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Tips For The Marijuana Flowering Stage

Tips For The Marijuana Flowering Stage

After an entire season of taking good care of your marijuana plants, it is easy to sit back and relax during the flowering stage of their life cycle. This is one of the worst things you could do, however, as this stage needs to be just as carefully monitored. Perhaps even more so than the earlier stages of growth. As you have already invested so much time and effort into growing your plants, it would be even worse to lose them, or ruin the harvest this late in the game.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most important tips to have a successful flowering stage for your marijuana plants. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and dig in because following the below tips could mean a vastly better, and more potent, harvest in the end.


Adjust your indoor grow lights as needed


Adjust your indoor grow lights as needed

Adjust your indoor grow lights as needed - Image powered by

Many growers don’t know that during the early stages of the flowering stage, marijuana plants are prone to shoot upwards in an odd growth spurt. This growth spurt can vary in how extreme it is, according to the strain of marijuana plants you are growing. It can even continue well into the mid-flowering stage.

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Because this increase in height is often unexpected, it is easy to forget that you will need to adjust the grow lights, as the plants are probably getting uncomfortably close to them after such a growth spurt. Make sure to adjust the height of the lights to keep them a safe, healthy distance from your plants so they don’t get too warm.

Keep looking for male flowers


Keep looking for male flowers

Keep looking for male flowers - Image powered by

Just because you had already identified and removed the male marijuana plants from your crop before the flowering stage began, doesn’t mean you are out of the water. In fact, it is not uncommon for a hermaphrodite to develop during the flowering stage, thus leading to male sex organs that will pollinate your precious female plants.

For this reason, inspect your plants carefully during the flowering stage. If you spot a male flower -- characterized either by their clearly male pollen sacs, or the yellow banana-like shape --, you should remove the entire site of the bud to ensure that no pollen escapes, and touches your female flowers. If one pollen sac escapes your notice, it could ruin your entire crop of female buds.

As you may already know, a female plant that has been fertilized will stop focusing its resources on growing its buds, to be bigger and more potent. Instead, it will stop that type of growth altogether, and will grow seeds instead. You don’t want to smoke seeds, so it’s crucial that no males -- hermaphrodite or otherwise -- are present in your crop.

Go easy on the nutrients


Go easy on the nutrients

Go easy on the nutrients - Image powered by

No matter what kind of nutrients you are using -- organic compost, or store-bought chemicals -- overdosing your plants on nutrients is not a good idea during the flowering stage. It also leads to an unpleasant taste. The reason it is so dangerous to burn your plants with nutrients during the flowering stage is that it is their latest stage of life, and there will be no time to bounce back from the damages caused.

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Unless you are seeing clear signs of a specific nutrient deficiency, and you have already tested it to make sure it isn’t masking a pH balance issue, you should never add more nutrients beyond the plants' normal food. In fact, they need smaller and smaller doses of nutrients as harvest time approaches.

If there is an obvious nutrient deficiency, introduce more of that nutrient very gradually. Always be wary of nutrient burning your plants, and take as many precautions as possible.

Keep an eye on the pH levels


Keep an eye on the pH levels

Keep an eye on the pH levels - Image powered by

Most issues that occur with marijuana plants are actually just from incorrect pH levels, specifically in the root area. The pH level is crucial regardless of what kind of growing medium or setup you are using. You might be having a pH problem if the leaves are starting to get wrinkled or curled, or if your plant is exhibiting signs of a nutrient deficiency.

Whatever problems you have, always check the pH levels near the roots to see if that is what is causing the issue. If you are growing in soil, the pH level at the roots should be between 6.0 and 7.0 while hydroponic systems should be between 5.5 and 6.5.

The good news is that testing the pH level is quite easy and inexpensive -- in addition to being useful at every stage of growing.  So regardless of where your plants are in their growing progress, you should buy yourself a pH testing kit.

Keep the humidity down


Keep the humidity down

Keep the humidity down - Image powered by

Another aspect of the growing conditions that is easy to forget during the flowering stage is the humidity level. This is because, for most of your plant’s life, the humidity level is supposed to be higher. During the flowering stage, however, the humidity level must remain below 45% at all times. Use a dehumidifier, if necessary.

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If the humidity of your grow room is higher than 45%, it is likely that your plants will begin to develop mold in their buds. And every grower knows that moldy buds are wasted buds. Many times, buds may even appear to be completely fine because the mold is growing on the inside, meaning that the grower won’t notice until it is far too late to do anything about it.

Flush out the nutrients before you harvest


Flush out the nutrients before you harvest

Flush out the nutrients before you harvest - Image powered by

A vital thing to remember -- for your own health, as well as the quality of the buds -- is that you should flush out the marijuana growing medium a week or two before you actually harvest the plants. The idea is to completely remove the nutrients you have been feeding your plants -- whether chemical or organic -- so that none of it remains in the consumable product at the end.

The way to flush out the system is to use neutralized water, which means it has an absolutely balanced pH level. Test it before pouring it into your grow system. This can also be utilized in the case of a pH imbalance in the soil, or if you have a nutrient toxicity issue.

Time the harvest right


Time the harvest right

Time the harvest right - Image powered by

One big question that many new growers ask is how long they should keep their indoor marijuana plants in their flowering stage of growth. The answer is that this only depends on the strain, what you want the end result to be like, and your own personal preferences. Most strains require between two and four months to be in the flowering stage. After that point, the harvest should be done.

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The timing of your harvest also depends on what type of effects you would like your marijuana to have on the user. If you prefer a more energetic high, you should err on the earlier side. If you prefer a relaxed high with the classic feeling of couchlock, harvest a bit later. Just don’t harvest too late or too early, as it will either decrease the effects or it will change them to a type of high that is undesirable.

Do not harvest until the pistils are at least half (preferably more) darkened, or when the trichomes are mostly white and milky, as can be seen with a microscope or magnifying glass. Patience is key when timing the harvest right.

Curing marijuana buds


Curing marijuana buds

Curing marijuana buds - Image powered by

Once you have removed the buds and dried them properly (again, patience is key in this stage), it is important to remember that curing the buds plays an equally important role in keeping your plants healthy during their flowering stage. Store them in airtight jars in a dark, cool environment.

Every day, open the jar and move the buds around, as well as check on them to make sure there is no mold developing. After a while, limit this to twice a week. If you do this consistently for several weeks, your buds will be even higher quality than they would have been otherwise. Longer curing is also an option (for several months, for example) if you would like to keep improving the flavor and aroma more and more.

Thanks for reading. Please leave comments or questions below and don’t forget to download my free grow bible. For any grow related question please visit the marijuana support page.


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49 thoughts on “Tips For The Marijuana Flowering Stage

By Roberto G Sandoval on 19 June 2016

Do you have anything on the use of molasses? Is it just for flushing? Is mixing fertilizers and molasses recommended? Does it affect significantly the PH? Just one more thing, the information you provide is accurate and easy to understand. Thank you.

By Ntype Blu on 21 March 2017

I don't think enough research has been done specifically on the Molasses thing although sugars have been proven to help reduce THC and the sticky residence we love to get I personally use about a tablespoon to a gallon of water about once every two weeks during the flowering phase and when I'm Flushing I go back and forth with pure water and molasses water I like to go all natural with my plans as much as possible so I don't have any other nutrients I really worry about being flushed just molasses and water it definitely makes the bud taste better as well

By hajne on 20 June 2016

One thing i never understood.. When do you start counting flower period? Is this when you switch the lights to 12/12, or when they actually start flowering ?

By Bruce on 4 August 2016

When they start to flower

By Ntype Blu on 21 March 2017

Hey Brother when your growing there's two stages.. vegetation and flower. For vegetation you'll want at least 18 hours a day.. 24 wouldn't hurt but the second you take the plants and put them in an environment and give them only 12 hours of light a day matched with 12 hours of pure Darkness they will recognize that as the end of the season and begin flowering in which case you have started the flowering stage... you can do this at your convenience...but I wouldn't flower a plant unless I've had it vegging for at least 2 months... and that's just a personal opinion.. some people will say one mo... to each is own✌
And good luck!

By Mauro on 8 July 2016

I've been buying my nutrients from Round Mountain Garden Supply ( ) in northern california. I've found that having a personal relationship with the store owner, ie: asking questions, bringing in leaf samples etc. has had a big payoff. Just some very simple advice from Sonny has made a huge difference in my results (harvest). Thanks for this blog

By J. W. Rouse on 12 August 2016

How do we get our State lawmakers to advocate for the legalization of marijuana in my State ?

By Roy ILGM on 12 August 2016

Hey JW Rouse, though that's not our area of expertise it always helps to rally likeminded people and approach those lawmakers with signed petitions. Though again I'm not sure how that thing works where you are 🙂

By latewood.ILGM on 18 August 2016

J. W. Rouse,

Go to All the info you need to get started will be found there. 🙂 Good Luck

By cyndy on 3 June 2017

Look uo norml.or in your area

By John Heare on 13 August 2016

Why am I getting so many dead leaves on my marijuana plants? I have started the flowering stage and using sensi grow A and B. What else do need for bigger buds? I Am also in north central California..

By Old Weed Smoker on 3 September 2016

use MOAB bloom from Mad Farmer for increase in flower size but only use i\4 of what they recommend, This stuff works awesome, The best I have ever used. Yellowing leaves are normal . The bigger leaves turn yellow and die off, but the tops of the flowers grow more smaller leaves in there place. Olny water when soil is dry or when plant shows wilting. Good Luck

By latewood.ILGM on 18 August 2016

John Heare,

With the little bit of information you posted; It would be hard to tell. What cycle of the grow are you in? I suggest you join our support forum. POst @latewood, and I will help you out. So will our great community of experienced growers.

By Nubie on 18 August 2016

Nubie first grow starting flowering Blueberry Kush no tricones present how long is the flowering to harvest

By martinandrews on 14 January 2018

8 to 10 weeks

By TD on 18 August 2016

When do I take my baby plants from 24 hours of light to have some darkness? I'm a newbie. Thanks. In the grow cycle how long is each stage?

By Bruce LaLiberte on 18 August 2016

My nutrient schedule calls for 2 weeks of grow and 10 weeks of bloom can I keep giving my plants grow schedule until I feel there big enough to start flowering cause I'm at the two week grow and there no way big enough yet. Thanks Bruce

By mike on 28 July 2018

High, love all the info but for some reason I never get the bible download, help please. thanks

By [email protected] on 20 August 2016

What causes the flower to just die an then the whole limb all leaves will die. Being cutting the limb off after flower San leaves have dies. Help please Randall

By latewood.ILGM on 21 August 2016


You just have to wait until the trichomes have developed and at least 1/3 of the rtrihomes are amber. There is not exact timeframe.

By latewood.ILGM on 21 August 2016


PLants like humans, need rest. Using 24/0 photo period is not going to produce optimum results. You can switch to 12/12 anytime after the plant is a month old.

I suggest you download and read our free grow bible. Then join our support forum.
Happy growing 🙂

By latewood.ILGM on 21 August 2016


The schedule you mentioned is a suggested schedule. You can veg up to 2 months or so, if you choose to. 🙂

By latewood.ILGM on 21 August 2016


I really cannot answer you in this format.

I suggest you download and read our free grow bible. Then join our support forum. We have many helpful and knowledgeable experts in the forum willing to help you grow successfully 🙂

By Mike on 3 September 2016

Latewood, you mention the support forum often, how so you join so questions can be asked?

By Roy ILGM on 5 September 2016

Hey Mike, you can go here and sig here and sign up in the top right corner.
After signing up you can post a topic in any of the appropriate categories. 😀

By Jay on 25 August 2016

I'm on my first grow I have two mote than 2 foot plants indica.& sativia so far is working good the indica is bending to the weight of the flowers and she sativia is moving along well but slower! So how long do u keep Ur plants in veg state fem W.W. and other indicas

By latewood.ILGM on 26 August 2016


When to induce flower is totally up to you.

Some growers like to veg for 2 months. Other growers have height restrictions in the grow space and induce 12/12 photo period after a month. Perhaps it would be helpful to you if you joined our support forum. Very helpful and friendly members, always willing to help.

Happy growing! 🙂

By Andrew on 31 August 2016

my plant is 6ft and it's tall and it has some flower like buds,when will it be ready to harvest

By Roy ILGM on 31 August 2016

Hey Andrew, best hop over to our grow support forum. Our specialists and fellow growers can help you in detail over there. Happy harvesting!

By GrnGranny on 6 September 2016

ILGM has the best looking beans that I have gotten.... Fat, marbled and dark... I can't wait to plant my auto flowers... Thank you thank you 😎

By Roy ILGM on 7 September 2016

Ha GrnGranny, good to hear you like 'm! Happy growing!

By ROBIN CAMPBELL on 8 September 2016


By Tom on 11 September 2016

Can anybody give me any info on the pros and cons of ending up with bananas on a plant. I have three clones of the same plant and one of them is going bananas. (no pun intended) The other two are not showing any signs at this time. Do I kill it or is it safe to be in the same room?

By latewood.ILGM on 12 September 2016


The bananas are actually pollen sacks found on male marijuana plants. Cull it.

Perhaps you cloned a male plant. 🙁

Join our support forum where we have many friendly members always willing ti help a brother out 😀

By nero on 8 October 2016

Hey! First time grower, just one plant, gone great so far through veg. Flipped to flowering two weeks ago, but the light cycle was badly disturbed in the first week and ended up more 12/15 12/15 (light/dark) for a couple of days because my landlord was visiting. One week of undisturbed 12/12 later, still can't determine sex. Any way to speed things up? Or is patience the answer?

By Orlando Ramirez on 26 February 2017

How do I personally email you about a question ??

By ratchet on 12 March 2017

Hi hi I have let my white widow veg for 6 weeks now I'm putting in flowering stage I'm using Fox Farm nutrients should I alternate tiger grow and fox farm for the rest of its cycle? Please get back with me let me know

By latewood_ILGM on 13 March 2017

ratchet ,

tiger grow and what?

As far as I know, and I am currently using FoxFarm in the flower cycle. You should go to FoxFarm website and look at the feeding schedule.

Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom are to be used together in the flowering stage.

Perhaps it would benefit you to join our support forum for a wide range of grow info and clarification as to whether you are using the right nutrients for the cycle you are in 🙂

Happy growing, lw

By marco on 26 March 2017

hi robert how can i get my buds to harden up and have density? I mean how do i get my buds to be more solid to the squeeze and not as fluffy? Im growing Gold Leaf, Super Silver Haze, Amnesia Haze, Purple Haze, Big Bud, and Chocolope. Im growing in super soil, and feeding with a bloom tea with additives. My additives are Purple Maxx, Crystal Burst, MKP, and Skunk Labs Bloom suppliment. Is there any information on how to get my buds harder? Thank You Marco

By Mani rouzbeh on 1 May 2017

Hello my friend
Mr. Robert
tonight I start to flowering stage by change the time of light from 18/6 to 12/12
but i did not to Flush out the nutrients before my harvest because I think my plants aren't very powerful. tonight that i started lighting to 12/12 is about 18 weeks of planting.
please help me.
thanks a lot.♥

By latewood.ILGM on 2 May 2017

Mani rouzbeh,

I am so sorry. I cannot understand what you need.
18 weeks of planting; Means what?

I see you say you are switching to 12/12. I do not know what your problem is.

Perhaps it is best for you to join our support forum. You can ask members and expert staff for help. 🙂

Peace my friend. 🙂 – I❤️GM

By Jim on 29 May 2017

Brand New here.
First Plant ever started with only one is growing very slowly and all has only
three leaves and it had sprouted on 05-26 barely a foot in height . Is there something wrong?

By Falgador420 on 30 May 2017

Growing Northern Lights XTRM . I am in seventh week of flowering and Pistols are already turning orange Trichomes are forming look glassy in this stage is this normal .

By latewood.ILGM on 3 June 2017


Yes, of course this is normal 🙂

Pistils merely serve notice that the plant is finishing. It is not until you witness the % of cloudy and amber trichonmes present, that you can judge when to harvest. – I❤️GM

By some random dude...* on 20 June 2017


i have 4 plants 1 saltiva and 3 im not sure but they are light green, growing in a 50/50 mix of soil and organic compost,
under 67watts CFL lights with with ok ventilation,
started flowering stag week 4 and white pinstels are showing,

here is my question, why do they grow so slow ?
6 months only 15cm total

By bgdady on 24 August 2017

Hey can you still feed the girls in flowering stage via foliage opposed to in the soil?

By Jack Herer Walmart on 14 May 2018

Has anyone ever experienced "Air Prune Roots" in 50 cent Walmart bags?
"Jack Herer Walmart" is from the ilgm bank.

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