16 – Marijuana first flowering phase

Marijuana flowering phase

The real flowering period is not the time when you force the marijuana plants into flowering. The plants will develop the flower structure in the first two weeks. The internodes decreases and the plant stretch up in height. These first two weeks is more a growth phase. That’s why you have to keep giving the plant fertilizers.


A mistake, that is commonly made, is giving the marijuana plants fertilizers for flowering (like potassium and phosphor). But in this phase the plant is growing and needs nitrogen. Because of this mistake the plant gets a nitrogen deficient. The plant will turn yellow and increase of the yields has become fact. Do not alter nutrient solutions as long as the plant doesn’t show signs of flowering (like stamens and many pistils).

In these two weeks the marijuana plant grows in height. After that the internodes at the tops will shorten. After 2 or 3 days pistils can appear. After many pistils have appeared the flowering period has really started.


After ten days, the structure of the plants stabilizes. Now focus on the size of the marijuana plants. Prune away all buds that are below the top. Now you make sure that the most illuminated buds get the biggest amount of nutrition. The buds that grow in the shadow don’t get compact flowers. Also the number of calyces will be lower than the number of the leaves. It is difficult to remove the leaves if all the small flowers remain. This can take a lot of time. The flowers form large racemes with few leaves, if they are properly illuminated.


You can use scissors to cut out the buds which grow in the shadow. Don’t ever cut off the leaves, the leaves are important for the development of themarijuana plant. A mistake, that is commonly made, is cutting of the big leaves because they cause shadow on the flowers. But thanks to these large leaves the flowers can develop themselves. So only cut off leaves if they turn yellow or at the end of the flowering period.

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