Inside you'll learn how to start growing marijuana, how to make your plants thrive, how to grow big hard buds, how to maintain security, and how to harvest without damaging your crop.

Just hit up these PROVEN growing tips anytime you’re stuck. From building a grow room to harvesting big buds ...

The 4 most important tips

  • Helps you build a grow room with everything your plants will need to stay big and healthy, the cheap way

  • Shows you how to grow and nurture high-quality marijuana, both indoors and outdoors, even as a newbie

  • Keeps you out of trouble (no matter what the legal status in your state is)

  • Teaches you how and when to harvest for the most concentrated THC you can get, and what to do after harvesting

About the author

Robert Bergman


My name is Robert Bergman and for the past 20 years I've been growing marijuana in and around Amsterdam.

I started out in small home-based setups with just 5 plants and slowly improved my techniques until I was growing industrial sized indoor plantations. 

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Some words on the Manual

  • …I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND TO NEW GROWERS!!! They make it fun and easy for new growers to be able to order the seeds and start growing immediately after receiving your seeds!!

    Robert’s grow bible explains everything you need to know on how to grow the best and explains things in a manner very easy to understand. These guys are the real deal, was skeptical at first but they are now the only bank I use.

    Tyler C.

  • Followed what I read in the Marijuana Grow Bible and my plants are now amazing. I won’t have to visit marijuana dispensaries for the good stuff ever again... and it also saved me money. Thank you!

    Mike S.