to buy your vape oils. You can also process your own marijuana in your vape juice. I'll tell you more about making vape juice yourself.


The benefits of making vape juice yourself

The benefits of making cannabis vape juice yourself

Why should you spend the several weeks it takes to make the oral tinctures or vape juice by yourself? As with any type of consumable product, it is always best when you know exactly where it comes from, and what is in it. If you buy it from a distributor or from store shelves, you only can know so much about what actually makes up that product. When you make it yourself, however, you have a complete understanding of what went into it, and how that affects your body. It is simply the healthier way to do it.

How to make your own vape juice

Make Your Own Vape Pen Juice

In general, it is not a good idea to make vape juice that has non-food grade propylene glycol or glycerin in it. Food grade products must be in containers that are safe and non-toxic, as propylene glycol and glycerine both absorb the chemicals from any of the containers they have ever been stored in. The non-food grade version of these products is meant only to be applied externally. You should never consume or inhale anything with non-food grade propylene glycol or glycerin in it.

For that reason, this recipe calls for only using 100% USP-food grade vegetable glycerin. Not only will it ensure your health and safety, but using glycerin instead of propylene glycol will produce more vapor overall. Blends of both are probably best for E-cigarettes that have juices that are nicotine-based. Some people prefer to buy a product such as EJMix, which has a mixture of Propylene Glycol and Polyethylene Glycol in it. These products are both found in commercial vape juice.

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This recipe can also work for non-marijuana herbs, depending on your medical needs and taste preferences. Herbs such as lavender, garlic, mint, milk thistle, tobacco, and others can all be substituted for marijuana in this recipe, and they can also be taken as regular tinctures (under your tongue). While the recipes may vary slightly according to which herb you prefer, the process is nearly the same, so this marijuana-based recipe can still be used with other herbs.

The process
The first step is to decarboxylate your marijuana. This is needed in order convert the THCA to THC. The activation process usually occurs automatically when a plant is burned, or smoked but because e-liquid vaporization temperatures may not get hot enough, decarboxylation can be good idea. Read Decarboxylating Marijuana – The Internal Process of THC Formation and find out how decarboxylating marijuana works.


  • 5 grams of pure, blonde, powdered hash or 7 grams of high-quality bud (ground by hand)
  • 2-4 ounces of high proof alcohol (180 proof or higher; must be drinkable alcohol; 100 proof is absolute minimum) -- vodka is preferable, for its flavor neutrality
  • 2-4 ounces of 100% USP-food grade vegetable glycerin
  • 2 sterile canning jars and lids
  • 1 cheesecloth


  1. Put the marijuana into the sterile canning. Add alcohol until it covers marijuana by at least one quarter inch. Place lid on the jar, and shake vigorously. If the plant matter absorbs the alcohol and increases in size, add more alcohol.
  2. Place the jar (still tightly closed) in a dark location for 10-14 days. At least once per day, shake it up vigorously.
  3. After 10-14 days, strain the mixture through the cheesecloth, and pour it into the second sterile canning jar. Mix in three parts of your 100% USP-food grade vegetable glycerin. Put the lid on, and shake vigorously for a minimum of two minutes.

Adding flavor to your vape juice
The key to safely adding your preferred flavor to the homemade vape juice is to never use artificial coloring. It will likely change color anyway, because of the natural plant coloring, so just leave it as is so that you will not be inhaling any dangerous chemicals.

You should also avoid any store bought flavorings because they also will contain harmful chemicals -- including non-food grade propylene glycol, which you just spent so much effort keeping out of your mixture. Don’t ruin it now by adding these harmful ingredients. One big health risk of inhaling oils that have been improperly cured and vaporized is lipid pneumonia, so be very careful.

Some people prefer to use essential oils for their flavorings while others go for the tincture blending route. For this recipe, we will just discuss the method for mixing together different tinctures in order to create the desired flavor.

One way you could mix tinctures for flavoring is to use:

  • 3 parts tincture of Cannabis, and 1 part tincture of wild blackberry;
  • 3 parts tincture of Cannabis, and 1 part tincture of chocolate mint;
  • 3 parts tincture of Cannabis, and 1 part tincture of garlic;
  • 3 parts tincture of Cannabis, with 1 part tincture of tobacco; or
  • 3 parts tincture of Cannabis, with 1 part tincture of just about anything.

The flavoring depends solely on your personal preferences. In general, when using a vape pen, you will only need about half as much as you would take when using tinctures sublingually. A common dosage for under the tongue is between 3 and 5 milliliters of juice.

Thanks for reading! If you want to know more about growing your own marijuana to make your own vape juice, make sure you check out my free marijuana grow guide.


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57 thoughts on “Make Your Own Vape Pen Juice

By William Lyons on 6 March 2016

How do you active it

By shemmon lucas on 20 May 2018

what do u mean Mix in three parts of your 100% USP-food grade vegetable glycerin.

By William Lyons on 6 March 2016

How do you get the alcohol out of the ejuice

By Jennifer ILGM on 7 March 2016

Alcohol is used often in e-liquids to dilute. A tip is to leave the bottle open for a while so the alcohol can evaporate a bit.

By Pam on 9 February 2018

I'd like to know that too. I don't want to vape or ingest alcohol!


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By Catherine Hoffman on 30 March 2016

Dear Robert, Is there any way I can get a few seeds, the $35 is a little bit too much for me to spend. I have schizophrenia and carpel tunnel syndrome both of which I use marijuana for. I am disabled and receive a social security disability check every month. It isn't a lot and I have to watch what I spend each month. Now I am buying marijuana and of course it is expensive for me. I pay about $60 for an 8th of an ounce and it isn't really that good for my conditions. Is there any way I can get some seeds for less. I have trying to sprout some of the seeds I find in it. But they all grow so tall and lanky that they fall over and die. I put them under a grow bulb but they still grow so tall between the first little leaves and the first true leaves that they all fall over and die. I think it is the type of marijuana and it doesn't like being sprouted. I don't really know but I grow other seeds for flowers and herbs and they grow just fine. If you can help me with this I would appreciate it very much. Both my psychiatrist and medical doctor know that I smoke and they have no trouble with it. I use a vape pen which I started to use instead of cigarettes and my physical and mental disabilities seem not so extreme as they were before I gave up tobacco. Now I would like to grow and make a juice from the marijuana. Thank you for listening to e and I hope you can help me out. Catherine

By Liz on 30 March 2016

I too have health issues
Insomnia anxiety and phobias
I tried to grow
Too but they always grow long and thin like yours
Any help please

By Skip on 20 February 2017

They are reaching for light, if your growing inside, lower your lights. If your growing outside, put them in more direct sunlight and don't over nute them.

By Scott on 25 October 2018

Sounds like you do not have enough light. Dirtweed Seeds are the easist to grow. Work on a good grow area and my friends and I will see what we can do.

By teri johnston on 29 October 2018

Wow I really think that's awesome that you guys are willing to help out somebody in need just makes me know that this is my go-to site, I've tried others I found you, now you're stuck with me lol

By Tim on 3 April 2016

Your plants, unless genetically terrible, are not receiving enough light. I am using the CFL lights and am flooding a 10sq.ft. space with (16) 150 Watt lights = 2400 watts of light (equivalent wattages). The plants remain short and squatty. Sativa plants will grow taller and lankier than their Indica counterparts, but they should still be able to stand on their own. They also need plenty of water otherwise they will wilt and fall over and break. I have used toothpicks on a few occasions to help stabilize the sprouts for the first few days and keep the breeze to a minimum. We ahve a lot of Lady Bugs in our house and I had one fall over because there was 3 or 4 bugs on it and it just bent and broke. See the germination page for more help. Tim

By Me on 1 October 2017

Tim.. It's the "Breeze" that hardens the stalks so that they do not fall over, not water!

By Tim on 3 April 2016


I have read the vape juice article and it seems that it would be helpful to add in the step for Decarboxylating Marijuana (with link) prior to using it in the alcohol mixture. I kind of deduced it, but it could be a little more clear..

Second, We have something in the U.S. called "Everclear and it's pretty much pure grain alcohol. It's 190 proof meaning it's 95% alcohol and 5% water.

Third, is it not necessary to evaporate off the alcohol out of the vape juice?

Lastly, If some of the alcohol is water, depending on the proof, isn't it necessary to also evaporate off the water? I thought vape juice has no water in it at all.

I would really appreciate some clarification as I am anxious to try making vape juice since I use a vaporizer to substitute for smoking cigarettes already.

Thanks, Tim

By teri johnston on 29 October 2018

I too am anxious to try making my own vapor oil since my Harvest was massive, and lots of kief OMG lots and lots and lots and lots of kief I would like a more step by step clarification, links with pictures on what I'm looking for for the vegetable oil yeah just all-around more clarification thanks

By latewood.ILGM on 5 April 2016


Join our forum. There are many compassionate members there. 🙂

By latewood.ILGM on 5 April 2016


Water evaporates. Period. Let us know how your process goes!

By Peter B Ali on 12 April 2016

Would love to try this but I am to scared to use alcohol because I am a recovering alcoholic and don't want to be near alcohol again, is there no other way of doing this,?.

By J on 17 May 2016

There r other ways of doing this Google it .I have tried the many different ways and they work

By Tim Harris on 20 May 2016

I make E juice and found a method that uses just The USP food grade Vegetable Glycerin. Having said that I recommend using the alcohol. If using a vape pen any alcohol will be burned off during the vaping process. Just like cooking with alcohol.

By latewood.ILGM on 14 April 2016

Peter B Ali,
You need a catalyst. Purity is an important factor in creating a safe product. Only harsher alternatives would create the same potency. These alternative options would involve more dangers than being exposed to a bottle of pure alcohol.

Make medicine, do not think of this ingredient as a drink 🙂 Medicine cures all. 🙂

By Abbott on 18 June 2016

In step 5 of Directions, you say add 3 PARTS of glycerine. Do you mean 3 OZ?

By ilene on 12 May 2018

good question I was thinking myself?? how much

By Guy on 10 November 2016

Abbot, I measured my ETOH solution first, then measured out 3 of that measurement in VG; then combined. 3:1

By Chino on 16 March 2017

So you use 1 part of your ETOH solution with 3 parts of VG, or 3parts of ETOH with 1 part of VG ???
And what about Blazing question: "Is it necessary to decarbox if vaping ..wouldn’t vaping turn the thca to thc ???"

By ilene glick on 12 May 2018

yes always decarb

By Guy on 10 November 2016

Although, I had a question on keeping the Juice - I have it in dark, cool location; Should it be refrigerated or such?

By Roy ILGM on 11 November 2016

Hi Guy, dark and cool should do it just fine 😀

By John on 25 October 2018

You actually don't want cold - it will slow the process of dissolving the good bits in the alcohol.

By Guy on 26 November 2016

Thanks Roy! I didn't see a concentration estimate on the above recipe proportions. I understand it's pretty hard to estimate a Vape Puff, would the tincture produced be in the 1/2 to 1 gram / ml? fl.oz.? ... yeah, per what volume unit? Other than trial and error, is there any way to determine dosing factors here? Thanks again!

By Roy ILGM on 28 November 2016

Hi Guy, I'd go with trial and error. It's the best way to get a feeling of what you're preparing and when trying to get the perfect dosage for you.

By Nick on 31 January 2017

Did not decarbox the marijuana before storing away. It is not day 11, what should I do? If I leave in container for a month will it have greater effect? Is there anyway I can avoid the Decarbox part / will it still give the high effect at all? Also, is it suggested to remove the alcohol? If so, how can I do this without using heat?

I hope I didn't waste all of this bud!

By Roy ILGM on 1 February 2017

Hi Nick, no worries, you will heat the vape juice when you vape it 🙂

By Blazin on 3 February 2017

Is it necessary to decarbox if vaping ..wouldn't vaping turn the thca to thc ???

By John on 4 February 2017

Is there fire danger in vaping the alcohol based juice? I made some,but sublingual use was not very effective. So it would be awesome if I could vape it. I hate smoking my weed and trying to vape dry weed is just like smoking to me.

By Flarb Glorp on 30 March 2017

I legally get medical marijuana but in my state it’s very restricted and the options are limited. No edibles, nothing that can be smoked. I get vape cartridges which deliver 90 doses of 2 mg of THC per dose. Very weak stuff. Plus they cost $100 each.
For me, the cost is an issue as is the relatively weak dosage. So my goal was to make a more affordable substitute with high potency. Here’s how I did it:
1. Decarb 2.5 oz (70 g) dry herb. This is NOT an optional step. I used some Granddaddy Purp that I knew was powerful, with an estimated THC content of 20%. (For my next batch, I’ll probably use something more indica-leaning, more energetic, less sedating). Yes, dry herb is illegal in my state.
2. How to decarb: THCA is non-psychoactive and must be converted to THC. One method is to apply heat, but be careful. You should aim for a range of 220° to 240° F [all references to temperature are in Fahrenheit]. Decarb starts around 205° but THC itself starts to boil off at around 315°. You don’t have to be precise to the degree, but you do have to keep it between 220° to 240° for best results. 90 minutes is usually good. I invested about $180 in a Lift decarboxylator, but you can do this using an oven, water bath, etc. The Lift doesn’t require that you grind your leaf first. I would probably do a rough grind if I was using any other method. You can look up do-it-yourself decarb methods on the internet, but whatever method you use, proper temperature range of 220° to 240° is critical.
3. The Lift decarbs ½ oz at a time, so the decarb process took me about 8 hrs. I already loaded my infuser with 1 liter of 190 proof (95% alcohol) Everclear, and as ½ oz batches were decarbed, they went into the alcohol to soak. I gave everything a good soak overnight. Even if you decarb all at once, I would let it soak overnight, maybe longer.
4. For the alcohol, it’s very important that you use a neutral spirit (grain alcohol or vodka work well) of as high a proof as you can find. I haven’t tried anything other than Everclear (which works really well) and I wouldn’t go below 150 proof. Use only ethyl alcohol. Do NOT use rubbing or other non-drinkable alcohols. You don’t want to use anything in this process that you couldn’t safely put in your body directly.
5. In the morning, I infused the decarbed leaf into the alcohol. I used a Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser available online for about $125. The Magical Butter Machine is another option. I ran 2 long cycles of 8 hours each. You could probably get away with less but I didn’t want to take shortcuts. If you don’t have an infuser, you can also find do-it-yourself infusion methods on the internet that require just alcohol and time or heat.
6. Strain, strain, strain. When the infusion is done, I ran the mixture through a fine mesh wire strainer a few times. You want to get out as much of the plant material as possible. I then ran the mixture through a 75 micron nut milk bag a few times (you can also use cheesecloth). Squeeze the bag to make sure to get all the liquid out (wear gloves if possible). I then ran everything through a conical coffee filter a few more times. You’ll be left with a dark, STICKY liquid. (If you’re going to vape the end product, you’ll want it as pure as possible so it vapes cleanly, doesn’t clog, and doesn’t have that telltale SMELL. If you’ll be talking it orally, it’s fine if some plant residue remains and you can be less thorough in straining.)
7. Set up a water bath to boil off the remaining alcohol. I took a large aluminum pot filled about almost to the top and brought it to a boil. Move your infused liquid into a pyrex bowl slightly larger than the top of your pot. Once the water boils, place the pyrex on top of the pot, stirring the infused liquid constantly with a spatula. (The pot will boil over, so have towels nearby.) Alcohol starts to boil at about 173°, water at 212°, and THC at 315°. By heating the infused liquid to 212°, you’re removing the alcohol but keeping the THC you worked so hard to get. I reduced the liquid by about 2/3. It should be around the consistency of maple syrup. [If you’re making THC vape juice, you can add those ingredients now (see below) and heat about 10 minutes more until it’s all dissolved.]
8. Congratulations, you’ve now got a concentrated THC tincture. Be careful: the concentrate is VERY sticky and will STAIN clothes, counters, skin, etc. It’s almost like super glue, if it gets on your hands or surfaces, you will need to SCRUB to get it off. Did I mention it’s super sticky?
9. Decide on a delivery system.
a. You can fill a dropper with the tincture and take it sublingually. It’s very effective this way.
b. You can also take orally like an edible, but the onset will be delayed like any other edible.
c. I mixed with 1/3 vegetable glycerin (VG) and 1/3 propylene glycol (PG), both of which are used commercially to make e-vape juice. [VG, PG, and lecithin are all readily available on the internet.] Make sure to use food-grade. I also added a little soy lecithin as an emulsifier and some flavoring. [Would probably skip the flavoring next time. Not sure it’s 100% safe to ingest. Was looking more to cover the smell, but if you strain well, smell won’t be an issue.] It worked well for vaping but I ended up with a slightly diluted product. It does work with generic vape pens and with the cartridges I get from my dispensary. But I had the best results using a portable vape nail (or e-Nail) rather than a vape pen. Next time I would use much less VG and PG for a more concentrated product and use an e-Nail exclusively. See d.
d. I’ve since determined that the cartridges I get from the dispensary contain THC infused Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil. I’m planning on making a concentrated alcohol infusion again and mixing with equal parts MCT oil. Will let you know if it works better than VG/PG mixture.
10. USE CAREFULLY, THIS IS STRONG SHIT. You’ll wind up with a very concentrated product and you need to start slow and slowly increase the dosages until you find something that works for you. I found the end product exponentially stronger than what I was getting from the dispensary.
11. The total cost for equipment (Lift, infuser, vape pens, e-Nail) and materials was about $1,300. I ended up with the equivalent of about 78 cartridges (a retail value of $7,800) at a cost of about $17 each. I figure I have about a 25 month supply now.
My biggest fear was that I’d waste 2.5 oz of primo leaf and wind up with an ineffective final product. I’m happy to say that did not happen. Not I’m working on finetuning the delivery system.

By Roy ILGM on 31 March 2017

Wow.. Not sure if you're pulling my leg or not 😀 But a nice guide this is!

By Mike Hunt on 18 April 2017

This was the best guide, ever. Thank you so much! Does this summarize the ingredient list correctly?

2.5 oz plant material
1 liter moonshine
1 liter VG
1 liter PG

By kaptnkoz10 on 12 June 2017

This is very good stuff, thank you. I would not have reduced the tincture and I definitely would not have had concentrated enough goods. How much less VG and PG would you recommend? 1/6 instead of a 1/3? And what is the reason behind using both PG and VG instead of just one. Thanks dude and amazing write up!

By Phalu on 24 June 2017

Did you use your MFHI with 190 proof alcohol? I read that they only recommend 150 proof, so i'm still not sure if i should go down to 150 proof from my 190 proof alcohol.

By Flarb Glorp on 31 March 2017

Since cannabis is still a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law, health insurance doesn't cover a penny of the cost A lot of very sick folks can't afford it and those who can are forced to pay over $550 an ounce for substandard product, at least in my state. Hopefully this info helps those folks get some relief.

By Tom on 16 July 2017

I have been vaping for years and would never vape something that had significant amounts of alcohol in it. There are much better methods. Decarb first. Then do a QWET or QWISO extraction (plenty of methods on the internet), which will leave you with concentrated cannabis oil and no alcohol remaining. I do the evaporation portion of the extraction in a glass dish. Then gently warm your oil in the glass dish, add some PG (Propylene Glycol), mix it up, use a syringe to transfer it from your glass dish into a dropper bottle, add some more PG to your glass dish, mix to pick up any remaining cannabis oil, and transfer that to your dropper bottle. Add some flavoring (peppermint is good), and you are ready to vape. I probably end up with about a 10:1 ratio of PG to extracted cannabis oil and 4 or 5 puffs on my vaping device is enough. FYI, the cannabis extract mixes with PG much better than with VG.

By Nathan Hendrix on 1 October 2017

If you have access to high quality concentrates, like some shatter or any type that's been winterized that's fairly transparent then you can use terpene blends specially created to turn hard shatter BHO into a liquid that can be used in vaporizer cartridges without having to use propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. And because you're starting with a potent concentrate you can customize your own cartridges and make them as strong or as mild as you want. I personally like to make 2 hitter quitter oil.

By Dave on 18 January 2018

Robert, I've just made some tincture from an Everclear recipe and have about a quart. When I spray or drop it the alcohol is quite potent, suggestions?

Also, to use this in a Yocan Hive or similar could I dilute with fractionated coconut oil?

By Dave G on 18 January 2018

Robert, I've just made some tincture from an Everclear recipe and have about a quart. When I spray or drop it the alcohol is quite potent, suggestions?

Also, to use this in a Yocan Hive or similar could I dilute with fractionated coconut oil?

By latewood_ILGM on 22 January 2018

Dave G,

You cannot burn or vape the coconut oil. We use organic coconut oil ofr our infusion but that is edible and topical. You can use it for cooking but, not in a vape pen.

I suggest you join and talk with some of the many members practicing these methods. 🙂

Good Luck

By Christopher W on 15 April 2018

Cook out the alcohol. The thicker the product, the less the solvents. I make mine without propylene glycol (which is an ingredient in car antifreeze), isn’t it?

By Marty on 7 February 2018

How do you sterilize the jars? Or can I just buy and use off shelf?

By John on 25 October 2018

Canning jars are rarely "sterilized". If you wash them in hot water and detergent, and rinse well, you'll be OK. A high-temp rinse in a dishwasher would also be good, but avoid the overly caustic dishwasher detergent. Just rinse.

By Marty on 7 February 2018


How fine does it need to be ground up?

By Kenani on 29 July 2018

I'm unable to open the website to receive this free offer, what's up?

By Lowell Prince on 8 October 2018

I do believe that this recipe will not work.....not certain but the fact of not decarboxylating and the extent of 10-14 days has me under the suspicion that this will not do the trick

By Lowell Prince on 8 October 2018

my bad, jus seen the decarbing section

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